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Volume 2 • Issue 11


Editor, Line Goyette Maybe it's time to stop talking about it and act

It is said that no one is supposed to ignore the law. And so, as we launch a series of articles by various stakeholders on the CE Code, no one in our industry can ignore the new rules in the 2015 edition of the CE Code. These rules affect not only businesses and building practices, but also our lives, because they often involve safety. And maybe it's also time to stop worrying about a shortage of skilled labour and start mentoring within our organizations. To adapt and have confidence in a traditionally male workplace, our newest contributor Michelle Branigan tells us that women need active support from men and women to help them integrate into their new environment. I had this invaluable opportunity almost 20 years ago, and I wish this luck to all those who would like to join our industry. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek


Electro-Fed EFC Announces Product Section Manager
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) is pleased to announce Robert McIntyre as Product Section Manager effective March 23rd.
Willi Meixner Meixner Named CEO of Siemens' Power and Gas Division
Effective March 15, 2015, Willi Meixner will become CEO of Siemens' Power and Gas Division, succeeding Roland Fischer at his own request.
EHRC Get Involved as EHRC Undertakes Electricity Industry Workforce Planning Update
Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is looking to bring together employers, government, labour, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to address a need for current and accurate labour market intelligence.

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Safety: White Paper

Maximizing Surge Protection Safety

By Dan Ellis
Surge Protection Safety Surge protection devices (SPDs) play a critical role in guarding sensitive electrical equipment from the destructive effects of power transients, but servicing them safely without impacting critical operations has traditionally been difficult. Now a new generation of SPDs with sophisticated safety functionality is helping organizations address that longstanding limitation. This white paper explains how the latest SPDs empower companies to maximize surge protection without endangering technicians, and outlines critical features to look for when evaluating these new and advanced devices. Read More

Human Resources


By Michelle Branigan
Mentoring So, who are you supporting? Feedback from Electricity Human Resource Canada (EHRC) research into the lack of diversity in the electricity industry has shed interesting light on the challenges and successes associated with the attraction, recruitment and retention of women in the sector. With the expected exodus of much of the workforce to retirement, and less than 5% of women working in the trades (and only 25% industry wide), engaging this under-represented group is a priority. There is a real need to develop a corporate culture that encourages both leadership and employees to take an active role in supporting an environment that values and supports women. Then, employers need to move from discussion to action. Read More

Codes and Standards

2015 CE Code — Part 1 Changes

By Steve Douglas
Caution Markings This is the first of several articles published by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors that details significant changes for the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code). A new rule has been added to Section 2 regarding warning and caution markings. This new rule requires field installed warning and caution markings required by the CE Code to be written in the language(s) mandated by the local authorities having jurisdiction. Examples of filed installed warning and caution markings are ... Read More


December Power Consumption Down 5.1% Year Over Year

Power Consumption Canada consumed 53.8 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity in December 2014, 5.1% less than the same month in 2013. The decline was driven by above average temperatures in Quebec. Exports to the United States totalled 5.4 million MWh in December, 12.0% higher than the previous year, while imports shed more than a quarter of their volume to total 0.8 million MWh. In line with demand, electric power generation in Canada fell 3.4% year over year to 58.3 million MWh. Despite this decline, three of nine categories of electric power generation posted year over year gains: tidal, solar and nuclear. Read More

Peers and Profiles

Crawford Electric: Over 40 Years in the Kamloops Community

Crawford Electric Unique messaging and a well-constructed website gave us the impetus to want to look into Kamloops' forty year old, family owned and operated, Crawford Electric. Their team of licensed electricians support the firm's long-standing reputation as the 2011 winner of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Green Award. A full British Columbia Hydro Alliance Member, Crawford Electric specializes in energy-saving lighting upgrades. Read More

Survey Says


The Reach of the Business to Business Platforms

How often do you use the following information sources for electrical industry-related content?

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

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Product Focus

Rittal EC Fan-and-Filter Units with Speed Control

Rittal EC Fan-and-Filter Units with Speed Control Rittal fan-and-filter units with electronically commutated (EC) motors are a preferred choice for energy efficiency in enclosure climate control, as their operating ratio is significantly higher than standard AC fan-and-filter units. Using fan-and-filter units always makes sense if the difference between the outdoor temperature and the internal enclosure temperature is large enough to dissipate the thermal output of the installed components. Read More

Current Copper Prices

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