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Terminology for communicating and understanding

Some topics in our industry should not be subject to debate because they are self-evident. These include safety. In addition to continuing our articles on the CE Code in this issue, we present the first in a series on arc flash safety. The series begins with definitions of technical terms and acronyms. What can be said clearly is an equally clear message. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek


CEA Special Events Series CEA Launches Special Events Series, Virtual Open House for National Electricity Month 2015
For the third year running, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) has designated June as National Electricity Month in Canada...
Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity
On May 7, four major renewable energy organizations announced they were coming together as the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity, in order to "clean up and expand Canada's electricity systems"...
Connected Women Connected Women - A National Mentorship Program for Women
Funding for the Connected Women project was announced by the Honourable Kellie Leith, Minister of Status of Women and Minister of Labour on April 24, 2015...
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Codes & Standards

A Road Map to the CE Code, Part I - Installment 2

By Bill Burr
Roadmap to CE Code The CE Code is a comprehensive document. Sometimes it can seem quite daunting to find quickly the information you need. This series of articles provides a guide to help users find their way through this critical document. In Section 2 we encounter the code's first numbered rules. These administrative and technical rules establish the authority of the inspection department with respect to the code and outline the code's operative functions, and cover general safety aspects required of all electrical equipment and installations... Read More

Best Practices: Manufacturing

GE'S New Mebane Operations: Simpler. Smarter. Faster

GE Mebane On June 9, GE will celebrate the grand opening of its Mebane Customer Experience Center and renovated factory space. The centre, upgraded facility and new advanced manufacturing labs will bring collaboration, product development and manufacturing to a new level by enabling GE to accelerate product development and manufacturing. Combining engineering, product development, testing and manufacturing operations in a co-located, centralized location will ultimately allow GE to bring products to market with improved speed and agility. Follow us on Twitter later today to see photos of the opening... Read More


The Evolution of Lighting Controls: Part I

By Andrew Parker
Evolution of Lighting Controls Until recently, lighting controls were predominantly systems of relay panels with low voltage switches and some form of scheduling or time clock. Technology innovations have brought about a revolution in lighting controls by leveraging a change from analogue to digital communications hardware and protocols. The result equates to simplified installation and increased capabilities. Energy codes have also become more stringent in a stepwise progression with available technology and in response to increases in demand... Read More


Arc Flash Alphabet Soup: Understanding the Hazard Behind the Acronyms and Technical Terms (Part 1)

By Jim Pollard
Arc Flash Alphabet Soup Arc flash, a type of electrical explosion, is one of the most complex workplace risks that exists. It is often described using technical terminology and acronyms. Here are the most important ones with simple explanations... Read More


March Electrical Demand Drops 5.1% Year over Year; Exports Rise

Power Stats Canada's demand for electricity in March totalled 50.1 million megawatt hours (MWh), down 5.1% from March 2014 levels. Lower demand in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia contributed to the decline. With the drop in demand, electricity generation fell 1.3% to 55.2 million MWh. Lower domestic demand also resulted in much weaker imports of electricity from the United States. Electricity imports in March declined 1.0 million MWh compared with March 2014 to 0.9 million MWh, while exports rose 20.6% to 6.0 million MWh... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says June 9

Electrical Equipment Installation Drives Eectrican Employment by Segment 2013 Versus 2014

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

Wesco Power Play WESCO Customer Rewards

Win with WESCO is designed to reward you for growing your purchases of qualifying Eaton products.
The program has four rewards levels providing you with achievable goals to score with! At each level the prizes get bigger and better, and increase in value. More Info

Product Focus

GE to Launch ANSI/IEEE SecoGear Air-Insulated, Medium-Voltage Switchgear

GE SecoGear After a year of heavy investment in its medium-voltage (MV) offerings, GE's Industrial Solutions business is poised to launch the ANSI/IEEE SecoGear air-insulated, medium-voltage switchgear, expected to be available later this year for mission-critical and commercial applications. The product signals a renewed commitment to offering GE's medium-voltage customers simpler, smarter and faster solutions. The switchgear has been developed with 60% fewer parts compared to previous designs, reducing scheduled equipment downtime and maintenance costs. This reduction in moving parts also translates to fewer possible failure points in the unit, helping to improve reliability... Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • 2015 CE Code — Part 1 Changes to Section 18
    This is the fifth and final article in a series detailing significant changes the Technical Committee considered the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code). The final meeting for 2015 CE Code changes took place in June 2014. The rules shown in this article are limited to changes adopted by CE Code Technical Committee and are not subject to further changes. It should be noted that until a formal memorandum of revisions to the CE Code is published by the CSA, the information provided in this article is simply based on the observations of the writer...



Training, networking and professional development opportunities for members of Canada's electrical industry.

IES Toronto Golf Day
June 10
Woodbridge, ON

CSA 2015 Annual Conference & Committee Week
June 14-19
Niagara Falls

June 15-17
Chicago, IL

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