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Volume 2 • Issue 25


Being smart is no longer an option

With the approach of summer and the holiday season, the question of how to manage our property or our business at a distance inevitably pops up. You'll see in this issue that intelligence is essential and allows us while vacationing to stay on our tablets or smartphones without too much guilt. The season also lends itself to unusual and intriguing stories: one reader has shared an article on an original way to use power tools. Feel free to send others if your reading habits take you there. But first, the final article in our 3-part series on arc flash safety, optimizing your website to promote your company, and our expert on the CE Code. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek


K2 Wind Power K2 Wind Power Project in Ontario Starts Operation
New 270 MW wind power facility uses Ontario-made turbines to generate clean power for up to 100,000 Ontario homes each year...
Power Trams in China Ballard Signs Framework Agreement for Fuel Cell Module Development to Power Trams in China
Ballard Power Systems has signed a framework agreement with Tangshan Railway Vehicle Company, Limited (TRC) for development of a new fuel cell module that will be designed to meet the requirements of tram or Ground Transport Vehicle (GTV) applications...
Stelpro raises funds Stelpro Raises $25,000 to Support the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation
Stelpro recently participated in a charity run to raise funds for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation...
Beghelli Spyder


Arc Flash Alphabet Soup: Understanding the Hazard Behind the Acronyms and Technical Terms (Part 3)

By Jim Pollard
Arc Flash Risk Assessment The latest edition of CSA Z462, published in January, requires an arc flash risk assessment. This process is used to determine if an arc flash hazard exists (hazard identification), estimating the potential severity of injury or damage to health and estimating the likelihood of the occurrence. Risk is defined as being a combination of the severity and likelihood. The requirement to perform an arc flash risk assessment is a fundamental part of any comprehensive electrical safety program. Different types of risk assessment processes can be used, including the arc flash PPE category method within the CSA Z462-15 standard... Read More

Best Practices: Marketing

Optimize Your Website with These Search Tips to Win Government Contracts

By Fred Tillman
SEO A website is mandatory for any business these days, but is yours optimized for the public sector customers you want to reach? It's important that users are able to have a seamless, responsive experience across all devices and screen sizes. Design your site so it can be easily viewed on monitors that are not widescreen, since the public sector keeps older equipment in use far longer than most commercial businesses. Here's another example: many government agencies have strict policies about receiving emails formatted in HTML. If the majority of an email is embedded in an image, be sure that it also stands up in text format... Read More


Schneider Electric: New Micro Data Centre Solutions Respond to Processing Speed and Other Challenges

Micro data centre Schneider Electric has launched a new micro data centre solution portfolio for customers who need to reduce latency and quickly add capacity while ensuring a secure and easy to manage environment. Delivered in a single enclosure, the benefits of the new micro data centre solutions include power, cooling and management software to support a self contained, secure computing environment. "Through this new offer, Schneider Electric is addressing the latency, bandwidth and processing speed challenges customers are facing with the growth of connected devices and data applications," says Dave Johnson, SVP, Data Centre Solutions, Schneider Electric... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says June 23

Electrical Contractor Median Salary By Job

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

Wesco Power Play WESCO Customer Rewards

Win with WESCO is designed to reward you for growing your purchases of qualifying Eaton products.
The program has four rewards levels providing you with achievable goals to score with! At each level the prizes get bigger and better, and increase in value. More Info

Product Focus

Greenlee Launches New AirScout Wi-Fi Readiness Test Solution

ALTTEXT The new Greenlee Communications' AirScout characterizes the Wi-Fi environment, optimizes the wireless network setup, and produces a simple, on-screen report that a technician can immediately share with the customer. The system goes beyond simple test and measurement by validating a home for Wi-Fi readiness and identifying solutions to solve potential problems. AirScout brings intelligence to the process by measuring multiple locations simultaneously, then using the data to select the best channel and optimum location of the wireless access point... Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Multigenerational Workforces
    At this particular moment, there are several different generations in our workplaces, all with different worldviews, expectations and needs. We have newly graduated employees working next to those with 30+ years in the business. By 2016, all but the youngest boomers will have reached the average age of retirement for our sector, 58, and will likely have the 30 years of experience needed to qualify for full pension. For many, that cottage is looking good. But what does this mean for utilities trying to manage these demographic changes in their workplace?



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