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Compare? Why not, but at your own risk

There is an old adage in French that says, "Quand on se compare, on se console." Roughly, comparison comforts. But in business, this may not be a healthy and responsible practice. If you want a profit margin that befits your business and not your competitor, it may be time to do the math yourself. It also appears that distribution networks may have their eye on DC in the near future. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


underground infrastructure CSA Group Publishes New National Standard to Help Protect Underground Infrastructure
CSA Group's CSA Z247 Damage Prevention for the Protection of Underground Infrastructure is pleased to announce the publication of a new standard that when adopted will…
National Steel Car Horizon Utilities Recognizes National Steel Car's Energy Saving Efforts
Horizon Utilities Corporation is pleased to recognize the efforts of National Steel Car (the only producer of railroad cars in Canada) for saving an estimated 2,192,400 kWh per year through a $247,000 saveONenergyOM Retrofit incentive…
Copper Wire Theft BC Hydro Reports Would-Be Copper Thieves Lucky to Escape with Lives
Much of Gastown, B.C. was temporarily without power recently after metal thieves attacked a live BC Hydro line…

Lighting: Controls

Dimming Protocols: Part II

By Andrew Parker
Dimming Controls Lighting controls are readily used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings to save energy, but the origin of lighting controls is in the theatre. London's Savoy Theatre was the first in the world to install an electric lighting system in 1881; it used over 1,150 lights to illuminate the stage and auditorium. In 1903, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City had a similar system featuring 96 resistance dimmers. These first controllers were bulky and required manual operation. We've come a long way since then... Read More

Best Practices

Comparing Contractor Mark-ups Can Be Pointless and Very Risky

By Shawn McCadden
Contractor Markup Some contractors determine their pricing structure by copying what other businesses do rather than figure out what mark-up their business actually needs to use. Comparing or copying mark-ups or margins is pointless and very risky without knowing how they were determined. The decision about what costs or expenses go above or below the gross profit line can be different at different companies. Therefore the mark-up each company will need to use to cover overhead costs and planned net profit will be different. Let me explain and clarify... Read More


Market Report on DC Distribution Networks

DC Distribution Despite a heated debate over the advantages and disadvantages of DC, a Navigant Research report indicates implementation revenue in the global DC distribution network market is expected to grow from $2.8 billion in 2015 to $5.1 billion in 2024. While progress in developing DC-based technologies has occurred mostly at the high-or low-voltage level, the industry is currently focused on medium-voltage DC distribution networks. Since microgrids and building-scale nanogrids typically operate at medium voltage), much work needs to be done to bridge this voltage innovation gap... Read More

Peers & Profiles

JSM Electrical Ltd.

JSM Electrical Contracting JSM Electrical Ltd. sees itself as a Newfoundland based contractor with a national and international resume.
JSM Electrical was established in 1984 in Atlantic Canada and over their 30 plus years have executed major contracts from Newfoundland to British Columbia and into the Canadian Arctic, not to mention having ventured offshore in Bermuda... Read More

Survey Says


Contractor Salaries by Years of Experience

Older is better, with steady progress evident from one age group to the next.

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Product Focus

Hammond's Latest Enclosure: Hot Design With a Cooling Capability

Hammond enclosure The latest addition to Hammond's 1455 series of extruded aluminum enclosures is the 1455NHD, which features six integral heat dissipating fins in the extrusion profile, providing enhanced cooling capability for when high thermal loads are expected from the housed equipment... Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • The Data Are In: Wind Energy Has Become the Leading Choice for New Electricity Generating Capacity
    Some critics of wind energy love to point out that while wind energy is making a significant and rapidly growing contribution to electricity generation in Canada and around the world, its overall contribution is still relatively small compared to conventional sources of electricity generation. What these critics fail to recognize is that the contribution made by conventional sources of electricity generation represent a historical legacy — they do not reflect modern investments in the electricity grid...

  • The Lost Productivity Cost of Not Being Green
    Remember the 80/20 rule? That rule details how 20% of activity typically yields 80% of results. It now appears that roughly the same numbers apply to green, energy efficient workplaces and business productivity. Depending on which industry is analyzed, the total cost of the workforce can represent close to 70% of business expense. When employee costs are high it's easy to put the other 30% (which includes the cost of energy efficiency/green upgrades) low on the list of priorities for investing...

  • Offshore Windfarms Set to Fly with New Standard for Their Ports
    Offshore wind energy is a growing business, providing enormous potential to meet the world's energy needs. But with their structures based at sea, building them has always posed a number of challenges. Now those challenges can be significantly reduced with a new standard for ports and marine operations for offshore wind energy structures. ISO's new international standard will help that development, improving the safety and accessibility of the sites...



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