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So you never have to say if I had only known

If you had known that an arc caused by transient voltage may last only a few microseconds but may also carry thousands of amperes of power, you would have been more careful. If you had known that an extreme cold alert had been issued, you would have set your thermostat before leaving so that the pipes wouldn't freeze in your absence, unless of course if you had a smartphone paired with an equally intelligent thermostat. If you were sure that, to be hired by an employer, you had to know more than just technical skills, you would have revised your résumé before the interview and read this issue for interview questions that will both surprise you and make you think. Be prepared for all contingencies, and good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Wesco National Association of Professional Women Honours WESCO Branch Operations Manager
WESCO's Cathy Kitchen, based in Ottawa, ON, is a 2015-2016 inductee into NAPW's VIP Woman of the Year Circle…
National Apprenticeship Survey Statscan Wants Your Help to Promote the National Apprenticeship Survey
Know anyone who was an apprentice between 2011 and 2013? Statistics Canada wants these people to participate in a survey that will be conducted from now until February 2016…
Small Renewable Energy Projects New Brunswick Posts Draft Regulations for Small Renewable Energy Projects
The provincial government has posted for comment draft regulations online for a program that will allow local entities and aboriginal communities to develop renewable energy projects…


Key Factors to Maintaining Arc Flash Safety, Part 1

Maintaining Arc Flash Safety When an arc fault occurs, the result is a massive electrical explosion. The light and heat emitted by the explosion is known as the arc flash, and the pressure wave is known as the arc blast. An arc flash releases hot gases and concentrated radiant energy up to four times the temperature of the sun's surface, which can melt metal and cause severe radiation burns, damage eyesight, and result in fatalities. The accompanying pressure waves can damage hearing or brain function and send loose equipment, tools, machinery, and debris flying to cause further injuries. Even if an arc blast doesn't injure a person, it will damage equipment and cause downtime. Here in Part 1: four of seven arc flash safety measures... Read More

Human Resources

It's Not Just the Technical Stuff That's Important

By Michelle Branigan
Electrical Staff As students head back to school and reality sets in that winter is not really that far away, I am often asked how those looking to enter the electricity workforce for the first time can set themselves apart from the competition. In many instances I will see individuals who have all the technical skills required for the job and the paper to prove it. However, our discussions with employers have told us that they want graduates with not just technical skills but leadership ability, communications skills, decision-making skills, project management experience, etc. My advice to these young people is to… Read More


Behind the Scene: A New Solution for Connecting Consumers with Their Utilities

By Line Goyette
WiserAir Would you like your thermostat to interact with your utility in real-time? Or integrate with an award-winning Weather Solutions application to provide accurate weather forecasts and alerts that, in turn, enable you and your utility to make wiser home comfort decisions? Frederick Morency, Vice President of Small Buildings Systems (SBS) at Schneider Electric, thinks so. So, when Schneider Electric set out to develop a smart thermostat, it leveraged the company's product expertise in Europe and Asia and built an entirely new home energy management solution. Recently, I met with the team that has been working with passion for two years on developing WiserAir, a smart thermostat that Schneider will launch in a few weeks... Read More

Economy: Services

Engineering Services Lead Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index Increase

Price Index Increase Canada's Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index (AESPI) edged up 0.2% in Q2 from Q1, as a result of higher prices for engineering services (+0.2%) and architectural services (+0.2%). Prices for surveying and mapping services edged down 0.1% from the previous quarter. Year over year, the AESPI declined 0.3% as a result of lower prices for engineering services (-0.6%) and for surveying and mapping services (-0.6%), which offset higher prices for architectural and landscape architectural services (+2.3%)... Read More

Economy: Building Permits

July Building Permits Decline Slightly from June

July Building Permits Building permits issued by Canadian municipalities edged down 0.6% to $7.7 billion in July, following a 15.5% increase in June. Lower construction intentions in the non-residential sector, mainly in Ontario and Alberta, accounted for much of the decrease at the national level. The value of permits for non-residential buildings fell 13.9% to $2.7 billion in July, following a 13.8% advance in June. However, in the residential sector the value of permits rose 8.7% to $5.0 billion, following a 16.7% increase the previous month. Municipalities issued $502 million worth of industrial building permits, down 6.7% from June. Permit values also declined... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Sept 15

Profit Sharing By Job

Construction project managers earn almost 3X more in profit sharing than electrical project managers…

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

Product Focus

Klein Tools Expands Holemaking Product Line

Klein Tools Klein Tools' expanded and enhanced holemaking product line includes bi-metal hole saws, double-fluted step drill bits and wood boring bits. These new tools, along with existing products such as carbide hole cutters, ship-auger bits, knockout punches and flex drill bits, provide a complete, high performance line of holemaking equipment for steel, wood, drywall, plastic, tile and other materials... Read More



Training, networking and professional development opportunities for members of Canada's electrical industry.

Franklin Empire Ottawa Open House
September 17

BICSI 2015 Fall Conference & Exhibition
September 20-24
Las Vegas, NV

AD Affiliated Distributors 2015 North American Meeting
Sept. 28-Oct. 1
Grapevine, TX

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