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September 29, 2015 • Volume 2 • Issue 39


Facts about renewable energy

Energy performance is a serious matter and talked about everywhere. So serious that an automaker ends up in hot water for having faked results instead of actually achieving them. With each passing day the numbers on this fraud become more spectacular. In this issue we talk about green, renewable energies, Canada's place on the world stage, the challenges of tomorrow, and finding real, workable solutions instead of throwing up smoke screens. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Julia Blasl: Kerrwil Award Julia Blasl Wins EFC Scholarship in Memory of Kerrwil Founder J.W. Kerr
With consistent achievements in her marketing and business studies, Julia Blasl aims to pursue a marketing position where she can leverage her natural creativity…
Don MacKinnon EHRC Names 2015 Leader of the Year Award
Don MacKinnon, President, Power Worker's Union has been named Electricity Human Resources Canada's winner of the Award of Excellence for Leader of the Year...
Canadian Clean Energy Facts Top 10 Canadian Clean Energy Facts
Clean Energy Canada's report Tracking The Energy Revolution / Canada 2015 paints a bright picture of clean energy with these top energy facts…
OCTO Purchasing Group IMARK Canada Allies with OCTO Purchasing Group
IMARK Canada, a member-based marketing group serving the Canadian electrical and lighting distribution market, has entered into a strategic alliance with OCTO Purchasing Group, representing 260+ outlets in 8 industries…

Clean Energy Status Report

Clean Energy Investment and Capacity: Canada Has Its Best Year Ever

Clean Energy Status Report Other nations may be growing their clean energy sectors at a faster clip, but Canadians still have a lot to celebrate, reports Clean Energy Canada. When it comes to investment and boosted capacity, we just had a banner year. Here's how the picture looks for both investment and capacity. With respect to domestic clean energy investment and development, this past year proved Canada's best ever. Though our domestic clean tech sector grew 17% in 2013, our slice of the global pie narrowed as other nations shored up their clean industries with more substantial policy… Read More

Electric Vehicles

Study Assesses Canada's Potential EV Market

Electric Vehicles Using today's electricity grids, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) could potentially cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80-98% in British Columbia, 45% in Alberta, and 58-70% in Ontario, reports a new study on Canada's potential market for PEVs. So what's required to make this happen? Conducted by the Energy and Materials Research Group in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University, the study engaged a sample of Canadian new vehicle buyers and British Columbian owners of PEVs in a mixed-method survey and interview process. Here's what the study found... Read More

Wind Energy Health and Safety

Quebec Study Examines Sector Hazards and Strategies

Wind Energy Workers in the wind energy sector face a range of hazards and challenges, according to a new study released by Quebec's Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST), one of Canada's leading workplace health and safety research centres. Hazards and challenges include mechanical hazards associated with wind turbines, cardiac risks, and electrical hazards associated with power circuits and control circuits, as well as getting access to company injury prevention plans and timely response from emergency services when performing winter work in isolated locations... Read More

Solar Power

The Sun Is Rising on Solar in Canada

Solar in Canada In BC, the site of what once was Canada's largest lead and zinc mine is now being used to mine sunshine. In June, SunMine, near Kimberley, began feeding energy into BC Hydro's grid, making it one of Western Canada's largest solar projects. Using just eight hectares of land, more than 4,000 solar PV modules generate roughly 1 megawatt (MW) of electricity, enough to power about 200 homes, according to Scott Sommerville, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Kimberley, which now owns the site. "It's pretty awe-inspiring when you're up there, looking at it. It kind of feels like you're seeing the future."... Read More


Ice Rink Upgrades Save BC City $82,500 Annually

BC Hydro At the Bill Copeland Sports Centre, Richard Ching, Energy Manager, City of Burnaby and his team redesigned the lighting and changed the fixtures to T5 high output fluorescents, increasing light levels by 50% while cutting energy consumption in half. "Between the three ice rinks at Bill Copeland Sports Centre and Kensington Arena, the number of kilowatt hours of electricity used dropped by 772,000 [kWh] annually, for an $80,000 savings each year," says Ching. "We also save $2,500 a year in reduced maintenance costs... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Sept 29

What Plant Electricians Buy

Motors and motor controls top the list at 84%. At the other end: networking and cabling, at 31%. See how 11 other categories fare…

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

Product Focus

Eaton Relay Helps Achieve New Level of Energy Awareness, Safety and Diagnostics

Eaton Relay Eaton's new Power Xpert C445 intelligent motor management and protection relay, for global heavy industrial and continuous process customers, helps improve energy awareness over traditional control methods, improve operator safety, and support reliable operations through enhanced diagnostics... Read More



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