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Volume 2 • Issue 46


An inclusive industry ready to deal with new technologies

It is often said that if Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell were here today they would be amazed to see what's become of the technologies they introduced. It's worth pointing out that while these technologies may have profoundly changed in recent years, overall they have changed little since their introduction in the 19th century. We can't say the same for all technologies. Many experts warn that businesses ignore technological change at their peril. If you have employees who know everything about new technologies and want to share their expertise with colleagues, read in this issue about how to retain them. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Clean Energy Association BC Signs MOU with Clean Energy Association
The memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Clean Energy Association of British Columbia supports continued collaboration on delivering clean, reliable and affordable electricity…
Manitoba Hydro Manitoba Hydro LED Street Light Conversion to Save 5 MW by 2020-2021
The utility aims to convert more than 130,000 street lights within the next 5 to 7 years…
Health and Safety Awards Canadian Electricity Association Recognizes Electric Utilities with Health and Safety Awards
At a recent Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) 2015 Occupational Health and Safety Awards reception in St. John's NFLD, the following utilities were recognized for safety excellence…

Human Resources

Retention: You've Hired. Now What Are You Doing to Keep Your Staff?

By Michelle Branigan
Employee Retention We all know the value of good employees. The ones who are self-motivated, loyal to the company, and are team players willing to support others to make the organization the best it can be. This translates into a better working environment for all, increased morale and productivity, and a better customer experience, which impacts of course on bottom line and/or recognition for the company. But how do you plan to keep these employees? Here are just a few of the things you need to be looking at... Read More


Registered Apprenticeship Training Programs, 2013

Registered Apprenticeship Training Programs The provinces and territories reported 469,680 registrations in apprenticeship programs in Canada in 2013. Of these, more than three-quarters were apprentices continuing their programs from the previous year (already registered), about one-fifth were new registrations in 2013, and the remainder were people reinstated in a specific trade over that year. Men accounted for more than 85% of registrations, while just over 14% were female. Of the 71,646 registrants in electrician apprenticeship programs across Canada, males represented 96.7% (69,252); females, 3.3% (2,394)... Read More

Lighting Controls

8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs and Controls: Part 2

Misconceptions about LEDs and Controls In the last five years, LEDs and controls have been widely used in a broad range of general lighting applications, from residential to commercial. However, there are a number of persistent misconceptions about LEDs that do not apply. Because LEDs are relatively new compared to legacy lighting types, it's time to dispel the myths and set the record straight about their performance, value, and applicability. In this second of two parts, here are the final four of eight misconceptions. The first four appeared in our November 10 issue... Read More


Q3 Non-residential Building Construction Price Index: First Decline Since Q1 2010

Q3 Non-residential Building Construction The composite price index for non-residential building construction declined 0.4% in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter. This was the first quarterly decline since the first quarter of 2010. The decrease was mainly the result of lower material prices reported by contractors in the structural trades. Of the seven census metropolitan areas surveyed, four decreased and three increased... Read More


Q3 2015 Apartment Building Construction Price Index Declines 0.1%

Apartment Building Construction The composite price index for apartment building construction declined 0.1% in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter. This was the first quarterly decrease since the first quarter of 2013. The decline was largely the result of lower material prices reported by contractors in the structural trades. Increases in three metropolitan areas offset declines in four others... Read More


Building Permits Decline for 2nd Month in September

September Building Permits Municipalities issued $7.1 billion worth of building permits in September, down 6.7% from the previous month. This was the second consecutive monthly decline. The value of residential building permits declined 11.6%; permits for multi-family dwelling, 20.0%. Lower construction intentions for residential buildings and commercial structures in Ontario largely explained the overall decline... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Nov 17

Key Buying Factors for Contractors with Fewer Than 15 Employees

Availability leads among six categories, but just barely…

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues


Eaton 210+

Eaton FDE 210+ Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Offers Electronic Trip Functionalities in a Smaller Package

The Digitrip 210+ trip unit provides easy setup, to ensure coordination and reliable protection for electrical systems in commercial, industrial and machinery manufacturing environments…
Leviton Omnistat

Leviton Launches Omnistat 3 Hospitality Thermostat for Guest Room Energy Management

A retrofit solution developed specifically for guest room energy management, the small form factor thermostat has a capacitive touch face, and can provide affordable control for hospitality rooms and suites…
Legrand Audio System

Legrand On-Q Digital Audio System: Connect a Home to Limitless Listening

The modular and scalable digital audio system delivers streaming source variety, quality audio, and the convenience of app control, all through a structured wiring platform…



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