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Training, Red Seal designations and non-traditional occupations

We saw last week that the 10 Red Seal trades with the highest number of entries represented half of all entries in 2013. Of these 10 key trades, construction electricians and carpenters represented more than 20% of total enrolment. Within this group, more than 85% of the registrants were men, while 14% were women. Many women who choose this path have no regrets. Read Cynthia Renaud's unconventional story in this edition. Encouraging testimony for our industry's efforts to attract young people. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Energy Efficient Barn Alberta Hutterite Colony Introduces Energy Conserving Technology to Egg Laying Barn
Builders of a new egg-laying barn in Alberta's Brant Hutterite Colony hope it will create as much energy as it uses…
Saskatchewan Energy Saskatchewan Energy: 50% Renewable by 2030
By 2030, half of Saskatchewan's power will come from renewable sources, Premier Brad Wall announced in the provincial legislature last week…
Kelvin Shepherd Manitoba Hydro Names Kelvin Shepherd as New President, CEO
Formerly President of MTS, Canada's fourth-largest telecommunications provider, Shepherd takes over from interim President and CEO Darren Rainkie…

Codes & Standards

UL Code Link

By Pierre McDonald
UL Code Link Electrical designers and engineers spend a lot of time scanning manufacturers' catalogues and other data to specify electrical equipment they require to ensure an appropriate design. In some cases this process can take several hours or days and does not always end in results that meet all the requirements, including appropriate certification for Canada. UL "Code Link" helps you easily locate UL certification information needed to achieve safe, sustainable code complaint installations. Here are four examples... Read More

Codes & Standards

Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (CAFI): 2015 CE Code Requirements for AFCI Protection

AFCI Protection Thanks to the 2015 version of the Canadian Electrical Code, which mandates arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) protection in designated branch circuits in dwelling units, electrical professionals and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for and the benefits of AFCIs. They continuously monitor the electrical current in a circuit and are designed to detect the characteristics uniquely associated with arcing faults. These devices provide both series and parallel arc fault protection in many situations, including the three outlined below. Without protection, an arcing fault can reach several thousand degrees centigrade, enough to ignite many materials... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Cynthia Renaud — the journey of a determined lighting specialist

By Laurence Rocher-Brasssard
Cynthia Renaud On the other end of the phone one recent Monday morning, Cynthia Renaud — formerly a student of policing techniques but now a lighting specialist — tells me with pleasure about her unusual journey. It begins at age 25, when with the help of a friend she gets a job with a lighting distributor. During her years there, she takes lighting courses. Her performance comes to the attention of a headhunter, who offers her a position as a travelling sales rep for another distributor. A few years later, she moves into a similar position at Standard, the lighting manufacturer. She has now held this position for eight years... Read More

Best Practices

Are You Letting Your Competitors Run Your Business?

By Andrew Griffiths
Competitors I have encountered a lot of business owners whose entire business is based on what their competitors are doing. Every decision they make is the direct result of something the competition has done or is planning to do. They have spies checking on the competitors, they watch them like hawks, and they are totally obsessed with everything they are doing. In many ways, their competitors are the main consideration in all of the decisions being made. Clearly, this is not a healthy way to run a business... Read More

Survey Says


Purchasing Priorities for Industrial Non OEM Electricians

Awareness leads among 5 considerations. Price? It's 4th…

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues


Legrand Intuity

Legrand Intuity Provides Whole Home Control of Technology

Comprising high-performing subsystems, Intuity combines Legrand solutions and select third-party components, including multi-room audio, RF lighting control, security, thermostat, video door entry, camera monitoring, whole-house intercom and door locks. All this sophistication from a digital, enclosure-based platform, making installation and expanding easy...
Home Surge Protection

Eaton's Complete Home Surge Protection Type 2 Devices

Eaton's Complete Home CHSPT2 Series surge protection products protect electronic devices in residential settings, including appliances, televisions, advanced gaming systems and more, from the damaging power of electrical surges. The series features a quick connect design for easy mounting and a clear, visible LED indication that displays the protective status of the device...
Wiremold Evolution Series

Wiremold Evolution Series Wall Box Easily Mounts TVs in New or Retrofit Applications

The new Evolution Series Wall Box is the newest addition to the Evolution Series of Legrand Wiremold products. Designed to hang flat screen displays in both new and retrofit applications, the wall box easily installs behind any display. The low profile allows the flattest screen to sit flush against the wall making this latest box perfect for anywhere media is required...



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