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A word from year-end

Halfway through the holiday break, here as a reprise are a few articles that you enjoyed during the year. You can always visit our website to find other items that caught your attention or you haven't had time to read. Our Twitter feeds in English (@EINnewsletter) and in French (@LMEnewsletter) are also a rich source of information about our industry and its members. Happy New Year, and talk to you soon. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Codes & Standards

Guide to the CE Code, Part I - A Roadmap (Installment 1 in a Series)

By Bill Burr
Code Changes Roundup Often, users encounter situations where they find themselves at odds with the rules contained in the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (the Code).These situations can occur for designers, consultants, installers, inspectors, manufacturers, students, instructors and standards developers alike, and usually result from a misreading, misunderstanding, misapplication or inability to locate the requirement that is needed or relevant to their tasks... Read More

Codes & Standards

Understanding the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Requirements for Arc-Fault Protection

By Geoff Reed, Vladimir V. Gagachev and Michael Hurd
Circuit Interupters An arc-fault is an unintended arc created by current flowing through an unplanned path. Arcing creates excessive heat that can easily ignite surrounding materials, such as wood framing or insulation, resulting in a hazardous fire. Today's arc-fault technology, available in both circuit breaker and receptacle form, has been proven via the use of arc-fault circuit breakers, saving lives and property as an industry standard for more than 15 years. The technology has gone through several iterations to reduce unwanted tripping due to non-hazardous arcs that are part of the normal operation of appliances and devices in the home... Read More

Codes & Standards

Conductor Ampacities and Their Temperature Rating

By Pierre McDonald
Ampacities Sizing conductors as per the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) has been a necessary skill requirement for electricians, designers and engineers for as long as I can remember. The rules associated with conductor ampacity have virtually remained unchanged over the years. In fact my 7th edition, 1958 Canadian Electrical Code Rule 4-006, Current Carrying Capacity of Wires and Cable, referred the user to Tables 1 through 4 in the same way the latest 22nd edition CE Code does. What has changed is the requirement to apply temperature ratings in a manner that aligns with the rules of the 2012 edition CE Code... Read More

Human Resources

Multiple Generations in the Workforce

By Michelle Branigan
Multiple Generations "Managing multigenerational workforces is an art in itself. Young workers want to make a quick impact, the middle generation needs to believe in the mission, and older employees don't like ambivalence. Your move." Harvard Business School "Working Knowledge" Newsletter - April 17, 2006: "Can you manage different generations?" Read More


9 Reasons Why DC May Replace AC

By Gregory Reed
DC Current Direct Current (DC) electric power is an emerging disruptive technological area that has the potential to stimulate economic growth, inspire innovation, increase research and development opportunities, create jobs, and simultaneously advance environmental sustainability. The technology and applications offer the promise of enhanced energy efficiency, improved power quality and reliability, and inherent alignment with renewable and clean energy development. So much so that DC power is beginning to evolve towards replacing AC as a worldwide standard for electricity delivery infrastructure, in many applications. These nine reasons help explain why... Read More


The Impact of Arc Flash Events on Photocontrol Longevity in LED Lighting

Lighting LED Control The adoption of LED lighting continues at a rapid pace. Although the extended life of LEDs is beneficial, it also presents a compatibility challenge with older technology controls, especially with outdoor photocontrols. This rapid change to LED fixtures and luminaires can leave contractors, designers and distributors facing questions they cannot answer... Read More


8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs and Controls: Part 1

LED Lighting Application In the last five years, LEDs and controls have been widely used in a broad range of general lighting applications, from residential to commercial. However, there are a number of persistent misconceptions about LEDs — many based on knowledge of legacy fixtures — that do not apply. In fact, for commercial and industrial applications, high-quality LED fixtures offer unique and compelling characteristics... Read More

Survey Says


What Electrical Contractors Buy

See how product purchases in 13 categories vary from 2012 to 2015…

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Legrand Intuity

Legrand Intuity Provides Whole Home Control of Technology

Comprising high-performing subsystems, Intuity combines Legrand solutions and select third-party components, including multi-room audio, RF lighting control, security, thermostat, video door entry, camera monitoring, whole-house intercom and door locks. All this sophistication from a digital, enclosure-based platform, making installation and expanding easy...
Standard Retro Chic

Make a Statement With STANDARD's Retro-Chic Victorian Style Lamps

The incandescent lamp has been in the average household for more than 120 years and this technology has long proven to be reliable, easy to use and part of a cozy and inviting environment. Incandescent lamps provide the best possible colour rendering which serves as the colour standard by which all other lamps are measured...
Leviton Omnistat

Leviton Launches Omnistat 3 Hospitality Thermostat for Guest Room Energy Management

Leviton's Omnistat 3 Hospitality Thermostat is a retrofit solution developed specifically for guest room energy management. The small form factor thermostat has a capacitive touch face, and when paired with wireless Leviton Lumina RF load controls and sensors provides affordable guest room control for hospitality rooms and suites...
Scala LED Stairwell

Scala LED Stairwell Luminaire

Maximize energy savings with controlled light levels using the Scala LED stairwell light. This energy saving luminaire has integrated occupancy controls and bi-level dimming to provide safety and security…



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