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How to start the year off right?

This is a time of resolutions, when the desire to do things well is often at its peak. It's also a good time to make informed choices. Counterfeiting is costly for our industry and represents a safety threat for each and every one of us. This is not a marginal and isolated phenomenon: we could almost talk about a parallel industry. Rejecting counterfeiting is simple; putting practices in place to eradicate is a little less so, but nevertheless represents a meaningful challenge, especially for the beginning of a new year. I wish you a prosperous, happy and informative year ahead. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Beothuk Energy Beothuk Energy Inc. Proposes $4 Billion Offshore Nova Scotia Wind Power Project
Beothuk proposes to manufacture and install a 1,000 megawatt (MW) wind farm in shallow waters off Nova Scotia's southwest coast, and export the power to New England…
Tidal Power PEI PEI Looking at Solar, Tidal Energy
A new provincial energy strategy to be released in 2016 could see PEI. move to embrace other forms of renewable energy beyond the wind power the province has become known for, reports the CBC…
Richard Stinson Richard Stinson Named CEO of Southwire Company
Effective January 1, Stinson becomes Southwire's fourth CEO in its 65-year history. He succeeds Stu Thorn, who led the company's day-to-day operations for 16 years…


The Dark Side of Trade — Combating Counterfeit Electrical Products, Part 1

By Julie Chavanne
Combatting Counterfeit In recent years, local, federal and international authorities have combined efforts to thwart counterfeit operations and seize illegitimate products before they enter the marketplace. According to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), the value of seizures related to intellectual property rights totalled US$1.22 billion in 2014 alone. A survey of electrical industry members conducted by EFSI on their experiences with counterfeiting generated disturbing results... Read More

Best Practices: Purchasing

Six Tactics to Maximize the Purchasing Function: Tactic 5 — Know Your Prices

By Barry Olson
Procurement This article is the fifth in a series of six tactics in which the electrical contractor can maximize purchasing power and profitability though procurement. My last few tactics have dealt with various psychological and social behavioural hacks, which can work either in your favour or against it. This tactic is no different, but it is one of the most powerful tools I can suggest for you. It is based on a well-researched social behaviour phenomenon called anchoring, and here is how it works... Read More

Intelligent Buildings

10 Trends to Watch in 2016 and Beyond

Intelligent Lighting Expect building owners to invest in solutions embodying the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, says Navigant Research. Factors driving demand for intelligent building solutions include shifting customer demands, climate change mitigation and sustainability goals, power reliability and resiliency concerns, and budget constraints. In response, the scalable, secure, and open platforms of these solutions are generating cost savings, enabling energy efficiency and sustainability improvements, and enhancing occupant satisfaction... Read More


October Electricity Demand Drops 2.8% YOY

Darlington Nuclear Canada's demand for electricity declined 2.8% in October from the same month in 2014 to 40.7 million megawatt hours (MWh). Meanwhile, electricity generation decreased 0.7% to 44.7 million MWh, largely driven by declines in Ontario. Exports of electricity to the United States rose nearly 20% to 4.6 million MWh, primarily driven by larger exports from Manitoba and British Columbia... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Jan 5

Plant Electrical Purchases

Among 13 product categories, motors and motor controls consistently top the list at 84%. At the other end: networking and cabling (33% in 2015).

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues


Legrand Wiremold

Legrand's New Wiremold Product: Industry First 8-Gangs Poke-Thru

With eight gangs of capacity for power, communications, and A/V devices, it's also the first poke-thru to be tested and approved to be able to make wiring connections inside the body of the device…
Philips OneSpace

Philips OneSpace Luminous Ceiling

This custom-sized (free hanging) unit with uniform light distribution contributes to room acoustics and adheres to the highest fire safety requirements. The result: a clutter-free ceiling with an amazing light effect…
New Generation LED

Standard's New Generation LED Lamps

These dimmable LED reflector lamps offer exceptional thermal management and professional grade optics to ensure uniform beam pattern and long life while reducing energy consumption…

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Guide to the CE Code, Part I - A Roadmap (Installment 1 in a Series)
    Often, users encounter situations where they find themselves at odds with the rules contained in the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (the Code).These situations can occur for designers, consultants, installers, inspectors, manufacturers, students, instructors and standards developers alike, and usually result from a misreading, misunderstanding, misapplication or inability to locate the requirement that is needed or relevant to their tasks...

  • Understanding the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Requirements for Arc-Fault Protection
    An arc-fault is an unintended arc created by current flowing through an unplanned path. Arcing creates excessive heat that can easily ignite surrounding materials, such as wood framing or insulation, resulting in a hazardous fire. Today's arc-fault technology, available in both circuit breaker and receptacle form, has been proven via the use of arc-fault circuit breakers, saving lives and property as an industry standard for more than 15 years. The technology has gone through several iterations to reduce unwanted tripping due to non-hazardous arcs that are part of the normal operation of appliances and devices in the home...



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January 22
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BICSI 2016 Winter Conference & Exhibition
January 31 - February 4
Orlando, FL

ECANB Course: CSA Z463
February 11
Fredericton, NB

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