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Volume 3 • Issue 4


Young professionals are among us — we should listen to them

Every month going forward we will feature young people who have chosen a career in our industry. Their arrival may be the result of serendipity, or from having grown up in a home that lives and breathes the electrical industry, but all have a taste for it and have discovered that electricity is more than a little gray box. The industry itself is at the heart of current debates on equity, sustainability, work/life balance, values important to the new generation… listen to what these young people have to say. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Marie France Desjardins Stelpro Stelpro Appoints New Director, Customer Services
Marie-France Desjardins will manage the before, during, and after-sales services — the project department, the technical support team, and the order desk and return/credit authorization teams…
Marcel Baril Marcel Baril Ltd. Joins IMARK Canada
A Canadian owned company with more than half a century of excellence in distribution, Marcel Baril Ltd. is the first member of IMARK Canada that is based in Quebec…
Beghelli Canada Beghelli Canada Launches New French Website
Beghelli's new French language website maintains the same design and user-friendly experience as its English site, with information about products and services all in French…

Energy Management

Enterprise IoT: What Is It, and How It Will Improve Energy Management (Part 1)

Enterprise loT Those charged with a facility's energy management are increasingly hearing the phrase "Internet of Things" (IoT), and many are asking how to use the concept of the "Enterprise IoT" to leverage the data in their buildings and find opportunities for improvement. Enterprise IoT comprises wireless networks, devices and sensors that are controlled by intelligent software. Easiest place to start: lighting, HVAC, and plug load. Here in Part 1: three of five considerations when creating an energy plan... Read More

Best Practices

Setting the Example: Getting Employees to Think Like Owners

By Shawn McCadden
Invested Employees How many times have you heard or maybe even said to yourself, "I wish I could just clone myself so I had someone else to help me do this." Wouldn't it be so much easier to run your business if only you could find another you to help you? This thought may not be as far fetched as you think, if you can get your employees to think like owners... Read More

Peers & Profiles: Young Leaders

Stephanie Santini: Never Underestimate Her Capabilities

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
Stephanie Santini Stephanie Santini, black belt in Karate, has worked in the electrical and lighting industries for eight years. She spoke with us about her first few years and its challenges. Shortly after graduating with an undergraduate degree in marketing at age 22, Stephanie found a job at Standard. She didn't expect to stay long in the world of lighting, expecting instead to move from B2B to B2C. She also never expected to become passionate about lighting. However, she was not afraid of questioning her assumptions and is now in her eighth year at Standard. Moving up from Product Specialist to Product Manager, Stephanie is now responsible for digital marketing and communications, and runs a team of five people. Meanwhile, she has also earned an MBA... Read More


Q3 Investment in Non-Residential Building Down 0.5%, Institutional Up 2.2%

Non Res Building Permits jan 26 Investment in non-residential building construction amounted to $12.9 billion in the third quarter, down 0.5% from the previous quarter. This was the third consecutive quarterly decline and largely reflected lower spending on the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Institutional investment continued to increase, an upward trend that began in the first quarter of 2014... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Jan 26

Where Industrial/Plant/Commercial Electricians Buy

Three quarters of buyers shop at Industrial and full line distributors. Almost none buy through retail…

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

Product Focus

Nuheat Signature Wi-Fi Thermostat Now Integrated with the Nest Learning Thermostat

Nuheat Wifi Thermostat Pentair's leading brand of electric floor heating systems — Nuheat — now works with the Nest Learning Thermostat. The Nuheat Signature, launched in 2014, was the world's first Wi-Fi thermostat for electric floor heating systems; this marks the next development stage of that thermostat... Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Do Not Repeat the Mistakes of the Past Under the Weight of Economic Constraints
    The passion of Michelle Branigan — the Chief Executive Director of Electricity Human Resources Canada, member of our Reader Advisory Board and a regular columnist in our publication — for labour force training is well known. We asked her to share her thoughts with us about the past year and the challenges that await us in 2016...



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February 5
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February 11
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