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Volume 3 • Issue 5


We can be connected everywhere, all the time, and even more efficiently

In this issue we return to significant trends for the future of our industry. People are talking more and more about the Internet of Things, particularly about how it can generate better data on our energy usage — useful for managing it more efficiently. Here, as elsewhere, we must be wary of miracles. And of counterfeit goods. Also, another tactic for making better buying decisions. It's the final tactic in the series. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Smart Grid Innovation Siemens, NB Power and UNB Launch Smart Grid Innovation Network
Siemens Canada, NB Power and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) are providing local and global companies with a new testing platform to drive innovation and support business ideas for development and export to world energy markets…
Meet Awards 2016 MEET Awards Recognize Exhibitor Innovation
The Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology Show, taking place May 18-19 in Moncton, NB brings together mechanical and electrical companies from throughout Canada and the U.S…
Electrozad Electrozad Promotes Jim Riegling to Chatham, ON Location
Riegling's promotion is effective immediately. The long-time Electrozad employee reports to William C. Smith and John Jenner…
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Energy Management

Enterprise IoT: What Is It, and How It Will Improve Energy Management (Part 2)

Enterprise IOT PT2 Those charged with a facility's energy management are beginning to hear the phrase "Internet of Things" (IoT) increasingly often, and many are asking how to use the concept of the "Enterprise IoT" to leverage the data in their buildings and find opportunities for improvement. Enterprise IoT comprises wireless networks, devices and sensors that are controlled by intelligent software. Easiest place to start: lighting, HVAC, and plug load. Part 1 looked at two considerations when creating an energy plan: compliance, and wireless controls. Here in Part 2: open standards, operational efficiencies and reporting... Read More

Best Practices: Purchasing

Six Tactics to Maximize the Purchasing Function: Tactic 6 — Consistency and Fairness

By Barry Olson
Purchasing Best Practice During the course of this year, I have shared five tactics that I hope have assisted you in making better buying decisions. I covered topics that included taking advantage of economies of scale, time and valuation of materials, as well as some caveats about the your vendors' persuasion techniques. For this last tactic, I explore the keys to successful buying regardless of your current ways and means of procurement. If success for you is measured on individual job buyouts and beating job budgets, then a strategy built around the lowest net cost will work well for you. If your measure of success involves targeting specific jobs and niche work, then… Read More


The Dark Side of Trade — Combating Counterfeit Electrical Products, Part 2

By Julie Chavanne
Counterfeit Electrical Products Counterfeiting is a growing threat to industry: the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition reports that in 2014 alone, the value of seizures related to intellectual property rights totalled US$1.22 billion. In Part 1, Julie Chavanne reported on a 2014 survey conducted by ESFI investigating perceptions regarding counterfeit electrical products as experienced by professionals. Among the findings, one-third of survey respondents reported discovering an average of five counterfeits within the past 12 months. In Part 2, Chavanne discusses your best defence... Read More


November 2015 Investment in Residential Housing Construction Up 2.2% YOY

Economy New Housing Investment in residential construction rose 2.2% to $4.3 billion in November compared with the same month in 2014. Higher construction spending on apartment and apartment-condominium buildings largely explained the advance — nearly two of every five dollars spent. Gains in three provinces more than offset the declines in the other seven provinces. Nearly two of every five dollars spent on residential investment was dedicated to apartment and apartment-condominium building construction... Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Jan 19

Key Product Influencers for Buyers

Manufacturer's reputation consistently leads, but not by much. See how it compared to four other influencers…

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Survey Says From Recent Issues


Cablofil Legrand

Cablofil Wire Mesh Tray from Legrand

Cablofil's wire mesh cable tray concept is based on performance, safety and economy. Cablofil adapts to the most complex configurations, and its structure gives maximum strength for minimum weight…
Fuestek Techna Disjoncteurs

Techna Product Line by Fusetek

Techna offers a full line of 10kA MCBs in either supplemental or branch rated design. Both product lines are cULus certified…

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Enterprise IoT: What Is It, and How It Will Improve Energy Management (Part 1)
    Those charged with a facility's energy management are increasingly hearing the phrase "Internet of Things" (IoT), and many are asking how to use the concept of the "Enterprise IoT" to leverage the data in their buildings and find opportunities for improvement. Enterprise IoT comprises wireless networks, devices and sensors that are controlled by intelligent software. Easiest place to start: lighting, HVAC, and plug load. Here in Part 1: three of five considerations when creating an energy plan...

  • Setting the Example: Getting Employees to Think Like Owners
    How many times have you heard or maybe even said to yourself, "I wish I could just clone myself so I had someone else to help me do this." Wouldn't it be so much easier to run your business if only you could find another you to help you? This thought may not be as far fetched as you think, if you can get your employees to think like owners...

  • Stephanie Santini: Never Underestimate Her Capabilities
    Stephanie Santini, black belt in Karate, has worked in the electrical and lighting industries for eight years. She spoke with us about her first few years and its challenges. Shortly after graduating with an undergraduate degree in marketing at age 22, Stephanie found a job at Standard. She didn't expect to stay long in the world of lighting, expecting instead to move from B2B to B2C. She also never expected to become passionate about lighting. However, she was not afraid of questioning her assumptions and is now in her eighth year at Standard. Moving up from Product Specialist to Product Manager, Stephanie is now responsible for digital marketing and communications, and runs a team of five people. Meanwhile, she has also earned an MBA...

  • Q3 Investment in Non-Residential Building Down 0.5%, Institutional Up 2.2%
    Investment in non-residential building construction amounted to $12.9 billion in the third quarter, down 0.5% from the previous quarter. This was the third consecutive quarterly decline and largely reflected lower spending on the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Institutional investment continued to increase, an upward trend that began in the first quarter of 2014...



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