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The time is green — act on it

Depending to the part of the country where you live and work, spring has probably arrived, following a winter like no other. New heat records were set across the country. Climate change is here and our industry, as we often say, now has an important role to play in mitigating the effects. In this issue, technologies, suggestions and recommendations that can help our industry play a leadership role in this new era. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Standard New Employees Standard Welcomes Two New Customer-Focused Employees
Mary Johnson joins the company as Account Manager Supervisor — Ontario; Mike Derko, Outside Sales — Alberta…
Philips Cables Phillips Cables Reunion
Five former employees of Phillips Cables, a major employer for 75 years in Brockville, ON, are the driving force behind a reunion taking place June 11. The facility closed 20 years ago this May...
Canadian market snapshot Market Snapshot: 2015 a Record-Setting Year for Canadian Electricity Exports
Canadian electricity exports surpassed previous records in 2015, with net export volumes of almost 60 terawatt hours (TW.h) and net export revenues of $2.8 billion. Increasing exports and decreasing imports pushed the volume of 2015 net exports over the previous 52 TW.h record set in 2013...

Energy Storage

Federal Government Invests $5 million in Energy Storage Research

By Will Sloan
Energy Storage With a $5 million investment from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada, a team of 27 professors from 15 universities and 8 provinces will work together on creating a more reliable, environmentally responsible and efficient power system. Bala Venkatesh, academic director of Ryerson's Centre for Urban Energy, will lead the NSERC Energy Storage Network team. The council's investment in this network will help develop the next generation of energy storage products for Canada and worldwide, he says... Read More

Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change: Recommendations for Canada's Electricity Sector

Climate Canada's electricity sector will likely spend $350 billion between 2010 and 2030 to renew or replace aging infrastructure, with massive capital projects underway or planned in every part of Canada. If we don't include climate adaptation considerations in this infrastructure renewal process, notes the Canadian Electricity Association in a new report, the costs of inaction will exceed those of an evidence-based commitment to adaptation investments. The report contains robust recommendations for all stakeholders in Canada's electricity network, from electricity producers all the way to consumers... Read More


Electric Heat: The Cleanest Form of Home Heating

Heat Comfort. Safety. Reliability. These three words evoke a strong sense of personal well-being and are key to enhancing our lives. You would then also expect these to be key considerations when installing or replacing a home heating system. With rising energy costs and the need to be more energy-conscious, there has never been a better time for your customers to switch to a more efficient heating source. Electric heat provides a number of advantages over other sources. Let's take a closer look... Read More

Peers and Profiles

EH2 Solar — A Small Business with Global Reach

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
EH2 Solar Located in Blainville, PQ, EH2 Solar offers turnkey solutions for different energy applications. The company offers competitive technologies in the domains of green energy and sustainable resource usage, such as biomass, solar, cooling and production of potable water. EH2 Solar also helps customers meet regulatory, environmental project and cost targets with platforms that increase energy efficiency... Read More

Survey Says

Where Non-Industrial, Non-Power Electricians Work

Where Electricians Work

Building equipment installation employs four times more electricians than any of the other three employment categories.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues


Replacement Lights

Eiko LED T8 Direct Fit Replacement Lights

Litespan LED T8 Direct Fit Replacement Lights instantly replace all 4ft. F32T8, 3ft. F25T8, and 2ft. F17T8 lamps and operate on most electronic T8 ballasts...
LPDL Standard

Standard Low Profile Downlight (LPDL)

The LPDL gives you all the flexibility you need for installation, especially in confined areas or when facing constraints such as wood beams, ceiling joists or air ducts...

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Inline Circulation Heaters Can Simplify Many Liquid Applications in Business
    Companies that rely on flowing liquids such as oils, water or natural gas often rely on overly-complicated systems to keep everything functioning properly. These companies don't worry about the systems being too complex until something goes wrong. Then the issue is a big deal, but it's often too late for the system to be modified, or the company is committed to their current solution. To help set up that simple setup originally, your company should consider relying on inline circulation heaters for oils, natural gas, water or any other solution that has to be kept at a constant temperature. The heaters are flexible and can heat liquids up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit or much less depending on heating needs...

  • Utilities, Smart Grids, and the Convergence of IT and OT
    The goal for any utility that invests in smart grid technology is to attain higher efficiency and reliable performance. At the heart of this evolution is the convergence of operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT), which changes every aspect of a utility's operations. OT comprises the grid physical infrastructure assets and applications, and IT is the human interface that enables rapid and informed decision making. The convergence of IT and OT means bringing together applications and devices in new ways, and tying together systems that have primarily operated in isolation. Bringing the systems together introduces integration on a new scale...

  • 50 Shades of Light
    Blue, white, red, green, yellow, or gray? Choosing the right colour temperature for lighting installations can be every bit as complicated as choosing the perfect colour for the walls. Fortunately, Standard has the answers to your questions: What do the technical terms mean? What effect does each colour have on people? What kind of lighting is best for each room or space? The terms warm and cool are used to describe sources of white light.
    First, incandescent (or traditional) bulbs give off a warm white hue to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.
    Cool white, on the other hand, is a bluish-white hue, similar to moonlight reflecting off snow. This type of lighting accentuates contrast while refreshing and invigorating the atmosphere of the room.
    The third type of lighting creates the feeling of being near a window. This is called day lighting, and gives a room a bright, natural look...

  • Value of Building Permits Drops 9.8% in January
    Municipalities issued building permits worth $6.4 billion in January, a decline of 9.8% from the previous month. This decline, which followed a 7.7% increase in December, was largely due to lower construction intentions for multi-family dwellings in British Columbia and Ontario and, to a lesser extent, institutional buildings in Quebec and Alberta. The value of residential building permits fell 12.5% to $4.0 billion in January, following an 11.5% increase the previous month. Declines were posted in seven provinces, led by Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick recorded advances.
    Municipalities issued $2.4 billion worth of non-residential building permits in January, down 4.8% from a month earlier. Declines were registered in seven provinces, led by Quebec and Saskatchewan. Gains were reported in Ontario, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and New Brunswick.



Training, networking and professional development opportunities for members of Canada's electrical industry.

Alberta Safety Codes Council: Education and Training Day
April 7
Edmonton, AB

Canadian Commtech East Show
April 12-13
Mississauga, ON

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network: Reality Tour
April 18
Montreal, PQ

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network: Reality Tour
April 19
Quebec, PQ

Salon Lumen Quebec City
April 19
Quebec City, PQ

8th Annual Women in NECA Leadership Summit
April 20-22
Phoenix, AZ

Salon Lumen Montreal
April 21
Montreal, PQ

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