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Looking myths straight in the eye can make them disappear

Everyone dreams of business growth, but managing a business requires a little more than dreams. Should I stay in the office to promote the growth of my company or go to job sites and hope that my business grows by itself? To go beyond clichéd formulas, we begin a series of articles on managing your electrical business. Can we bend fibre, is it really more expensive than copper, is it compatible with wireless... These myths and others are discussed in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


CS Ottawa Utility Fined $225,000 After Worker Killed, Others Injured While Working Near Power Lines
Hydro Ottawa Ltd. has been found guilty and fined $225,000 following a March 2012 incident in which three workers sustained injuries, one of whom later died. A subcontractor and co-defendant had already been fined $125,000...
CS Wire April 8 Deadline for Women of Distinction Awards — Solar
WiRE Women of Distinction Awards recognize and celebrate professional women working in the energy sector who go above and beyond business-as-usual, consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership, and have contributed significantly to the expansion and improvement of the power sector...
CS Horizon Horizon Holdings Inc. Ranks First in Canada for Sustainability
The parent company of Horizon Utilities Corporation and Horizon Energy Solutions Inc., has been ranked first in a list of public and privately held Canadian corporations. London Hydro ranked 14th; EPCOR Utilities, 38th…

Fibre Optics

Top 5 Optical Fibre Myths

By Luis Cardenas
Optical fibre Optical fibre has been the backbone of Internet infrastructure for years and almost all our communications rely on it: telephony services, Wi-Fi or CATV. Optical fibre is also responsible for building-to-building connectivity in campuses and is used in a variety of military applications. But still there are some myths about this incredible technology and we’d like to expose them. Myth number one: optical fibre is fragile. The reality: it can withstand more than 200 lbs of pulling tension. Myth number two: installations are challenging… Read More

Best practices

Three Ways To Get Fewer Leads But Close More Remodeling Sales

By Shawn McCadden
Shawn McCadden If you have been getting business by providing free estimates for everyone who calls, you are most likely wasting a lot of money-making time. Are you really an expert in your industry if you have been letting those who buy from you tell you how to run your business? If these things have been happening to you it’s time to recognize the value of your time and expertise. It’s also time to limit offering them only to those who find value in what you offer, how you do so, and are willing to pay you well for your expertise. Here are three ways successful contractors reduce their lead flow, improve the quality of the leads they get, and sell more jobs at higher prices. Start by describing on your website how you do business... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Birnie Electric

Birnie Electric Founded in 1967, Birnie Electric's 100+ electricians sustain the family owned firm's reputation for quality and reliability. Based in Mississauga, ON, Birnie Electric is committed to being a leading electrical provider in two distinct areas: design-build (completing projects on time and on budget, while ensuring a safe environment for employees and partners) and residential (delivering an exclusive, non-invasive residential Electrical Hazards Detection program that detects hazards hidden behind the walls before they become emergencies). Birnie Electric is the exclusive provider of Birnie CurrentSAFE, an innovative residential program launched in 2010 that detects electrical hazards behind the walls before they become emergencies... Read More


January GDP Rises for 4th Month

Canadian GDP January Real gross domestic product rose 0.6% in January, a fourth consecutive monthly increase. Manufacturing, retail trade, and mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction were major contributors to growth in January. The output of goods-producing industries grew 1.2% in January, mainly as a result of increases in manufacturing and mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. Utilities, construction, and the agriculture and forestry sector also rose. The output of service-producing industries rose 0.4%, a fourth consecutive monthly gain. Notable increases were posted in retail trade, the finance and insurance sector, the public sector as well as transportation and warehousing services. In contrast, wholesale trade and the arts, entertainment and recreation sector declined. Utilities were up 2.7% in January. Electricity generation, transmission and distribution increased 3.0%. Read More

Survey Says

Where Electricians Work

Where Electrical Maintenance and Mechanical Electricians Work

Manufacturing represents half of all employment. Six other areas comprise the other half.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues


Standardized Data Centres

Into the Digital Future: Rittal Standardized Data Centres

Rittal is positioning itself as an expert solution partner for medium-sized companies that need an energy-efficient and future-proof data centre for their business model. All-in-one Rittal solutions range from single enclosures (smart packages) and micro data centres to containers for data centres...

Legrand Non-Fusible Safety Switch to IEC 309 Product Line

Legrand, a leading provider of electrical wiring devices and home systems, has added a new non-fusible safety switch to its IEC 309 industrial product line. The new non-fusible safety switch is available in a 30 amp capacity and comes with three auxiliary contacts that provide further control circuit applications...
Luminis Eclipse Maxi

Luminis Redesigned Eclipse 8" (Maxi) Collection

Luminis' redesigned Eclipse Maxi collection, featuring post top luminaires, wall mounts, pendants and bollards, has now been optimized for LED. The series includes a number of design and performance enhancements over the previous Eclipse 8" products…
PF Lind

Lind Equipment LED Temporary High Bay Light for Construction Sites

Lind Equipment's newest addition to its Beacon Light line of portable LED floodlights, the LE-HB150LED LED temporary high bay light, drives huge electricity, labour and material savings for general contractors and electricians…

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Federal Government Invests $5 million in Energy Storage Research
    With a $5 million investment from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada, a team of 27 professors from 15 universities and 8 provinces will work together on creating a more reliable, environmentally responsible and efficient power system. Bala Venkatesh, academic director of Ryerson's Centre for Urban Energy, will lead the NSERC Energy Storage Network team. The council's investment in this network will help develop the next generation of energy storage products for Canada and worldwide, he says...

  • Adapting to Climate Change: Recommendations for Canada's Electricity Sector
    Canada's electricity sector will likely spend $350 billion between 2010 and 2030 to renew or replace aging infrastructure, with massive capital projects underway or planned in every part of Canada. If we don't include climate adaptation considerations in this infrastructure renewal process, notes the Canadian Electricity Association in a new report, the costs of inaction will exceed those of an evidence-based commitment to adaptation investments. The report contains robust recommendations for all stakeholders in Canada's electricity network, from electricity producers all the way to consumers...

  • Heat: The Cleanest Form of Home Heating
    Comfort. Safety. Reliability. These three words evoke a strong sense of personal well-being and are key to enhancing our lives. You would then also expect these to be key considerations when installing or replacing a home heating system. With rising energy costs and the need to be more energy-conscious, there has never been a better time for your customers to switch to a more efficient heating source. Electric heat provides a number of advantages over other sources. Let's take a closer look...

  • EH2 Solar — A Small Business with Global Reach
    Located in Blainville, PQ, EH2 Solar offers turnkey solutions for different energy applications. The company offers competitive technologies in the domains of green energy and sustainable resource usage, such as biomass, solar, cooling and production of potable water. EH2 Solar also helps customers meet regulatory, environmental project and cost targets with platforms that increase energy efficiency...



Training, networking and professional development opportunities for members of Canada's electrical industry.

Alberta Safety Codes Council: Education and Training Day
April 7
Edmonton, AB

Canadian Commtech East Show
April 12-13
Mississauga, ON

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network: Reality Tour
April 18
Montreal, PQ

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network: Reality Tour
April 19
Quebec, PQ

Salon Lumen Quebec City
April 19
Quebec City, PQ

8th Annual Women in NECA Leadership Summit
April 20-22
Phoenix, AZ

Salon Lumen Montreal
April 21
Montreal, PQ

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