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Everyone talks about it, also be ready

Every report and study talks about it, it's a central issue at all conferences… for lighting control systems and the convergence of different electrical technologies, this is their moment. The LED revolution is far from over. The technology is now being combined with all other existing technologies, and we begin a series on new lighting systems. We continue our exploration of the CE Code with Bill Burr and Section 22. Good reading and follow us on Twitter @EINnewsletter.

Line Goyette
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CSA Halifax Discover CSA Group's Industry-Leading Training Solutions for Electrical Industry Professionals… in Halifax!
CSA Group has a special offer for electrical safety training taking place this month in Halifax. Courses include…
Canadian LEED Buildings Canadian LEED Buildings Have Reduced 1 Million Tonnes of CO2e in GHG Emissions Since 2005
Canadian LEED certified projects have now cumulatively reduced over one million tonnes of CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions, says the Canada Green Building Council…
EHRC Award EHRC Awards of Excellence: Call for Nominations
Do you know an outstanding employee, team or leader in your organization? Would you like to see them recognized for their hard work? Nominate them for an Electricity Human Resources Canada 2016 Awards of Excellence…
  • Siemens Partnership Powers Education at Algonquin College
    Algonquin College President Cheryl Jensen and Siemens Canada CEO Robert Hardt recently unveiled a new high-efficiency co-generation power plant at the college's Ottawa campus. The organizations also signed an MOU that will enable students to learn first hand in a "living lab" for the future of energy systems...

  • Quebec's Electric Circuit Rolls into Ontario
    The Ontario Government has accepted a proposal from Electric Circuit to set up a fast-charge corridor between Quebec and the Ottawa area.

  • Rittal TopTherm Fan & Filter Units: How to Protect the CSA and UL Certifications
    When combining Rittal rain hoods with the company's standard Top Therm filter fans, users can achieve NEMA 3R, 4 and 4X ratings — a low cost cooling solution that maintains the protection category of the enclosures in the harshest of environments. Don't risk the NEMA ratings by...
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Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 — Instalment 13 

By William (Bill) Burr
Corrosive Liquids In this article: CE code Section 20— Locations in which corrosive liquids, vapours, or excessive moisture are likely to be present. The code is a comprehensive document. Sometimes it can seem daunting to quickly find the information you need. This series of articles provides a guide to help users find their way through this critical document. This is not intended to replace the notes in Appendix B or the explanations of individual requirements contained in the CEC Handbook, but will provide some help in navigating the code. Read More


Adaptive Lighting Systems Part 1: Occupancy Sensing

Smart Lighting Adaptive One of the major benefits delivered by a smart lighting system is its ability to provide enormous energy savings. This can be achieved by granting luminaires a certain degree of autonomy. While it might seem that the occupants of a given space know best how and when this space should be lit, a well-tuned smart lighting system can be far more efficient than the one which relies solely on human-made decisions. In order to enable a lighting system to make autonomous decisions with regard to its light output and operation, it must be provided with a stream of information upon which such decisions can be made. A big part of those data comes from sensors. A sensor-driven network of smart bulbs is capable of tracking changes in the environment and interpreting these changes in order to dynamically adjust its operation for optimal comfort and energy efficiency, as well as lower electricity bills. This might sound a bit complicated, but the individual lighting control techniques employed by smart lighting systems are quite simple. Let us break them down for you, starting with occupancy sensing. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Étienne Bolze — From Art to Electricity

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
Etienne Bolze Étienne Bolze, multilinguist, is a young professional in the electrical industry. He joined the industry at age 24, as Communications Coordinator at Convectair. He still holds this position two years later. Among his previous positions, he was an online account editor a director's assistant in an art gallery. Bolze holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Arts Administration from Bishop's University. He has also taken economics courses from Concordia University and has a certificate in International Art Law, Art as an alternative Investment from the Sotheby's Institute of Art. Étienne confides that working in the electrical industry had never occurred to him. "I realize now that perhaps my vision was restricted, when in reality our scope of action here is much broader…" Read More


February Spending on New Housing Construction Up 5.4% YOY

Investement in the new housing construction Spending on new housing construction totalled $3.7 billion in February, up 5.4% from the same month a year earlier. Nationally, the gain was the result of higher investment in apartment and apartment-condominium building construction, which increased 24.8% to $1.4 billion, and, to a lesser extent, row house construction, which rose 8.2% to $373 million. In contrast, investment in single-family dwellings was $1.8 billion, 4.3% lower than in February 2015, while spending on semi-detached dwelling construction declined 18.1% to $160 million. At the provincial level, three provinces recorded increases: Ontario, followed by British Columbia and Quebec. The Prairie provinces registered the largest decreases, led by Alberta. Read More

Survey Says


Electrical Contractors' Salaries by Years of Experience

It gets better the more years they work. See by how much.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

Product Focus

Eaton's First Motor Control Centre Technology Incorporates Arc Flash Prevention

Eaton Flashgard Eaton's new, arc-resistant version of its FlashGard motor control centre technology is designed to prevent an arc flash event and protect personnel if an arc flash occurs. Eaton is the first manufacturer to combine arc-preventative and arc-resistant technology within a single motor control centre. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Stainless Steel: Understanding and Identifying the Ideal Enclosure Material, Part 1
    Stainless steel is a steel alloy, consisting of at least 11% chromium. Chromium provides the shiny appearance stainless steel is known for, but also offers superior corrosion resistance. Unprotected carbon steel rusts quickly when exposed to air and moisture, degrading its mechanical properties and appearance. Stainless steel is available in many grades or formulations to accommodate diverse application requirements. It has become the standard material choice in many industries. Part 1 of this 2-part series looks at eight different grades…

  • What Is Dark Fibre?
    "Dark fibre" refers to optical fibre infrastructure that hasn't been lit yet, meaning it has been installed but isn't being used. Fibre optic cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic through which data move as light pulses, caused by LED transmitters if the cable is multi-mode, or a much more sophisticated technology if it is single-mode. Dark fibre is called that because it isn't active and there are no light pulses travelling through it. Nowadays, telecoms rent dark fibre to organizations that need to control their own network, so instead of leasing a service they lease an infrastructure that allows them to build their own network with their own equipment. Leasing dark fibre offers a lot of benefits to the end user...

  • Is A Contractor Really a Salesperson If He or She Hits Send?
    If as a contractor you take the time to go out and meeting with a prospect, then you simply email or snail mail your proposal to the prospect, I don't think you are really a sales person.I think you are an order taker.Now there may be a few exceptions to this, but before you rationalize why your situation is an exception ask yourself this question first.Is your justification for emailing your proposals really a reason oran excuse?If you are a contractor who gets his or her work by being the lowest price, then emailing is okay.But by not presenting your proposal you have lost the opportunity to accomplish these very important sales goals…

  • Rondeau Electric: Staff's Quality of Life Contributes to Success
    Maintaining a balance between family and business is something Terry Kenny of Rondeau Electric is passionate about sharing with his staff. After all, it's what brought him back to the open shop 18 years ago. Kenny kickstarted his entrepreneurial career when the opportunity presented itself in 1997 after founding owner, Desmond Rondeau announced his retirement. Rondeau opened his business in 1952 with one truck and a solid work ethic to provide quality service, letting the work speak for itself. Working among such passionate trades people was, and still is, a significant draw for Kenny...



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