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Volume 3 • Issue 22


The future will be green, connected and intelligent

Being green seems more and more about being smart and connected. Or is it the reverse? Anyway, you'll find in this issue information on the evolution of green technologies that are defining little by little what the future will look like. We'll adopt more electric vehicles when incentives are more generous and charging terminals are faster. The residential market, while still lagging behind the commercial and industrial markets, is also embracing green technology through the Internet of Things. More in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Indeed New Jobs in Solar Could Outpace Oil by 2017
If oil job postings keep dropping at their current rate, solar could become the largest energy employer in several months, reports international job site Indeed…
CanSIA CanSIA Awards Gala Recognizes Solar Industry Achievements
The awards recognize the excellence of individuals and organizations that have helped Canada's solar energy industry mature…
Meet Awards 2016 Thousands in Attendance as Moncton Hosts MEET
Mechanical and electrical companies from throughout Canada and the U.S. filled the Moncton Coliseum Complex on May 18 and 19 for MEET 2016 — the Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology Show...

Energy Stars

NRC Honours Organizations with Energy Star Canada Awards

Energy Star Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr recently presented awards to electrical industry organizations and others from across Canada for their achievements in partnering with Canada's Energy Star program to develop and promote the most energy-efficient products and homes. See who won, and why. Read More

Green Building

Canadian LEED Buildings: 1 Million Fewer Tonnes of CO2e Since 2005

Green Building Green building in Canada has reached a significant milestone, as the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) reports that Canadian LEED certified projects have now led to a cumulative reduction of over one million tonnes of CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent of taking 238,377 cars off the road for a year. This milestone comes as Canadian governments at all three levels are accelerating efforts to formulate climate change strategies. Read More

A sleek linear LED style within your budget
Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED suspended and wall mount luminaires offer great performance in a sporty, low-profile design. FloatPlane's sleek minimalism (only 1.2"h x 8"w) blends seamlessly into your unique layout, and the distribution options of 70% up, 75% down and 100% down give you further flexibility. FloatPlane's astounding performance offers outputs up to 129 LPW. Now you can have the distinct energy savings of LED, with the affordability of fluorescent luminaries. Read More ...

Market Research: EV Charging

EV Supply Equipment Market Forecast to Quintuple by 2025

EV Charging The global electric vehicle (EV) charging market is in transition owing to the coming influx of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) from premium automakers. It is also being influenced by the introduction of PEVs with much longer range at affordable price points, advised Navigant Research in a new report. Navigant expects the global market for EV supply equipment (EVSE) to grow from around 425,000 units in 2016 to 2.5 million in 2025. Read More


New Housing Price Index, March 2016

New Housing Price Index The New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 0.2% in March, following an identical increase in February. The index has increased for 12 consecutive months, largely driven by higher new housing prices in Ontario and British Columbia. Read More

Survey Says

Company By Size

Electrical Contractors' Salaries by Company Size, 2014-2015

The biggest definitely isn't best. See how much they range by company size.

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Klein Tools

Klein Tools 12:1 Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer — Better Visualization, More Accurate Performance

Klein Tools introduces a multi-function 12:1 dual-laser infrared thermometer featuring dual-lasers with a 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio for measuring temperatures between -22°F and 752°F. It also offers several calculation modes for a wide range of temperature measurement applications.
Ipex Box

IPEX launches Innovative Scepter JBox to North American Market

IPEX, a leading supplier of thermoplastic piping systems, is now introducing the innovative Scepter JBox to North America. The Scepter JBox was re-engineered to include feedback from market research, customer roundtables, and in-field shadowing of electrical contractors.

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Using Control Panels to Optimize Heat Generation
    The importance of heat management and optimization in industry cannot be undermined. The fact that large industries like food processing, oil and gas, petrochemicals as well as smaller industries depend on efficient heat management to run their production, highlights why there are continued developments in this field. As well as being a critical factor for many industries, efficient heat management is also a challenge. Heat loss and heat wastage are names given to the mismanagement of or lack of utilization of heat in the industrial process. Heat is typically provided to industries through heaters. These heaters, unlike the boilers that they have replaced, are stacked with technology to offer more advanced control mechanisms and features...



Training, networking and professional development opportunities for members of Canada's electrical industry.

Building Lasting Change 2016 (CaGBC)
June 6-8
Toronto, ON

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network Reality Tour
June 16
Halifax, NS

ECANB 52nd Annual General Meeting & Conference
June 16-17
Halifax, NS

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