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Volume 3 • Issue 30

Message From The Editor

The season of all possibilities

Summer may be a good time to put in place new HR policies, or at least to think about it. Here in this issue are several perspectives, including possible measures to put in place for accommodating people with disabilities. Learn more about the Electrical Code and wiring methods, and how to measure light. Take advantage of summertime to share your news with your colleagues from across Canada: write to me or follow us on Twitter @EINnewsletter.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

A sleek linear LED style within your budget

Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED suspended and wall mount luminaires offer great performance in a sporty, low-profile design. FloatPlane's sleek minimalism (only 1.2"h x 8"w) blends seamlessly into your unique layout, and the distribution options of 70% up, 75% down and 100% down give you further flexibility. FloatPlane's astounding performance offers outputs up to 129 LPW. Now you can have the distinct energy savings of LED, with the affordability of fluorescent luminaries. Read More

Changing Scene

Robertson Robertson Electric Wholesale Opens Wire and Cable Division
A new division of Robertson Electrical Wholesale, dedicated exclusively to wire and cable, now offers support in five new verticals: utility, wind and solar, traffic, transit, and communication…
Legrand Legrand Launches Comprehensive New Website
Legrand North America's new Canadian and American websites are now viewable from a smart phone, tablet and laptop/desktop. That's not the only new feature…
Oakville Oakville Hydro Receives the David Ellis Safety Award
Oakville Hydro has been named the first annual David Ellis Award by MySafeWork. The award honours a company that has demonstrated leadership and commitment in providing a safe workplace by encouraging worker participation and communication at all levels of the workforce…
Tools For The Trade

Codes & Standards

22 CE Code Changes Related to Wiring Devices and Cable Management, Part 1

Codes And Standards Appearing below are the first 8 of 22 examples of Canadian Electrical Code changes involving wiring devices and cable management, compiled by Legrand. This is the first of a three-article series on the 22 changes. Watch for Parts 2 and 3 in the next two issues, respectively, of Electrical Industry News Week. Read More


How to Measure Light

Foot Candle How do you ascertain the illumination level needed for various applications so as to achieve optimal light and safety as well as visual comfort? We often install light bulbs according to their watt consumption without knowing the amount of light they project. How do we measure light? In the lighting industry, we often speak of foot-candles, lumens, and lux. Here is a simple illustration that will help you understand the foot-candle measurement… Read More

Human Resources

EHRC's Newest Project Supports Workplace Access for People with Disabilities

EHRC Logo A new project launched by Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC), EnAbling Change: From Disability to Inclusion, will see the organization focus on improving equity of access for people with disabilities who work or wish to work in Canada’s electricity industry. Undertaken with the Ontario government, the project will also help to create national awareness that hiring people with disabilities is socially responsible and good for business, increasing employee morale, productivity, innovation, profitability and the ability to retain talent. As part of its project activities, EHRC will develop and promote tools and information resources that employers can use to hire, advance, train and retain people with disabilities. Read More


Q2 2016 Investment in Non-Residential Building Construction Rises Slightly

Non residential Building Construction Investment in non-residential building construction increased 0.2% to $12.6 billion in the second quarter, following five consecutive quarterly declines. Nationally, the growth was a result of higher spending on the construction of commercial buildings and, to a lesser extent, industrial buildings. Overall, investment was up in four provinces, with Ontario registering the largest gain, followed by British Columbia and Manitoba. The largest declines occurred in Alberta and Quebec. Read More

Survey Says

30 Salary By Employer

Salaries by Employer

Among 13 companies, median salaries paid by the leading employer are almost twice what the lagging employer pays.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Standard Victorian LED

Standard Victorian Style LED Filament Lamps

Standard's Victorian Style LEDs bring style and life to any decor while offering an exceptional long life of 25,000 hours. Make your customers' luminaires stand out with Standard's wide variety of shapes and filaments. Adding an LED Filament lamp to their decor is a small touch that will make a big difference. Read More
Eaton ML4 Downlighting

Eaton Modular 2" Round and Square LED Pinhole Downlights for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Eaton's Halo® ML4 light-emitting diode (LED) Downlighting System for residential and commercial spaces, a compact and uniquely modular recessed downlight system, includes a housing, LED module and a choice of a field-interchangeable, round or square, 2-inch aperture pinhole trim. The system is available in multiple aperture styles, optical distributions and finishes. Read More
Eiko LED Filament

Eiko LED Filament Decorative Lamps

EIko's certified green LED lamps have the same vintage look and feel as traditional incandescent filament lamps, but offer 80% more efficiency and 20x longer life than incandescent lamps. The 320° omni-directional light source, in 2200K amber and 2700K clear, add warm ambient glow to room décor and are available in various decorative shapes. Read More
Philips Horticultural Lighting

Breakthrough Philips LED Horticultural Lighting and Software: Change Light Recipes to Suit Different Crops

The Philips GreenPower Dynamic LED horticultural lighting and software allow growers and researchers to adjust dynamically the LED colours in the spectrum (far red, red, white, and blue) as well as individual light intensities. The new system enables researchers and growers to try out dynamic horticultural LED light recipes, opening up new possibilities to differentiate crop taste and increase yield. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • 14 Best Practices for Lineman Safety, Part 1
    It was not so long ago that on-job injury and fatality information was held close to the vest by those of us in the electrical transmission and distribution industry. It was considered proprietary information, the kind of thing you didn't want your competitors to know about your company. In 2003, executive leadership from our industry decided it was time to take the unprecedented step of joining together to move aggressively toward reducing or eliminating injuries and fatalities. The best practices that follow have become the standard in the industry.

  • What are the Benefits of Effective Coaching?
    In recent years, organizations are increasingly realizing the benefits of one-on-one coaching and beginning to implement coaching programs. As we navigate through a changing industry, with employees being promoted into positions being vacated by the aging workforce, workplace coaching provides a potential solution. For new entrants it also provides for learning that cannot be provided in the classroom. Some of the organizational benefits include…

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