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Volume 3 • Issue 35

Message From The Editor

Don't confuse green technologies and sustainable development

One sometimes has the impression that the words energy efficiency, green technologies and sustainable development are all synonyms, and they automatically mean a reduction in greenhouse gases and substantial savings. It's better to ask, because these assumptions are not necessarily accurate. In this issue we talk of green energy because our industry is leading us toward greater energy efficiency, better distribution of resources, a smaller environmental footprint… in short, to sustainable development. Our industry is green. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor  

Changing Scene

BC Green Energy Green Energy Doors Open BC
Green Energy Doors Open, a showcase of individual, community, and commercial sustainable energy projects, takes place for the first time in BC September 9-11, simultaneously with events in Alberta and Ontario…
Tidal Power Haida Gwaii Prepares for Tidal Power Technology
A Haida Gwaii company has developed a technology that may one day provide power to parts of Haida Gwaii by harnessing the energy from tides, reports the CBC. Field testing of a prototype in Juskatla Narrows will last three months…
RC Lighting RC Lighting Appoints New BC Region Sales Agent
RC Lighting has appointed Adanac Sales as its new sales agent for the British Columbia region, effective September 1 (Fort St. John and Cranbrook will remain within the Alberta territory)…

High Performance Buildings

Where "High Performance" for Buildings Is Headed, Part 2: Emerging Considerations

High performance buildings Concerns about terrorism, gun violence and the like have elevated the importance of building safety and security beyond traditional concerns about potential fire, electrical, and physical hazards. Building owners today have to be concerned about times when the safety and well-being of the people and assets within a building are in danger even when the physical building is not. Likewise, extreme weather events have brought into the need to improve not only buildings' resilience but also the resilience of the communities in which they are located. Expectations of greater security and resilience have begun to spur the development of new building-related programs and changes in existing ones. For example… Read More

Clean energy

Canada Faces Pivotal Time for Clean Energy Growth

By Julia Kilpatrick
Clean Energy Growth Canada saw 15% less spent on new clean energy development in 2015 than in the previous year, and future growth in this sector will depend largely on policies being developed provincially and federally, according to Clean Energy Canada's latest annual assessment. This slow-down in Canada's clean energy sector is out of step with investment trends in other leading countries. The nearly $2 billion drop in spending since 2014 can be attributed largely to two factors… Read More


Power Factor Correction: An Overlooked but Powerful Tool for Delivering Energy Efficiency and Savings

By Joy Silber
Power Factor Correction Amid all the talk about how to reduce CO2 emissions and limit climate change, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar often take centre stage. But there's another technology poised to deliver energy reductions of 10% or more that gets far less attention: power factor correction (PFC). To date, it's been a largely overlooked method of reducing energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, and achieving sustainability. But PFC is actually far more effective than many "green" alternatives because it effectively enables companies to get more power out of the same amount of utility electricity. Read More


Investment in New Housing Construction Grows 8.7% YOY in June

Investment New Housing The increase at the national level reflects higher investment in all dwelling types except semi-detached houses. Spending on apartment and apartment-condominium building construction totalled $1.5 billion in June, up 16.7% from the same month a year earlier. Investment in single-family dwellings rose 5.3% to $2.2 billion, while spending on row house construction increased 8.1% to $416 million. Provincially, construction spending rose in seven provinces. Read More

Survey Says

Salary By Type Of Employer

Salary by Employer Type

Among six categories, contract work leads. At the other end, franchises.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

  • Salary By Certification
    Professional engineers earn twice as much as apprentice electricians. See how eight other certification types compare.

  • Salary by Company Size
    Mid-sized companies lead six other size categories. Companies with the most and least employees pay almost the same.

  • Salary By Province
    Among seven provinces, Saskatchewan leads, followed by Nova Scotia.

  • Salary by City
    Edmonton leads among seven cities, followed by Vancouver. At the other end, Ottawa.

New Products and Solutions

Greenlee Intelli PUNCH

Greenlee Intelli-PUNCH 11-Ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout Driver

Greenlee Textron Inc.'s new Intelli-Punch 11-ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout Driver is the smartest, fastest, most reliable knockout driver ever built, the company says. The Intelli-Punch tool features patent-pending auto-retract technology that senses pressure to accurately detect punch completion and automatically retract the ram, preventing damage to punch parts. In addition, the Intelli-Punch tool has a maximum cycle time of eight seconds. Read More
Rittal IRU Cage

Rittal's IRU Cage Nut Assembly for Enclosures Saves Time, Requires No Tools

Rittal Corporation has added a 19" Cage Nut Fastener for enclosures to its parts offerings. This 1RU cage nut assembly is simple to install. It consists of an innovative three-in-one expanding nut that is easily attached using the centre nut for the square attachment hole, then secured by hand with the fastener screw. The tightened screws expand the cage nuts to secure the required components. Read More

Ideal Networks: Quicker, Simpler Network Troubleshooting with Updated NaviTEK NT

The NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network testers from Ideal Networks have received a number of time-saving updates to help technicians carry out network troubleshooting and maintenance on both copper and fibre cable more efficiently. Compact and handheld, NaviTEK NT network testers are designed to help technicians quickly pinpoint and solve issues, offer fast detection of link and IP information, and detect such services as ISDN, POTS and Power over Ethernet. Read More
Banvil Slim Downlight Panels

Banvil2000 Dual Colour Edge Lit Ultra Slim Downlight Panels

Banvil2000 introduces a unique solution for creating incredible atmospheres with the simple flick of a switch. A new addition to Banvil's ultra slim downlight panel family is the dual colour model, available in three different sizes and stock colour of red, blue and white edge lit and 3000K and 4000K centre light colours. These panels offer a super bright inside light coupled with a soft outside illumination, creating unique ambience and mood lighting in any setting. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Where"High Performance" for Buildings Is Headed: Part 1
    The high performance building (HPB) landscape is moving beyond simply "green" to encompass a broader range of attributes, such as healthy, productive, and even "resilient" — reflecting a growing attention to the status of the building occupant, not just the building itself....

  • DC Resistance Unbalance Testing: Easy, Low-Cost Insurance for Your PoE Systems, Part 2
    In the previous issue of Electrical Industry News Week, we looked at what causes DC resistance unbalance. In this issue: testing for DC resistance unbalance within a pair and between pairs. DC resistance unbalance testing verifies that the conductors in a pair have equal resistance and will therefore enable the common-mode current needed to effectively support PoE and avoid distortion of the data signals transmitting on the same pair. Unlike other field testers that only test DC loop resistance, the DSX-5000 measures…

  • Millennials Will Be Key Drivers of Future Value for Energy Providers: Accenture Research
    Millennials' strong interest in new products and services will drive the most future value for energy utilities, but they are much more demanding consumers, according to international research conducted by Accenture. At the top of their list: connected living solutions, solar and other digital products and services. Accenture's seventh annual survey of energy consumers explores the views of almost 10,000 respondents across Canada and 16 other countries.

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