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Volume 3 • Issue 36

Message From The Editor

The challenge with growth is managing change

We often present stories of electrical companies that started humbly and are now essential service providers and community icons. We recognize their trucks, their logos, and especially their expertise and experience. But we also know of companies that can quickly become overwhelmed and end up letting their clients dictate how they run their business. A good reason to consider how your company compares, and much more in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor
A sleek linear LED style within your budget
Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED suspended and wall mount luminaires offer great performance in a sporty, low-profile design. FloatPlane's sleek minimalism (only 1.2"h x 8"w) blends seamlessly into your unique layout, and the distribution options of 70% up, 75% down and 100% down give you further flexibility. FloatPlane's astounding performance offers outputs up to 129 LPW. Now you can have the distinct energy savings of LED, with the affordability of fluorescent luminaries. Read More

Changing Scene

Eaton Electrical Sector Eaton Electrical Sector Appointments: Alberta
Mohammed Sirtaj has been promoted to Acting Industrial Sales Team Leader, Northern Alberta, Electrical Canada, Electrical Sector. Daryl Simard has been promoted to Service Sales Specialist…
Valard Construction Valard Construction Restructures For Growth
Canadian powerline contractor Valard has implemented a new organizational structure as a means of achieving operational efficiencies. Changes of note include…
Hydro One Hydro One Appoints COO and EVO, Strategy and Corporate Development
Hydro One Ltd. has appointed Paul H. Barry to the role of Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, and Greg Kiraly to the role of Chief Operating Officer…
  • Ottawa Converting 58,000 Streetlights to LED
    An LED streetlight conversion that began in July and will continue until June 2020 is expected to reduce energy usage by 55% and save the City of Ottawa $4 million annually — equivalent to removing 2,500 homes from the electricity grid…

  • Team Brockway Adds Two New Sales Reps
    Tommy Nugent has been appointed Brockway Enterprises' Newfoundland & Labrador Resident Sales Representative, stationed in St. John's, NL. . Corey MacNeil joined the team September 1, as an Atlantic Canada Technical Support Sales Representative…

  • Intermatic Expands Application Sales Team
    Prateek (Prat) Sharma joins the Intermatic Canada Team as an Application Specialist. Sharma has over 10 years of experience as a sales and applications engineer with various companies in Canada's electrical Industry…

  • Eaton Recalls Pole Switches That May Cause Overheating
    Eaton has announced a recall of 30A General Duty 2 and 3 Pole Switches made between May 3 and July 19, 2016. The switches contain non-conforming line/load lugs that may cause overheating…
Tools For The Trade

Best Practices

If One of These People Asks, Can You Explain How Your Company Does Business?

By Shawn McCadden
Shawn McCadden Most contractors can't explain how they do business, they just make things happen. In a smaller business, this may get you by. But as you grow your business, particularly if you want to grow past $1M in sales, a number of people will want and or need to know how you do business. Would you be able to explain it to them? Or will you let them tell you how it will happen? To grow a successful business, these people in your path will need to know how you do business… Read More

Codes & Standards

Stay Ahead of Updated Fibre Optic Testing Standards, Ideal Networks Urges Installers

Updated Fibre Optic testing The international standards to which fibre optic cabling and encircled flux compliant light sources are field-tested are changing. New ISO/IEC and ANSI/TIA standards will have a notable impact on the test equipment required by installers. "The new encircled flux testing standards will slowly start to make their way into contracts and customer requirements," says Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager for Ideal Networks. "Installers will need to obtain accurate, compliant measurements." Read More


This New GE Factory Is a Blueprint for the Future of Manufacturing

GE Factory Welland has been known for decades at the city where rails meet the water. But the Canadian transportation hub, long known for a canal that linked Lake Ontario and Lake Erie with a cluster of railways, may soon redefine how things are made in North America. That's because GE broke ground last month on a brand new "brilliant" factory in the city, located just across the Canadian border from Buffalo. The factory will have machines embedded with sensors and connected to the Industrial Internet. Read More


GDP Rises 0.6% in June

GDP Product Rise June Real gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.6% in June, offsetting an equivalent decline in May. Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction, manufacturing and utilities were major contributors. Goods-producing industries increased 1.6%. Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction contributed the most, mainly because capacity gradually returned following the Fort McMurray wildfire and evacuation. Utilities also rose, while construction decreased. The output of service-producing industries grew for a ninth consecutive month, rising 0.2%. Wholesale trade increased for a fourth consecutive month, rising 0.4%. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says Hourly Rate By Job

Electrical Contractor Median Hourly Rate by Job

Apprentice electricians, aim for the foreman's job.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

  • Salary by Employer Type
    Among six categories, contract work leads. At the other end, franchises.

  • Salary by Certification Type
    Professional engineers earn twice as much as apprentice electricians. See how eight other certification types compare.

  • Salary by Company Size
    Mid-sized companies lead six other size categories. Companies with the most and least employees pay almost the same.

  • Salary by Province
    Among seven provinces, Saskatchewan leads, followed by Nova Scotia.

New Products and Solutions

Hubbell Trade Select

Hubbell Introduces New Family of tradeSELECT Metal Device Boxes with Presto Cable Clamps

The Presto cable clamp simplifies cable insertion in the electrical box by eliminating the need to remove the knockouts as well as the need to fasten the clamp screws. This feature also substantially improves the speed of installation. The new self-gripping cable clamp design removes any risk of arc fault or short circuit caused by over-tightening of metal clamps. Read More
Klein Multifuntion Driver

Klein Tools' New Multi-Function Drivers Have Interchangeable Sizes and Smaller Designs

Klein Tools introduces a new line of multi-bit screwdrivers and exclusive multi-nut drivers designed to increase productivity and save space in a tool belt or bag. Klein Tools' research shows electricians want to do more with fewer tools, and these multi-bit screwdrivers and multi-nut drivers do just that. Read More
Weiland Terminal Block

Wieland Electric Enhances Screw-Clamp Terminal Block Design with Push-in Jumpers, Flexible Marking System

Wieland Electric Inc. has significantly enhanced the design of its DIN rail mounted screw-clamp terminal blocks. Part of the company's selos family, the WT Series terminal blocks simplify and enhance control cabinet wiring. The new WT Series terminal blocks feature an enhanced push-in jumpering system that forms a low resistance, vibration-proof connection when inserted. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Where "High Performance" for Buildings Is Headed, Part 2: Emerging Considerations
    Concerns about terrorism, gun violence and the like have elevated the importance of building safety and security beyond traditional concerns about potential fire, electrical, and physical hazards. Building owners today have to be concerned about times when the safety and well-being of the people and assets within a building are in danger even when the physical building is not. Likewise, extreme weather events have brought into the need to improve not only buildings' resilience but also the resilience of the communities in which they are located. Expectations of greater security and resilience have begun to spur the development of new building-related programs and changes in existing ones. For example…

  • Canada Faces Pivotal Time for Clean Energy Growth
    Canada saw 15% less spent on new clean energy development in 2015 than in the previous year, and future growth in this sector will depend largely on policies being developed provincially and federally, according to Clean Energy Canada's latest annual assessment. This slow-down in Canada's clean energy sector is out of step with investment trends in other leading countries. The nearly $2 billion drop in spending since 2014 can be attributed largely to two factors…

  • Power Factor Correction: An Overlooked but Powerful Tool for Delivering Energy Efficiency and Savings
    Amid all the talk about how to reduce CO2 emissions and limit climate change, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar often take centre stage. But there's another technology poised to deliver energy reductions of 10% or more that gets far less attention: power factor correction (PFC). To date, it's been a largely overlooked method of reducing energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, and achieving sustainability. But PFC is actually far more effective than many "green" alternatives because it effectively enables companies to get more power out of the same amount of utility electricity.

  • Investment in New Housing Construction Grows 8.7% YOY in June
    The increase at the national level reflects higher investment in all dwelling types except semi-detached houses. Spending on apartment and apartment-condominium building construction totalled $1.5 billion in June, up 16.7% from the same month a year earlier. Investment in single-family dwellings rose 5.3% to $2.2 billion, while spending on row house construction increased 8.1% to $416 million. Provincially, construction spending rose in seven provinces.

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