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Message From The Editor

Running a business on the Internet

While it's never easy to manage customer complaints, it has become an even greater challenge in the age of the Internet and social media. Our contributor explains how to face and especially how to deal with it, and even turn the situation to your advantage. And speaking of social media, there's more than Facebook and Twitter. Have you heard of SnapChat? Read how it might help you in your business. Also in this issue: better understand PoE and DLVP. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Investment in Northern Lights College BC Invests $1.9 Million in Trades Training at Northern Lights College
British Columbia will invest $1.9 million in Northern Lights College for skills training in high-priority trades seats, including electrical work. The college is located in Dawson Creek…
Bert Doppenberg Thomas & Betts Canada's "Win a Garage" Make-over Promotion: the Transformation Is Complete
Bert Doppenberg, the Abbotsford, BC grand prize winner of Thomas & Betts Canada's recent "Win a garage make-over promotion," now has a new and improved garage. With every $100 purchase of Star Teck fittings, electrical contractors had an opportunity to enter a draw to win one of four exciting prizes…
Solar Panels All Alberta's New Schools Are Going Solar
As part of its Climate Leadership Plan, the Alberta Government has committed to including solar electricity generation in each of the province's 36 new schools in the planning or design phase…
Tools For The Trade


PoE and DLVP: Comparing Power Distribution Systems for Lighting and Controls

Eaton Control Room The invention of the LED has left an indelible mark on not only lighting, but also building power systems. Aggressive market adoption of LED lighting and falling prices have enabled greater use of control systems in every lighting market segment. In turn, the integration of control systems with LED lighting has created an upsurge of low voltage devices in the ceiling. Today, many fundamental devices require low voltage direct current (DC) power, yet the building electric power infrastructure is still alternating current (AC) line voltage, spurring a widespread effort to identify alternatives. Eaton Lighting Division's Chris Andrews shares two low voltage alternatives to AC line voltage power with overlay control systems. Each has the potential to revolutionize lighting and controls. Read More

Best Practices

Complaint Handling and Online Reputation Defence for Contractors, Part 2

By Nick Gromicko
Complaint Handling Part 1 offered tips on how to respond to a complaint, including writing an apology letter. Here in Part 2: how to protect and even build your business after the complaint is resolved by obtaining a general release (especially if you resolved the issue by refunding money) and even a testimonial on how you successfully handled a complaint. The following is a sample of a general release that you can customize to use for your company… Read More

Evolving Workforce

Is Snapchat the Electrical Industry's Next Big (Marketing) Thing?

By Shoynear Morrison
SnapChat Is the electrical industry ready to implement Snapchat? Is this app the next big social media marketing tool? These are the types of questions we must ask ourselves in order for our industry to maintain an innovative advantage and stay relevant to a younger audience. Most companies within the electrical industry understand the importance of social media. They have jumped on the preverbal bandwagon and utilized social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But does the use of social media end there? Snapchat has been called the world's hottest app by Forbes* and is one of the most popular apps among Millennials today. Snapchat is known for its ability to showcase the millennial signature (a selfie), send videos, instantly message, and add quirky filters for your followers to view live. Its instant delete feature adds a level of security that other social tools fail to provide. But this sounds like an app that only the public can use, right? A corporation can't implement this technology? Wrong... Read More


August New Housing Investment Rises 2.4% YOY

Investment in new housing Total investment in new housing construction rose 2.4% year over year to $4.7 billion in August. The increase reflects higher investment in apartment building (+9.2% to $1.7 billion) and row house construction (+7.8% to $455 million). In contrast, spending on single-family houses declined 2.1% year over year to $2.3 billion, following six consecutive months of year-over-year gains. Investment in semi-detached dwellings also decreased year over year, down 6.1% to $222 million in August. Investment levels varied across the country. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Where Plant Electricians Work

Virtually all work in industrial buildings, but four other locations also keep them busy.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Nine Innovative New Meters

Southwire Introduces Nine Innovative New Meters

Nine new meters from Southwire Tools and Equipment help electricians safely and efficiently complete their jobs. Included in this product line are several meters which feature Bluetooth technology, allowing users to save and send readings using Southwire's exclusive MApp mobile app. Southwire's new 140-series TechnicianPRO line features three meters specifically designed for… Read More
EATON Plug & Play Online Configurator

EATON Plug & Play Online Configurator: Enclosed Control Just A Click Away

Eaton's Plug & Play online configurator provides an easy and accessible tool for enclosed control product selection. This new, innovative online tool simplifies the process required to design your enclosed control solutions. Whether choosing between a motor starter or a lighting contactor configuration, the simple pre-populated drop-down menus will enable you to quickly generate a complete solution and get exactly what you need. Read More
Rittal's ChillZone App

Rittal's ChillZone App Measures Energy Savings for Industrial Enclosure Cooling

Rittal Systems Ltd.'s ChillZone app is an energy savings estimator for the Blue e+ line of industrial enclosure cooling solutions. Available for download in the Google Play and Apple app stores, the ChillZone app allows users to determine approximate energy savings using Blue e or Blue e+ industrial enclosure cooling. To calculate savings, the input data include climate zone (to estimate SEER), model selection/output category, hours of operation/shift model, local electric kWh rate, and number of operational units. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Five Reasons for Preventive Maintenance
    Keeping electrical distribution equipment at optimum performance levels can be challenging and stressful. Why? Because nothing operates without reliable power. Developing a maintenance strategy for your electrical distribution system is a sound business decision and implementing an electrical preventive maintenance program is a great starting point. Here are five reasons why.

  • Spotlight: Power Over Ethernet
    Power over Ethernet is a technology that is decades old. Ethernet cable has been around for over 40 years now. PoE refers to when both data and low voltage DC power are provided over the same Class 2, Category 5, or better, ethernet cable. The techniques for delivering power over ethernet have been standardized via the IEEE 802.3 family of standards. The newest standard, still under development, is intended to provide for greater energy efficiency and delivery of up to 100 watts. So why are so many people talking about PoE lately? There are a number of factors…

  • Keith Sones — a Storyteller with a Passion for the Industry and a Focus on His People
    Keith Sones, President of Allteck for the past several years and now an executive with the Valard Group of Companies, is an incredible story teller. You will read his stories in EIN on a regular basis starting next month. He will talk to you about safety management, business development in our industry, relationship with your customers, aboriginal advancement, operational leadership and much more because he knows a lot about those subjects. I recently sat down with Keith to learn more about our newest contributor and his lifelong commitment to our industry.

  • Q1 Investment in Non-Residential Building Construction Continues Decline
    Investment in non-residential building construction declined for the fifth consecutive quarter, down 1.6% from the previous quarter to $12.5 billion in the first quarter. Nationally, the decrease resulted from lower spending in all three components, with commercial buildings accounting for most of the decline. Non-residential building construction spending was down in eight provinces, with Alberta posting the largest decline and Quebec a distant second. British Columbia and Saskatchewan were the only two provinces to register advances.

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