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How to be a better employer, plus taking safety seriously

Arc flash dangers are all too well known. When the extreme temperatures resulting from an arc flash (upwards of 10,000° C / 18,032° F) cause nearby metal to expand and vaporize, the concussive pressure wave can knock people off their feet, the ultraviolet light flash can cause blindness, the sound blast, deafness and the molten metal and heat can cause second and third degree burns. The related death toll has been estimated at up to two people per day worldwide. Being among the best employers also means taking measures necessary to ensure your employees' safety. All this and more in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor
Tools For The Trade

Changing Scene

Top 100 Employers 5 Industry Members Among Canada's Top 100 Employers
These five organizations from Canada's electrical industry rank among Canada's Top 100 Employers, a national competition to identify employers that offer exceptional workplaces for their employees: Enbridge Inc., General Electric Canada/GE, Manitoba Hydro, Siemens Canada Limited, and 3M Canada….
BC Young Workers BC's Skilled Trades Gap Shrinks As More Youth Enter Trades
The BC Construction Association reports better than expected results for BC's skilled workforce, in key figures recently released on the province's industrial, commercial, and institutional construction sector…
EB Horsman E.B. Horsman & Son Expanding to Calgary
E.B. Horsman & Son is opening a new location, its 22nd, in the Eastlake Industrial Park, located in Calgary SE. Facility preparations are already underway, with an opening scheduled for early 2017…

A sleek linear LED style within your budget
Philips Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED suspended and wall mount luminaires offer great performance in a sporty, low-profile design. FloatPlane's sleek minimalism (only 1.2"h x 8"w) blends seamlessly into your unique layout, and the distribution options of 70% up, 75% down and 100% down give you further flexibility. FloatPlane's astounding performance offers outputs up to 129 LPW. Now you can have the distinct energy savings of LED, with the affordability of fluorescent luminaries. Read More

Human Resources

Are You an Employer of Choice?

By Michelle Branigan
Michelle Branigan Canada's Top 100 Employers released its 2017 winners on November 8. Now in its 18th year, the national competition looks to determine which employers lead their industries in offering exceptional workplaces for their employees. Employers will need to provide the best work environment they can if they are to attract and retain the brightest and most motivated employees. To make sure that the next generation wants to work for your company, look at your own practices and ask yourself if they create the best working environment possible. Read More


Improving Arc Flash Prevention and Safety

By Steve Sullivan
Rittal LED Working among the electrical components in an enclosure comes with inherent risks. The power in any one enclosure can range from 2kw up to 200kw depending on the power density. One of the most common and dangerous risks is an arc flash (or flashover). When an explosive release of energy erupts from a phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground arc fault, the results range from devastating to deadly. Design and retrofit approaches can limit exposure by using components installed outside the enclosure to permit qualified personnel in personal protective equipment (PPE) to service equipment inside without opening the enclosure door. Read More


Market Benefits of Electric Resistance Heat, Part 1

Stelpro - ERH Electric resistance heat (ERH) is a safe and simple solution for many heating needs, and frequently offers meaningful advantages over other sources of heating. When used in residential, commercial or industrial applications, ERH provides a comfortable, efficient, and affordable heating option that is often the preferred method. One of the primary purposes of this 2-part NEMA white paper is to provide an overview of recent developments in the world of ERH. In Part 1: a high-level exploration of the different types of electric heating options. Read More


Free Marketing Tools for Contractors

Twitter Contractors value their tools. They allow them to do their job and make life easier on a daily basis. Marketing tools should be valued just as highly. They have the ability to generate consistent leads and sales. You won't have any work to do with your toolbox if you don't utilize the marketing tools at your disposal to bring in new business. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Where Electrical Contractors Buy

Four out of five contractors buy from full-line distributors. Six other channels also vie for their attention.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


Greenlee Next-Gen Battery Powered Hydraulic Tools

Greenlee Textron Inc.'s new line of Next Generation battery-powered hydraulic tools include real-time communication technology and improved ergonomics, focus on optimizing the tool's centre of gravity for the comfort of the worker, and provide a longer battery life supplied by an enhanced Makita platform. Tools include 6-, 12-, and 15-ton crimping tools, as well as cable and bolt cutters, and a 10K PSI pump with removable heads that have the capabilities to do both. Read More

Legrand's New Radiant Dual-Function AFCI/GFCI Receptacle Reduces Callbacks and Inventory

Legrand's new Radiant dual-function AFCI/GFCI receptacle is the latest innovation in electrical safety, and a Code-approved alternative to dual-function AFCI/GFCI breakers. Unlike AFCI/GFCI breakers, which must match the brand of the breaker box, the radiant dual-function AFCI/GFCI receptacles fit any wall box, reducing the amount of inventory a contractor needs to carry on their truck. Read More

Schneider Electric Introduces Cyber Update Services

Schneider Electric's new cybersecurity protection services help industrial customers manage and secure their connected plants. Cyber Update services automatically distribute Schneider Electric's qualified operating system patches and endpoint protections, reducing the risk of applying improper patches and updates. It also eliminates potentially unsecure sources of data from affecting plant and business operations. Read More

Wieland Electric Expands Revos Mini Industrial Connector Series with Multi-Pole Contact Inserts

Wieland Electric Inc.'s expanded range of Revos Mini rectangular industrial connectors now includes a series of male and female contact inserts specifically designed to fit the Revos Mini plastic and metal connector housings. The connector inserts are available with 5 or 12 poles, plus ground (PE) connection. The 5- and 12-pole connectors use Wieland proven crimp contacts, making them ideal for high volume automated production. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • PoE and DLVP: Comparing Power Distribution Systems for Lighting and Controls
    The invention of the LED has left an indelible mark on not only lighting, but also building power systems. Aggressive market adoption of LED lighting and falling prices have enabled greater use of control systems in every lighting market segment. In turn, the integration of control systems with LED lighting has created an upsurge of low voltage devices in the ceiling. Today, many fundamental devices require low voltage direct current (DC) power, yet the building electric power infrastructure is still alternating current (AC) line voltage, spurring a widespread effort to identify alternatives. Eaton Lighting Division's Chris Andrews shares two low voltage alternatives to AC line voltage power with overlay control systems. Each has the potential to revolutionize lighting and controls.

  • Complaint Handling and Online Reputation Defence for Contractors, Part 2
    Part 1 offered tips on how to respond to a complaint, including writing an apology letter. Here in Part 2: how to protect and even build your business after the complaint is resolved by obtaining a general release (especially if you resolved the issue by refunding money) and even a testimonial on how you successfully handled a complaint. The following is a sample of a general release that you can customize to use for your company…

  • Is Snapchat the Electrical Industry's Next Big (Marketing) Thing?
    Is the electrical industry ready to implement Snapchat? Is this app the next big social media marketing tool? These are the types of questions we must ask ourselves in order for our industry to maintain an innovative advantage and stay relevant to a younger audience. Most companies within the electrical industry understand the importance of social media. They have jumped on the preverbal bandwagon and utilized social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But does the use of social media end there?

  • August New Housing Investment Rises 2.4% YOY
    Total investment in new housing construction rose 2.4% year over year to $4.7 billion in August. The increase reflects higher investment in apartment building (+9.2% to $1.7 billion) and row house construction (+7.8% to $455 million). In contrast, spending on single-family houses declined 2.1% year over year to $2.3 billion, following six consecutive months of year-over-year gains. Investment in semi-detached dwellings also decreased year over year, down 6.1% to $222 million in August. Investment levels varied across the country.

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