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Message From The Editor

New on the Canadian legislative side

Last Thursday, the federal government introduced a bill proposing the legalization of recreational marijuana. The intent is not to debate the topic here, but many of you are employers and our contributor Michelle Branigan presents the results of a consultation with employers on this topic. Better to be ready. Also in this issue, learn why electrical hazards aren't the only risks electricians face.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

BC Trades BC Funds Construction Trades Training for Women
The BC government is teaming up with Sprott Shaw College and local employers to help close the gender gap in the Lower Mainland trades industry…
SAIT SAIT to Offer Part-time Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma
Are you a journeyman electrician and looking at furthering your education? In fall 2017, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is launching a new three-year part-time program…
Alberta Utilities Alberta Utilities Commission Studying How to Enable Community Power Generation
The province has directed the commission to study ways to enable more small-scale, community-owned generation from greener sources, such as wind or solar…

Human Resources

Employer Perspectives on Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

By Michelle Branigan
HR Branigan Last fall we reached out to industry asking for their thoughts and concerns in relation to the Government of Canada's proposed legislation on the legalization of recreational marijuana. Probably one of the most surprising findings was that 87% of the employers who responded do not have a formal written policy in place that speaks to the use of medical marijuana. Read More


Inspection Results: Electrical Hazards Aren't the Only Risks Electricians Face

Safety In November and December 2016, Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors conducted an enforcement blitz involving electrical and related hazards at construction sites. According to just released results, inspectors visited 998 workplaces and issued 2,801 orders. A breakdown of the results shows that electrical hazards are just some of the risks electrical workers face on construction sites. Read More


5 Genius Ways Contractors Are Beating the Competition

Marketing The best contractors become the best by working harder and smarter than everyone else. Here's how to work smarter to help you gain more customers and beat out your competition. First, they don't upsell, they present additional solutions. The difference between trying to upsell a customer to make more money and presenting additional solutions to problems or wants they have is huge. Read More

Company Profile

Electrical Industry Canada Digs Deep with Redpath Mining

By Owen Hurst
Redpath Mining The Redpath Group of mining contractors and engineers, established by Jim Redpath in 1962, has since grown into one of the leading mine contractors worldwide. Headquartered in North Bay, Ontario, the group includes Redpath Raiseboring Limited, which provides raisedrill design, manufacturing and contracting expertise to its global customers. At the raisedrill manufacturing facility, I recently witnessed electricians working beside engineers and mechanics, each playing a vital role in the design, manufacturing and testing processes for every Redpath drill. Read More

Survey Says


Contractors' Average Salaries by Years Worked

Generally, the longer you work the more you make. However, this isn't always true on a year-to-year basis. For some people, salaries dropped from 2015 to 2016.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Low Voltage Capacitor Bank

Schneider VarSet LV Low Voltage Capacitor Banks for Smart Power Factor Correction

Schneider Electric's VarSet low voltage capacitor banks are a complete range of high quality power factor correction solutions engineered to compensate reactive power and harmonic distortion. These banks lower operating costs and offer long life performance with multi-capacitor architecture and step switching with adapted connectors. Read More
Power Logger

Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Logger

Fluke's 1735 power logger measures most electrical power parameters and harmonics, and captures voltage events. Its battery can operate for 12 hours without backlight and 6 hours with backlight on. The meter is also equipped with 4 mbs of internal memory, with 3.5 mbs dedicated to measuring data. Set the power logger up in seconds with the included flexible current probes and colour display. Read More

Eaton SPD Max Series

Eaton's SPD Max Series side-mount surge protective devices help maximize safety, flexibility and protection against the dangers of power transients. Enhance personnel safety with barriers that reduce arc-flash hazards, and get the right protection for your environment with devices available in all common voltages and configurations. Read More
Ground Grid Connector

Thomas & Betts Compression Ground Grid Connector

Thomas & Betts' compression ground grid connector, made of high conductivity copper, provides high performance grounding to ensure continuous performance and power quality. The ground grid connector is suitable for direct ground burial and utilizes Cable Elements A: #6 Sol. - #2 Str. To Cable Element B: #6 Sol. - #2 Str. It also features a cable range of 500 kcmil. Read More
Dranetz PQP

Dranetz HDPQ-VA550PKG Power Quality Package

Dranetz has developed various packages to address a growing focus on power quality. The Dranetz power quality package offers a complete kit for power kit for power quality and energy monitoring at an excellent value. Among the features: HDPQ Visa monitor, AC adapter, USB-MCABLE (6ft), keyhole mounting kit for HDPQ Visa, and more. Read More
XM Isolation Transformer

Bender XM Series Isolation Transformers

Bender's hospital grade isolation transformers provide isolation between configured primary and secondary voltages — an optimal addition for locations requiring continuous protected power quality. Standard single-phase transformers are factory configured for a single primary voltage and a single secondary voltage. Dual secondary transformers are also factory configured for an additional secondary voltage rated for 120 VAC. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 23
    In this article: Section 42 — Electric welders. The CE Code is a comprehensive document. Sometimes it can seem quite daunting to quickly find the information you need. This series of articles provides a guide to help users find their way through this critical document. This is not intended to replace the notes in Appendix B or the explanations of individual requirements contained in the CEC Handbook, but will hopefully provide some help in navigating the code.

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