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Message From The Editor

Changes affecting the electrical profession

What MCEE certainly illustrated last week is how electricians' work is changing with the advent of solutions and products to meet new demands from end users, as well as new practices in the digital age. This includes pre-purchasing, which touches all stakeholders in the production and distribution chain. This practice raises the question of whether savings are achieved if the purchased products do not meet Canadian manufacturing and safety standards. More broadly, what effect could pre-purchasing have on relationships among the various players in the industry? Important topics worth debating. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

BC Hydro BC Hydro Aboriginal Scholarships and Bursaries: Deadline Approaching
May 15 is the deadline to apply for BC Hydro Aboriginal scholarships and bursaries, available to Status, Non-Status, Metis and Inuit students who are residents of BC enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program…
Electrocution Man's Electrocution a Stark Reminder of Lethal Power of Overhead Powerlines
A Peterborough, Ontario man's death last month after contacting a powerline is a stark reminder of the need for everyone to be aware of overhead wires at home, at work and at play…
IESO IESO Appoints New Advisory Committee Members
The Board of Directors for Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator has appointed six new members to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)…
Tools For The Trade

Best Practices

Guerrilla Advertising: Transform Boring Ideas into Surefire Sales

By Shawn McCadden
Shawn Mccadden If you are Bechtel Construction, with more than US$17 billion in operations, you need not worry about advertising under budgets in such a way that would prevent you from putting food on the table. But for those of us who don't have a million-dollar advertising budget, we can turn to guerrilla marketing and advertising to get our brand message out there. Guerrilla marketing is generally characterized by… Read More

Peers and Profiles

Ilan and Jason Toledano — Two Brothers Managing the Family Business

By Line Goyette
Ilan and Jason Together they have re-imagined and introduced to international markets a company founded by their father in the basement of the family home. Their father Raymond had started the business buying and selling electric components for industrial heating. Jason joined the family business straight from university in 1997. In 2002, Ilan came on board. In 2011, when Raymond retired, the two brothers bought the family business and changed the vision for the company. Read More

Enclosures: Rittal

The Practical Benefits of Modular Industrial Enclosures, Part 1

By Nathan Xavier
Enclosures Modular freestanding enclosures offer key advantages over traditional unibody enclosures. Many times these attributes are overlooked either out of a false perception of higher costs, reluctance to change, or a lack of awareness of modular solutions' possible benefits. This 2-part article seeks to provide a more clear understanding, for designers, integrators and end users of the benefits offered by modular enclosures. Here in Part 1: a comparison of modular and unibody enclosures, and common misperceptions. In Part 2: a comparison of costs. Read More


New Housing Construction Up 6.4% YOY in February

Housing Construction New housing construction investment totalled $4 billion in February, an increase of 6.4% over the same month in 2016. The higher investment occurred mostly in three provinces: Ontario and, to a lesser extent, British Columbia and Manitoba. Spending on single-family dwellings led the advance at the national level, representing 76.8% of the national increase. Spending on row housing construction continued to rise in most provinces in February, with only Alberta and Nova Scotia posting declines. Read More

Survey Says


Contractors' Average Salary in 7 Provinces

In 2016, Saskatchewan led while Quebec trailed. See how everyone fared in 2015 and 2016.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Ideal Cable Testers

Ideal Networks Data Cable Testers

Ideal's data cable tester range includes copper and fibre testers for cable verification, Ethernet transmission testing, and cable certification. The unique network tester range helps to pinpoint and solve networking issues quickly and decreases downtime by allowing field technicians to discover the root cause of such network connectivity issues as incorrect IP configuration, rogue network services, network bandwidth issues, and PoE supply problems. Read More
Ideal SureTrace

Ideal Industries Circuit Tracing with SureTrace

To streamline and simplify the task of tracing UTP cables, use Ideal Industries' SureTrace Circuit Tracer alongside Ideal Networks testers. To trace a UTP cable, a network or data cable installer plugs the inductive clamp into the battery pack and clamps this over the UTP cable being traced. Once the unit is turned on and receiving a strong signal, the installer can scan the area with the receiver. Read More
Dvantek Talentpro

Advantek Lighting Solutions Talento882 Pro Series 365-Day Astronomic Time Switch

The Talento882 Pro Series 365-day astronomic time switch is equipped with intelligent scheduling that enables a flexible combination of astronomic and timed events. The Talento's cumulative load monitoring hour counter and service indicator helps to avoid costly service interruptions. If you install the Talento882 in an enclosure with a 100-amp contactor you instantly have building automation control with a minimal footprint. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Part One: Re-engineering the Grid
    Electricity has been a fundamental power source since Michael Faraday invented the dynamo in 1831. Small scale mini grids supported individual factories or villages, evolving to become large interconnected networks. The power grid as we know it, where power is generated far from where it is consumed, has been in operation since the mid 20th century. When blackouts occur, they last for hours and are accepted as a necessary price for cheap, on-demand access to power the grid afforded… But now there is a better way.

  • Non-residential Construction Dips 0.5% in Q1 2017
    Investment in non-residential building construction totalled $12.3 billion in the first quarter of 2017, down 0.5% from the previous quarter. This marked the sixth decrease in seven quarters. Nationally, the decline largely reflected lower spending on the construction of institutional buildings and, to a lesser extent, on the construction of industrial buildings. Overall, total investment fell in five provinces, with Ontario posting the largest decline and Saskatchewan a distant second.

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ECAO: Pre-Construction Planning for Electrical Contractors Conference and Exhibition
May 9, 2017
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Solar West
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