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Motivators in large and small projects

You've often heard that if we love our job it's not work. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that when we love our work, it is a lot nicer. Imagine the number of hours that the creators and technicians who helped illuminate the Jacques-Cartier Bridge probably worked, yes worked, to achieve such a project, delivered on time, the day of Montreal's 375th anniversary. Perhaps this is a variation on a theme. Read what regular contributor Keith Sones has to say about motivation. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Manitoba Manitoba Promotes East-West Power Grid
Manitoba's minister of growth, enterprise and trade is keen to promote east-west power transmission, with federal government help, according to a recent news report…
Skills Ontario 2,300 Students Attend Skills Ontario's Annual Competition
Earlier this month 2,300 elementary, high school and college students competed in 68 skilled trades and technologies contests as part of Skills Ontario's annual Skilled Trades Competition…
Retirement Retirement Residence's Energy Conservation Efforts Earn a Hefty Rebate
Alectra Utilities recently presented a Hamilton, Ontario retirement and long-term care residence with an $18,000 incentive cheque following its most recent extensive lighting retrofit project…
Tools For The Trade

The Future of the Smart Grid

Part Two: Re-engineering the Grid

By Paul McMullen
Grid The grid is changing. The linear approach from generation and transmission through to distribution has been replaced in favour of a dynamic 2-way flow driven by distributed generation and automation. The grid has evolved, it is becoming smart. But development comes at a price. A lack of qualified engineers results in fewer people to solve new complex challenges. Who is there to fill the void? If we don't plan for the future now, it will soon catch up to us. Read More

Managing Change: Sones

A Career Building Truth Hidden in a Forgettable Moment

By Keith Sones
Sones It started when a contractor Keith and his wife considered for a home renovation explained how he would save costs and get the job done in good time. After the contractor finished the project on time and on budget, Keith had to ask himself, "Would the same kind of cost and time savings strategy apply to a much larger project." Find out. Read More

Company Profile: Barnstormer Brewing

The Power of Brewing: Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co.

By Owen Hurst
Barnstormer Since 2012 Barnstormer has advanced the abilities of their brewery with the installation of electrical controls for monitoring brewing temperatures, emergency electrical shut-off switches to protect staff and equipment, and implemented a fully automated filling and seaming system. Read More


March New House Prices Rise in 10 of 27 Cities

Economy The New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 0.2% in March compared with the previous month. Higher new house prices in Vancouver and Toronto led the gain. Builders attributed the rise to market conditions, a shortage of developed land, and construction costs. Read More

Survey Says


Average Contractor Salaries by City

Among seven cities across Canada, Edmonton leads and Ottawa trails. See the gap between highest and lowest salaries, and more.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Rittal Enclosure

Rittal Commercial Enclosures

Rittal Systems Ltd now has available commercial application D & E type enclosures. The surface mount box may be used as a junction, pull, switch, or general service box. The NEMA type 1 commercial enclosures are available with hinge and screw covers and have industry standard knockouts on all 4 sides. Enclosures are also available in 9 sizes ranging from 6"x6"x4" up to 18"x18"x6". Read More
Legrand Qmotion

Legrand QMotion Automated Shades

Qmotion shades provide full automation of shades and drapes for residential and commercial use. The systems are available as direct wiring or battery operated, and can typically last up to five years before requiring battery replacement. The automated rollers and motorized drapery roads are connected via remote control or mobile apps allowing ease of use. Read More
Schneider IA Series

Schneider TAC I/A Series Building Automation System

Delivering an open interoperable solution through the power of the Internet, the I/A Series provides full access and control of your building from anywhere in the world. It delivers functionality across platforms: The I/A series fully supports LON, BACnet, OPC, and Modbus, and is powered by the Niagara Framework. Read More

Eaton XP500 with Visual Designer

The XP500 capacitive multi-touch displays allow the use of multiple fingers to zoom, scroll and swipe. Facilities can also leverage multi-touch functionality to prevent accidental commands by requiring the user to press multiple control fields at once to activate critical functions. XP500 Panel PCs feature an open Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system and two independent Ethernet ports for open communication and easy integration into any facility network. Read More
Ideal Torque Screwdriver

Ideal Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

The Ideal adjustable torque screwdriver is a precision calibrated tool, which allows the user to achieve the recommended torque specifications of electrical connections. A torque-limiting clutch helps prevent over- and under-tightening of electrical connections. Once the desired torque has been reached, the clutch will disengage, and an audible and tactile click will alert the user. Read More
Smart Switch

Moxa SDS-3008 Smart Switches

The Moxa SDS-3008 smart switch is a new product line within Moxa's industrial Ethernet switch family. The smart switches offer an intuitive one-page dashboard, which allows users to activate per-configured IA protocols in one click, simplifying HMI/SCADA integration. It delivers a compact size and flexible mounting design. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Learning from Your Mistakes — and Not Flying by the Seat of Your Pants
    In an age when communication rules, and a company's reputation can be elevated or decimated in the time it takes a tweet to circle the world, the last thing a company wants is to see itself caught up in a public relations disaster. By now everyone has likely seen the images and video of the United Airlines passenger suffering serious injuries while being dragged off the plane by police after refusing to give up his seat to a united crew member. The general public was shocked and outraged, and United's initial handling of the situation only made matters worse. Who knows what it will cost to rebuild the company's reputation.

  • 5 Simple Reasons Why You Need to Attend More (Home Reno) Trade Shows
    An industry trade show is a gathering of some of the best and brightest minds that the industry has to offer. It is also a great opportunity to network and grow your business or brand. Here are five simple reasons why you need to attend more trade shows.

  • Having the Right Arc Flash PPE
    Within the electrical industry the most intimate of all products is a worker's arc flash and shock personal protective equipment (PPE). Every day workers are required to wear these products for protection from electrical hazards of shock, arc flash and arc blast. However, when workers are provided with outdated PPE they are more likely to make mistakes that can cause an arc flash. This article helps explain why PPE is used and how to select the right products to minimize human error and improve a worker's performance.

  • Value of Building Permits Declines 5.8% in March
    The value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities fell 5.8% to $7.0 billion in March, marking a second consecutive monthly decrease. Nationally, the decline was mainly the result of lower construction intentions for multi-family dwellings, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario. All provinces and territories, except Ontario and Quebec, registered decreases in the total value of building permits. Despite the decline, Q1 2017 is up 7.3% over Q1 2016.

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