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Message From The Editor

The holiday season is an ideal time to review our classics and reflect (ideally)

It’s summer, a season in which human error can be fatal. In fact, human errors can be fatal in any season, but summer is the holiday season and we’re often busy outside. Electrical safety around recreational facilities, watercraft and campsites is all the more important when it’s possible to be distracted by the prospect of summer fun, and we could make mistakes that at any other time we would consider stupid. Here in this issue is a list of safety reminders. In a similar vein, Keith Sones invites us to push our thinking further when it comes to new sources of energy. He suggests adopting a comprehensive and long-term approach based on logic and fact. Even so, he seems convinced the Canucks will take the next Stanley Cup. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

AltaLink AltaLink CEO Scott Thon Receives a Business in Calgary Leaders Award
Scott Thon is one of twenty business leaders honoured with an award under the Business in Calgary Leaders program…
Olser New Brampton, Ontario Health Facility's Energy-Efficient Design Pays Off
Alectra Utilities' collaboration with William Osler Health System in the design of its new facility has resulted in energy savings of 3,233,587 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year and electrical demand savings of 856 kilowatts…
Spark OPG Partners with Spark Centre on Start-up Pitch Competition
Ontario Power Generation and the Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre have established a new category in Spark's annual Ignite pitch competition: inspection technology…
Tools For The Trade

Managing Change

Belief vs. Logic

By Keith Sones
Sones I am continually amazed at how two people can look at the same thing and see it completely differently. It may be the colour of a piece of clothing, where one person loves the blue shirt and the other simply can't seem to understand why anybody would make such a terrible fashion choice. Politics, of course, is rampant with folks vehemently supporting their candidate of choice while in equally strong opposition to everyone else. The thing I truly don't understand is when a person takes a strong stand for or against something in direct opposition to logic and fact. To me, this is both strange and dangerous. Read More

Safety checklist

Safety Checklist: 10 Dumb Things Smart People Do When Testing Electricity, Part 1

Safety Fluke People who make their living by working with electricity quickly develop a healthy respect for anything with even a remote chance of being "live." Yet the pressures of the getting a job done on time or getting a mission-critical piece of equipment back on line can result in carelessness and uncharacteristic mistakes by even the most seasoned electrician. Here in Part 1 are the first five of 10 quick reminders of what not to do when taking electrical measurements. Read More

LED safety norms

A Short History of Safety Norms For LEDs

By Fausto Martin
History of Safety Norms What came first: the chicken or the egg? In technical files the answer is simple: first comes the product, then the standard. In 1993, when Nichia introduced the blue LED (based on GaN), the issue of photo biological safety was taken into consideration. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) decided to include LEDs in the laser product category and related norms (IEC 60825). A few years later — 1996 — IESNA published ANSI/IESNA RP27.1, "Photobiological safety for lamps and lamp systems - general requirements…" Read More


New Housing Price Index Rises 1.1% in May

Economy Toronto was the largest contributor to the national gain, rising 1.1% from April to May. Builders linked higher prices to market conditions, a shortage of developed land and higher construction costs. Prices for new houses in Vancouver rose for a third consecutive month, up 2.2% in May and the largest increase for this census metropolitan area since May 2007. Builders cited favourable market conditions as the main reason for the gain. Prices were down in five metropolitan areas and unchanged in nine. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Contractor Profit Sharing by Years of Experience

The longer you work, the greater the proceeds. But see by how much.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Leviton TS007

Leviton Sapphire TS007 LCD Touch Screen

The Sapphire LCD touch screen provides the flexibility of a fully customizable user interface with the convenience of native controls from Leviton's Commercial Systems products. Features include a 7" capacitive touch screen, user interface components (tabs/pages, buttons, sliders), touch screen status updated from actual device status, LumaCAN connectivity and more. Read More

Trufig Mounting System for iPads, Touch Panels and Lighting Controls

Fascias provide a consistent and flush finish when used in conjunction with the Trufig mounting platform. The touch panel fascia attaches to the mounting platform with adjustable neodymium magnets on the mounting platform. They work with a variety of surface finishes including gypsum, plaster, tile, wood, and stone. Read More
Vantage Dimmer Station

Vantage Controls Wireless Dimmer Station

Vantage wireless dimmers are easy to install and connect to a system that meets the needs and requirements of your build, renovation or retrofit. It allows for personalization of settings and can be linked with local or mobile controls. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Marijuana in the Workplace — Are You Ready for Changes?
    As most readers will know, the federal government has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana this spring, with a target date for the bill to become law no later than July 2018. In June 2016, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould announced the creation of a task force that will consult provincial, territorial, indigenous and territorial governments, as well as youth and experts in relevant fields like healthcare, criminal justice, economics, industry, and law enforcement.

  • Gordon MacDonald, LED Lighting Retrofit Manager at Rexel's Atlantic Division
    Gordon MacDonald is a cheerful, driven individual who loves to be challenged, a trait that suits him well as a lighting specialist overseeing retrofit projects for Rexel in New Brunswick and P.E.I. He also has had a unique introduction to the field he now works in. Gordon was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick and has lived there for most of his life.

  • Power Shifts: Emerging Low-Voltage Trends, Impacts and Opportunities, Part 5
    In the previous issue of Electrical Industry Newsweek, we continued our coverage of Electro-Federation Canada's recently released research report, Power Shifts: Emerging Low-Voltage Trends, Impacts and Opportunities for the Canadian Electrical Channel. The article looked at low-voltage DC power trends. In this issue, the final in a five-part series: LVDC developments leading adoption in the electrical market.

  • Value of Building Permits Rises 8.9% in May
    Canadian municipalities issued $7.7 billion worth of building permits in May, up 8.9% from April and the third highest value on record. The national increase was mainly the result of higher construction intentions for residential buildings, particularly in Ontario. Seven provinces registered gains in the total value of building permits in May, and every building component increased except institutional structures.

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