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Construction — security — harmonization — new technologies

You know the adage that says, "As construction goes, so goes everything else." Good news as residential construction investment in Canada was $33.2 billion in the second quarter of 2017, up 7.7% from the same period in 2016. More good news: a new CE Code is on the way, and it will take into account new technologies at both the residential and commercial or industrial levels. Over the next few weeks and months we will continue our journey through Part 1 of the Canadian Electrical Code, but we will also explore the road that leads to the introduction of a new code, the imperatives that guide those who develop the new standards, the impact of new technologies on the code, and much more. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Schneider Schneider Electric to Merge with British Software Company AVEVA
Schneider Electric has agreed to merge with British software company AVEVA in a deal worth nearly $4 billion. The two companies tried to merge two previous times, and plan to have the deal completed before the end of 2017. Schneider will own 60% of the combined company…
Wallwin Barrie Wallwin Electric Services Ltd. Working Within the Integrated Project Delivery Model of $85 Million Build in Barrie, ON
Construction is to begin early next year on the Barrie-Simcoe Emergency Services Campus and Wallwin Electric was selected at the outset of the project by Marcus Gillam, President and CEO of the Gillam Group…
Hydro Quebec Hydro-Québec is Sponsoring TeamMTL's Entry in Solar Decathlon
Hydro-Québec will sponsor TeamMTL's entry in the Solar Decathlon China 2018, which takes place in Dezhou, Shandong Province, in northeastern China…
  • Little Long Hydropower Plant to Undergo Complete Retrofit
    The Little Long plant on the Mattagami River in Ontario is about to undergo its first significant upgrade since coming online in 1963. Like many other hydro plants, it's remained virtually unchanged. Ontario Power Generation recently hired GE for a complete mechanical overhaul of Little Long's two oldest turbines…

  • P.E.I. Electric Cable Project Now Completed
    Wade MacLauchlan, Premier of Prince Edward Island, and Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Member of Parliament for Cardigan, have celebrated the completion of the Northumberland Strait Submarine Transmission System project...

  • Ontario Utility Contractor Fined $70,000 After Workers Suffer Electrical Burns
    An electrical utility contractor in southwestern Ontario has pleaded guilty and been fined $70,000 after two workers suffered burn injuries last year…
Tools For The Trade

Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 28

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 56 — Optical fibre cables. Section 56 is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to the installation of optical fibre cables in conjunction with all other electrical systems. Rule 56-002 provides a special terminology definition for an optical fibre cable — a cable consisting of one or more optical fibres that transmits modulated light for the purpose of control, signalling or communications. Rule 56-102 outlines that there are three types of optical fibre cables:
  • non-conductive cables containing no metal other conductive materials
  • conductive cables containing non-current carrying conductive material such as strength member, metal vapour barriers or metal sheaths or shields
  • hybrid cables that contain both fibre optic and current carrying electrical conductors
The CE Code Handbook contains diagrams showing the construction of each type. Read More


Q2 Residential Construction Investment Up 7.7% YOY

Residential Construction Residential construction investment in Canada totalled $33.2 billion in the second quarter, up 7.7% from the same quarter in 2016. Higher investment in every component except cottages contributed to the total quarterly increase. Investment in renovations totalled $15 billion (up 6.6%) and accounted for almost 40% of the year-over-year change at the national level. Investment in single-family dwellings was up 12.9% to $7.4 billion, while acquisition costs related to new dwellings rose 8.2% to $3.7 billion. Investment in residential construction rose year over year in eight provinces in the second quarter. Ontario (up $1.2 billion) posted the largest gain, accounting for more than half (52.0%) of the total national increase. Investment also rose in British Columbia (up 7.9% or by $400 million), while Newfoundland and Labrador (down 9.3% or by $36.3 million) and New Brunswick (down 2.0% or by $8.5 million) reported declines. Read More

Case Study

Creating Dynamic Functional Lighting for an Architectural Firm

Vigilant Vigilant Global, a Montreal-based research, development and information technology company, mandated Provencher Roy to redesign its offices in Montreal. LumiGroup, a key collaborator in lighting for the project assisted the interior designers in enhancing each room with lighting adapted for a refined, modern and dynamic environment. The lighting design for the project was complex. With so many spaces supporting different tasks, the goal was to create different moods with the different lighting schemes, rather than a uniform distribution with the same lighting levels throughout. Vigilant wanted a new office space that was modern, "cool'' and refined. They wanted to ensure it felt like a tech office but also warm and inviting. To achieve all of these goals, the concept included strong black lines, careful use of patterning, wood features throughout, and a refined palette of accent colours. The result includes elements of fun but they were carefully introduced so the final effect remains mature. Read More

Case Study

Relighting the National Bank of Canada's Trading Floor

National Bank of Canada The National Bank of Canada's Montreal headquarters possesses a Grand Hall that is an ornate masterpiece. Its rose, Italian Tavernelle marble walls, Corinthian colonnades of syenite, with black Belgian marble bases, its bronze railings and door frames, golden ornamented moulding, ceiling panels, and large colonnades are a majestic throwback to a bygone era. The lighting design needed to accentuate and celebrate this historic structure's arresting grandeur without washing out the ornate details, while also creating a functional and welcoming workplace. "The space was so gloomy the National Bank was not even sure it could be transformed into a modern workspace. Most people wanted to move out," says Principal Senior Architect at Architecture 49, Alexandre Sauve. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Estimator Annual Salary Overview

Electrical estimators earn little in the way of profit sharing and bonuses in the Canadian electrical industry.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


GVA Lighting Highlighter HL-Cove

GVA Lighting offers an architectural cove modular LED lighting system that includes a mounting system with an integrated glare control valance. Among the features: 300mm/1ft modular design for curved or straight sections, 18 mid-power LEDs per 300mm/1ft for perfectly even illumination, monochromatic or RGB and RGBW high output LEDs with Color-Amo, and more. Read More

Barbican Halo

The Halo light fixture is made from aluminum with a painted white interior to allow for optimal light radiance and glow. The Halo uses only high output LEDs, yet due to its design can offer a soft, ambient effect. Only 4" in height, it is available in a range of diameters to meet your design needs for every project. This winner of the Platinum ADEX Award in 2017 and the Product Innovations Award by Buildings Magazine offers a contemporary and compact design that merges seamlessly with its environment. Winner of the Platinum ADEX Award in 2017 and the Product Innovations Award by Buildings Magazine. Read More

Beghelli Mezzo, Wet Location Architectural Emergency Lighting

The Mezzo has a die-cast aluminum construction with a durable powder coat finish. The lenses are constructed of a durable UV stabilized polycarbonate with reflector for maximum illumination. Suitable for indoor or outdoor architectural lighting, applications include schools, offices, man-doors, parking garages and perimeter lighting. Available in four housing colours, the Mezzo illuminates a bright white LED for general and egress lighting applications. Read More

Luminis Syrios Round LED

Syrios LED is a complete family of high performance luminaires for interior/exterior applications. With a timeless cylindrical design available in 3", 6" and 8" diameters, the Syrios family blends with the traditional or contemporary architecture of schools, public spaces, office buildings, shopping centres and hospitals. The 6" and 8" versions feature a unique integral adjustable lamp module, which enables precise directional aiming of the light beam without disturbing the position of the luminaire. Available in wall (down light or up/down light), pendant or surface ceiling mounting configurations. Syrios provides the flexibility to mix and match products in an architectural setting while maintaining a common design integrity. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Choosing the Proper Components for Your Cable Assembly or Wire Harness, Part 2
    In this second of a two-part series, we continue discussing options to consider when designing a cable assembly or wire harness, such as the best materials to use to meet the expectations of the assembly installation, the proper termination method for the type of signal that will be transmitted over the assembly, and what safety certifications the assembly will need to comply with based on the environment. Here in Part 2: conductor twisting/cabling, shielding, outer sheaths, connectors/strain reliefs, and safety certification.

  • 3 Financial Strategies for a More Scalable Business
    Economic reports continue to forecast growth for the remainder of the year. For contractors, this is great news, but it can also present the challenge of scaling up to meet growing demand. Scaling up requires not just hiring more workers and buying more material, but also adjusting your financial strategy to cover increased overhead expenses without hurting cash flow and profits. Here are three financial strategies for successfully scaling up in 2017 and beyond.

  • Investment in New Housing Rose 7.2% in June YOY
    Investment in new housing construction rose 7.2% from June 2016 to $4.7 billion in June. The increase resulted mostly from higher investment in single family dwellings (+$257.9 million). All but one province saw an increase in new housing investment. The largest increase was in Quebec (+$82.6 million), followed by Alberta (+$72.5 million) and British Columbia (+$57.4 million). Newfoundland and Labrador posted a decrease of $7.4 million (-26.2%) compared to June 2016.

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