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Message From The Editor

Not preparing for the future is preparing to lose

Adages have been flying around for a few weeks, but the comeback is always a reflection on the future. We all know that labour turnover is a major issue for the electrical industry, so it's important to ask ourselves if we have strategies in place to replace experienced workers and managers who will soon leave the business. Our contributor Michelle Branigan suggests paths to take to prepare for a successful succession. Also, a new kind of connection, a bridge connected to the news, and of course new technologies. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

TD Centre Electricians Provide Assistance for TD Centre's 50th Anniversary Illumination Project
Contractors Guild, Ainsworth, Symtech, Plan and ACML donated their services to temporarily reconfigure the buildings' automated lighting systems, while a crew of staff and volunteers worked to open and close blinds on over 6,000 windows across the TD Centre's five towers to create the message "Less is more or" in 100-foot-tall lights...
Electric Circuit New Fee to Activate Vehicle Charging Stations Through CAA- Québec Help Line
Starting September 8, 2017, a $2 fee will be charged to your Electric Circuit account for all requests to activate an electric vehicle charging station through the CAA-Québec help line. This will be in addition to the cost of your charge. To avoid this fee, the mobile app or your Electric Circuit card are always available when you need them…
CaGBC Awards CaGBC Makes Recommendations in Pre-Federal Budget Consultation
The Government of Canada has demonstrated leadership in propelling Canada's transformation to a low-carbon economy. Innovative government policies, like labelling building energy performance, developing retrofit codes, and offering low-cost financing for retrofits, will be effective in moving the sector forward…
  • Electric Mobility Canada's 3rd Annual National Drive Electric Week
    The National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today's availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil…

  • Houle Electric Installs 200 Square Inch Monitor at Northern Lights College
    Houle Electric has installed a 200-square inch monitor at the Northern Lights College, by far the largest to be deployed within a BC school. This upgrade not only includes the monitor display, but also a video conference system that will help students interact with teachers all throughout the province…

  • Electrical Fire at CNRL's Horizon Oilsands Site Leaves 1 Injured
    Both the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) said they are investigating after a fire broke out at Canadian Natural Resources' (CNRL) Horizon oilsands site north of Fort McMurray, Alta. A spokesperson for CNRL said there was "an electrical building fire" at the plant in the evening of Monday, Sept. 11…

  • Ontario Energy Network 2017 Scholarship Winners
    The Ontario Energy Network has announced the winners of the 2017 scholarships. The winners are both outstanding young women that have already spent some rewarding time working in the energy sector. Linda Chigbo, a 4th year electrical engineering student at the University of Toronto, is the winner of the 2017 OEN Women in Energy Scholarship. Kristina Mlakar, a graduate student pursuing a Master of…

  • Lumen Health and Safety Week 2017
    Lumen's Health & Safety Week will take place from September 18 to 22. Every year, Lumen organizes this event to raise awareness about the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace. Lumen offers training sessions, product presentations and meetings with suppliers at its branches throughout the week…

  • New Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre Names Electrical, Mechanical, Technology and Facility Management Sub-Contractors
    Plan Group Inc. has announced that it has been selected the sub-contractor of choice to provide electrical, mechanical and Information Communications and Automated Technologies (ICAT) for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's new Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre project…

  • New Lighting Part of $1.15 Million Restoration of New Brunswick's St. Stephen Wharf
    Almost $1.15 million will be invested to restore a popular tourist attraction and gathering place in St. Stephen. "Tourism is a key part of your government's economic vision," said Premier Brian Gallant. "The investment in the St. Stephen wharf restoration project will help increase tourism in St. Stephen and Charlotte County…"

  • Philips Lighting and American Tower Partner to Develop Smart Street Lighting
    Wireless infrastructure provider American Tower Corporation has formed an alliance with Philips Lighting to co-develop a high performance smart street lighting pole for smart city applications in the US. The project will focus on US development but will inevitably have implications for wider use as smart technology continues to make its way into public spaces…

  • Green Energy Doors Open Event 2017
    Green Energy Doors Open is an energy education communications campaign and annual showcase of individual, community and commercial sustainable energy projects organized and spearheaded by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. The initiative aims to showcase advancements in the sector...

  • CanWEA 2017 Annual Conference and Exhibition
    CanWEA will host their annual conference October 3-5 at Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montreal, QC...

AdvancedNeutral Grounding Resistor (NGR) Monitor,
the NGRM700

BENDER Bender Canada Inc., part of the Bender Group, the Global leader in ground-fault protection, is proud to announce the release of its most advanced Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR) Monitor, the NGRM700. This protective relay offers industry-leading protection providing additional safety on high-resistance-grounded transformers and generators. Read More

Human Resources

Joe's Gone. Now What?!

By Michelle Branigan
Michelle Branigan In May, Statistics Canada released data from the 2016 census reporting that seniors now outnumber children for the first time in the survey's history. The percentage of those aged 65 and older climbed to 16.9% of Canada's population, exceeding the share of those under 15 years old at 16.6%. In the meantime, the portion of the working-age population — those between the ages of 15 and 64 — declined to 66.5% from 68.5% in the 2011 census. Looking ahead, by 2031 almost one in four Canadians could be 65 or older, while the share of children would remain similar to 2016 levels, at 16%, according to the government agency. Read More

Connected Lighting

Creating the World's Most Connected Bridge

JC Bridge An iconic architectural feature of the Montreal skyline by day, the Jacques Cartier Bridge now shines with an innovative lighting signature that celebrates the unique engineering of its historic structure. Thanks to intelligent programming connected in real time to big data and social media networks, this bridge is by most measures the most connected bridge in the world. It comes alive every night and changes constantly, in synch with Montreal's seasons, weather, traffic and social media activity. A flagship project for the city's 375th and Canada's 150th anniversaries, the illumination of this steel colossus was a major challenge. Read More
Tools For The Trade

Case Study

How One Hospital Is Improving Patient Care with Advanced Analytics

GE Reports Demand for healthcare is outstripping capacity, but Toronto's Humber River Hospital has a solution: a digital Command Centre powered by GE's Wall of Analytics. As populations grow and age, many hospitals are being stretched past their limits. Rather than apply temporary or partial fixes to address the challenges that underlie this busy, acute care hospital, Toronto's Humber River Hospital has chosen to implement a holistic, state-of-the-art hospital command centre that will enable it to achieve radical gains in quality and efficiency. Read More


Value of Building Permits Issued in July Declines 3.5%

SC Graph Canadian municipalities issued $7.9 billion worth of building permits in July, down 3.5% from June and the first decrease since March 2017. Lower construction intentions for commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings were mainly responsible for the national decline. The total value of permits was down in seven provinces, led by lower construction intentions for multi-family dwellings and commercial buildings in Ontario. The census metropolitan area of Toronto posted the largest municipal decrease, as the total value of building permits fell 16.2% in July to $1.5 billion. Read More

Survey Says


Electrical Engineering Hourly Rates

General electricians earn on average $13 more an hour than electrical technicians and engineers.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


Distech Controls Building Automation System

Distech's EC-Net building automation system (BAS) has multi-protocol, multi-function capabilities that provide seamless and intelligent integration of HVAC, lighting, access control, CCTV, energy management, and other building systems. The open structure of the EC-Net building management system (BMS) creates a common development and management environment for the integration of BACnet, LONWORKS, Modbus, and other standards. Read More
Stanpro LED

Stanpro LED Retrofit for Fluorescent Vapour Lights

Easily convert fluorescent vapour light fixtures to LED with Stanpro's innovative GOLED Retrofit kit. A perfect upgrade option where energy savings and long life are critical. It's available for existing gullwing and flat pan fluorescent fixtures. The retrofit kit comes with a frosted lens over the LED strips, creating a diffused uniform lighting, mimicking the look of fluorescent tubes and eliminating LED glare. Read More

Hammond Manufacturing Type 3R Aluminum Junction Box

Hammond Manufacturing's new Type 3R aluminum junction box extends its wide range of available enclosures. The Type 3R provides protection against rain, sleet, snow, and dripping water. Formed from 0.08" Type 5052 H-32 aluminum, the junction box has a drip-shield top and seam-free sides, front and back, a slip-on removable cover fastened with plated steel screws, external mounting feet, permanently secured oil resistant gaskets, a bonding stud on the door, and a grounding stud in the box. The enclosure and cover are natural unfinished aluminum. Read More
Eaton Bollard

Eaton Arbor Bollard

The Arbor Bollard from Invue brings architectural style to the pedestrian level. The Arbor Bollard can be used along with Arbor post top luminaires to provide a coordinated look that enhances any architectural setting. WaveStream LED optics present a pixilation-free image replacing visible glare, while providing high levels of pavement illumination. The bollard comprises a two-piece cast aluminum housing and extruded aluminum body; 4000K 70 CRI is standard, 3000K 80 CRI is optional. A 0-10V dimming driver is also standard, and integrated sensor on/off or bi-level dimming is optional. Read More

Amptek Technologies iCon IoT Hub

Amptek's multipurpose IoT hub has a number of applications that are useful in industrial, commercial, and residential environments. It features credit-card-sized low power embedded systems specifically designed for M2M and IoT applications, and brings the two most common and cost-effective wireless technologies onto one single board design. Running on the open source uClinux operating system, and with various expansion boards available, the iCon platform can easily be transformed into a full-scale embedded system. Read More
Core LED

Core Products Canada's LED 2x4 Flat Panel 4000K

Core Products' LED flat panels are an ideal option for replacing existing fluorescents. Features include 50W / 5,000 lumens / 4000K, 100-277V input voltage, a 0-10V dimmer driver, post-painted frames. The panels are also available in 3500K, and are cULus approved. Read More

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