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What to do in a period of market effervescence

We frequently read that some market segments are expanding and of course no one wants to miss such opportunities. One of these markets is lighting controls. We often see qualified people launching new ventures and quickly abandoning ship for lack of technical knowledge. The lighting and lighting controls market is one of these: professionals are needed to design, install and maintain these systems. In this issue we present an article on how to navigate in a sea of lighting control specifications, a reference tool to compare and choose luminaires and control systems. You'll encounter acronyms to remember: SSL and NLC. We are also pursuing our journey through Part 1 of the CE Code. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Convectair Convectair Launches a Solution for the Growing Market of Connected Devices
On October 2, in response to the growing IoT market, Convectair launched a solution for the era of connected devices. The launch took place at the Maison des Arts de Laval in the company of customers, distributor and agent partners…
BC Hydro BCIT and Okanagan College to Help Deliver Lighting Controls Training to Electricians
BC electricians will have access to advanced lighting controls training at two BC schools as early as January 2018. Several organizations, including BC Hydro, have worked for four years to bring North America's leading lighting controls training program…
Craig Heizer Craig Heizer Joins Britech's Specifications and Special Projects Team
Britech Corp. has added Craig Heizer to their specifications and special projects team. Craig is a veteran of 28 years in the heating cable industry…

BENDER LifeGuard Series Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
BENDER BENDER LifeGuard series ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) extend the capabilities of standard GFCIs to the detection of ground leakage currents in all stages of power conversion equipment, from simple rectifiers to sophisticated variable frequency drives. LifeGuard series GFCIs can detect both AC and DC ground leakage current. A wide range of voltages, load amperages, and options are available. LifeGuard GFCIs are simple to install and require a minimal amount of connections. Applications: Ground fault interruption in single- or three-phase AC systems up to 600 VAC, Systems with DC components, Systems with variable frequency drives (VFDs) Read More

Codes and Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 29

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 58 — Passenger Ropeways and Similar Equipment. Rule 58-000 states that Section 58 is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to passenger ropeways as defined in the CSA Z98, Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyers standard, which includes tramways, chairlifts, gondolas, surface ropeways, passenger conveyors, and similar equipment. In addition, ANSI B77.1, Passenger Ropeways - Aerial Tramways, Aerial Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows and Conveyers - Safety Requirements, and Can/CSA-C22.3 No.1, Overhead Systems should be referenced. Read More


DLC — Helping You Navigate the Sea of Specifications

By Erin Hawley
Audacy You will often hear manufacturers tout that their LED fixtures or lighting controls are "now DLC qualified!", so what does it really mean to be DLC qualified, and — as an electrical contractor, lighting specifier or designer — why should you care? Used by many utilities to determine which products are eligible for energy rebates, the DLC Qualified Products List is also a useful reference tool for comparing and selecting fixtures and control systems for your lighting project. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Andrew MacLeod: Leviton Manufacturing Territory Sales Manager

By Owen Hurst
Andrew McLeod Andrew MacLeod is a territory sales manager with Leviton Manufacturing of Canada in British Columbia. He has a lot of passion for sales and working with a diverse range of individuals, likely the result of the path he took to get to the position he now holds. EIN spoke recently with Andrew about his experiences and position with Leviton. "My path to the electrical industry is not exactly a straight line…" Read More


How the IIoT Is Delivering on Asset Performance Management, Part 2

By John Boville
Schneider Reactive maintenance, in which things aren't fixed until they break, is probably the most widely applied maintenance strategy. According to ARC, this is especially true for non-critical assets in which the overall impact of failure is minimal. While reactive maintenance does not add costs in the short term, it can potentially contribute to higher lifetime costs, including the cost of diagnosing, fixing, testing, etc., as well as the cost of downtime during the operation. IIoT, however, can improve reactive maintenance by enabling a more efficient, more informed response. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electricians' Hourly Rates by Job

Within each of five different job types, the range in hourly rates is consistent. But among the five job types, the maximum rates vary by up to 30%.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


Southwire SIMpull RW90 Copper

Southwire's SIMpull Copper RW90 is for open wiring and use in raceways (except cabletroughs and ventilated flexible cableways), in dry or wet locations. Minimum recommended installation temperature: minus 40°C (with suitable handling procedures). Maximum conductor temperature: 90°C. Standard sizes No. 8 AWG and larger are also sunlight resistant, marked "Sun Res", and are rated FT4 in all colours and packaging. Read More
LED Roadway

LED Roadway Lighting's Satellite Series

The Satellite series of luminaires is ideal for all roadway applications, bridges, causeways, parking lots, and perimeter lighting. The one-piece housing uses a patented, fin-based thermal management system that allows for maximum heat dissipation. The fin construction also prevents debris from accumulating, and easily sheds water, snow and ice. The unique angled light engines deliver maximum target lumens, making the Satellite series an ideal choice in applications with wide pole spacing. Colour temperatures offered are 5000K (standard) or 3000K, 4000K, and 4500K (optional). Other features include a 7-pin ANSI C136.41 receptacle and a 4-bolt fitter. Luminaires are available in two sizes: SAT-S (24 & 48 LEDs) and SAT-M (72 & 96 LEDs), and are suitable for replacing 70-400 watt HPS/MH luminaires. Read More

Phoenix Contact UPS for AC Applications

Phoenix Contact's uninterruptible power supplies for AC applications provide a pure sine curve at the output. Select your AC UPS: intelligent with IQ technology, or space-saving with integrated energy storage. Monitor and optimize your energy storage with the uninterruptible power supply for AC applications with IQ technology. Avoid interruptions when working with the intelligent Quint AC-UPS. With the AC UPS with integrated energy storage, you can save space in the control cabinet and shut down connected industrial PCs via the integrated USB interface. Read More

Pioneer LED Channel Retrofit Kit

This premium retrofit kit suits all standard strip or narrow surface fixtures. Precise specular optics offer superior lumen distribution and efficiency. The kit is available in a variety of lumen packages and designed for quick and easy installation. A 120v or 347v driver is supplied separately. It's ideal for coves and commercial applications to replace T12, T8, or T5 lamps & ballasts. Read More
Nesco Fittings

Nesco Explosion Proof Pressure Cast Aluminum Fittings

Nesco provides a wide range of explosion proof fittings for hazardous location sealing. The fittings are available in standard sizes for commercial and industrial applications. New products include an NPT tapered threaded hub internal grounding screw made of copper free aluminum, and Bridgeport's SGBS series of steel split grounding bushings, which can be installed before or after conductors have been pulled. Read More
J2 Light

J2 Light's iPark-LED Luminaire

The iPARK-LED features highly efficient low glare lighting, extreme power savings, and low installation and maintenance costs. The sleek profile, flexible design features, and simple mounting process make the iPARK-LED a perfect choice for engineers, contractors and end users. A robust extruded aluminum core optical mounting platform and heat sink also provide structural rigidity and allow precision placement of critical optical components for wide throw optics. For downward throw optics a flat aluminum pan is used. Read More

Current Copper Prices

Monitor daily and 6-month $US prices for copper — the preferred electrical conductor for most categories of electrical wiring.

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The Electrical Stock Market

Track the stock market performance of 25 publicly traded electrical equipment suppliers and electrical wholesalers. Updated weekly.

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