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Renewable energies and the demand propelled by end users

Several studies predict a growing role for renewable energies in the near future. Recently, CanWEA held its 33rd Annual Conference and Exhibition in Montreal, where renewable technologies were on display and key players in the political scene made commitments. However, an important aspect to consider in green energy is the demand that comes from the public and the users themselves. Not only do users want to reduce the cost of their energy consumption — the success of LED lighting is a testament to this — but they also want to reduce their environmental footprint and are increasingly asking contractors for advice on how to use electricity in the most efficient way possible. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Solar Panels Alberta Oil & Gas Workers Get Solar Trained
A not-for-profit organization is holding a training program to give oil, gas and coal workers the skills to work in the renewable energy industry. The five-day training program at the community of Louis Bull Tribe…
Welby Stephen Welby Named IEEE Executive Director
Stephen Welby has been hired as IEEE's next executive director and chief operating officer. Starting on 2 January, he will work from IEEE's office in Piscataway, N.J., succeeding E. James "Jim" Prendergast, who is set to retire…
Nunavut Manitoba Link Inuit Org to Lobby for Nunavut-Manitoba Power Link
A road to bring cheap, clean power and internet northwards—and, at the same time boost the economy in central Nunavut: that's what the Kivalliq Inuit Association wants for the future…

Wind Energy

Energy Transition Promises New Markets for Canadian Wind Energy

Exhibit Floor Falling costs, an expanding customer base, and growing recognition of the role clean energy will play in building a prosperous economy will drive the wind energy industry's continued expansion in Canada, business leaders agreed as the Canadian Wind Energy Association's 33rd Annual Conference and Exhibition, which took place earlier this month in Montreal. Read More

Solar Energy

2016 Growth in Solar Power Tops Every Other Fuel

Solar Energy New solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity grew by 50% last year, according to the International Energy Agency's latest renewables market analysis and forecast. For the first time, solar PV additions rose faster than any other fuel, surpassing the net growth in coal. Boosted by a strong solar PV market, renewables accounted for almost two-thirds of net new power capacity around the world last year, with almost 165 gigawatts coming online. Read More


LEDs and Their Possible Health Effects, Part 2

LED Health Part 1 presented findings from a review of possible health risks of LEDs, conducted by the European Commission. LED lamps and displays appear to pose no direct adverse health effects among the general healthy population, but gaps exist in our understanding of potential LED health hazards, and other population groups may be at risk. Here in Part 2: more research results on the effects of LED lamps on general health, the eyes and the circadian system. Read More


New Housing Investment Grew 5.8% YOY in August

Economy New housing construction investment rose 5.8% from August 2016 to $5.0 billion in August 2017, with gains reported for all building types. Despite year-over-year declines in six provinces, single-family homes still led investment in new housing construction with total investment of $2.5 billion. Quebec (-$37.3 million) and Ontario (-$34.1 million) posted the largest declines for single-family homes, while Alberta (+$133.0 million) reported a seventh consecutive year-over-year increase. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Contractor Salary by Years of Experience

Average wages for experienced Canadian electrical contractors plateau at roughly $80,000 annually.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Brady Lock Box

Brady Ultra Compact Group Lock Box

Brady's new ultra compact lock box is ideal for group lockout situations with multiple isolation points and employees who perform maintenance activities on industrial equipment. The ultra compact lock box is perfectly sized for the most common lockout scenarios, can hold up to 6 padlocks inside, and has 12 lock slots for multiple employees to lock out equipment. For easy storage when not in use, it includes a wall mounting bracket. In addition, it has three hang hooks inside for organizing keys. Read More
Lumca Tango

Lumca Tango Series Luminaires

The Tango series melds outdoor lighting and quality urban furniture. Bollards in the standard 42-inch format and lighted columns with a maximum format of 84 inches and Ipe wood inserts. The poles use a rail system to attach accessories without straps. Two formats are available: 18' and 14'. Several configurations are also possible, either curved or straight. Read More
Hammond Power Solutions

Hammond Power Solutions' New Energy Efficient Transformers

Hammond Power Solutions' new line of energy efficient low voltage and medium voltage distribution transformers and energy efficient drive isolation transformers meets Canada's latest energy efficiency regulations. New Natural Resources Canada energy efficiency levels for transformers are expected to take effect later in 2018. NRCan regulation SOR/2016-311 Amendment 14 aligns the minimum energy efficiency levels of dry-type transformers sold in Canada with the latest regulations prescribed by the U.S. Department of Energy, which took effect on January 1, 2016. Read More
Eaton Blocks

Eaton Power Distribution Blocks

Eaton's CH160 Series of Power Terminal Blocks are UL 1059 recognized power terminal blocks for branch circuit applications. The CHDB series is designed for high short circuit current rating (SCCR) applications up to 200,000 amperes. The blocks are available in three-pole open style and single-pole enclosed style with a variety of terminal arrangements and current-carrying capability up to 570 amperes. Read More
Stanpro LED

Stanpro LED Retrofit for Fluorescent Vapour Lights

Easily convert fluorescent vapour light fixtures to LED with Stanpro's innovative GOLED Retrofit kit. A perfect upgrade option where energy savings and long life are critical. It's available for existing gullwing and flat pan fluorescent fixtures. The retrofit kit comes with a frosted lens over the LED strips, creating a diffused uniform lighting, mimicking the look of fluorescent tubes and eliminating LED glare. Read More

Convectair Programmer System Module

The Programmer system module enables users to manage the heating levels of each heater (to a maximum of 20 heaters), based on a chosen program and established schedule. It's the ideal system for those seeking to control heating of the entire home, while maximizing their economies. With the programmer, users can choose from seven pre-selected programs, or a custom program, organized hourly, in comfort or economy mode (different for each day of the week), or in frost protection mode, for prolonged absences. Read More

Current Copper Prices

Monitor daily and 6-month $US prices for copper — the preferred electrical conductor for most categories of electrical wiring.

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The Electrical Stock Market

Track the stock market performance of 25 publicly traded electrical equipment suppliers and electrical wholesalers. Updated weekly.

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