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Message From The Editor

Rules and standards that cannot be ignored

With this issue we begin an in-depth exploration of the Canadian Electrical Code, which creates a framework for electrical safety across Canada. It starts with a review of the role of legislators in the code. Over the next few weeks we will report on key changes to the CE Code and the importance of training. Speaking of safety, we also talk in this issue about preparing your vehicle for driving on construction sites. Measures that can sometimes seem obvious, but may still get overlooked. Also, a case study on reducing automated interruptions and how this technology can achieve significant savings. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Rittal Rittal Systems Canada Awarded the Integrated Marketing Award of Excellence from Electro-Federation Canada
Rittal Systems Canada, the world's largest and most trusted manufacturer of enclosures, climate control systems, power distribution and software solutions, was delighted to receive Electro-Federation Canada's Integrated Marketing Excellence award…
ESA Awards Unlicensed Contractor to Pay $50,625 for Illegal Electrical Work in the Greater Golden Horseshoe
Jose Julio DeNobrega has been convicted in a Burlington court and ordered to pay a $45,000 fine plus a $5,625 victim fine surcharge for conducting unsafe electrical work without an electrical contractor's licence at 14 locations in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville…
Schneider Schneider Electric and CNBC Launch New Series: IoT — Powering the Digital Economy
CNBC has announced it has teamed up with a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric, to create a brand new technology show, IOT: Powering the Digital Economy…
Tools For The Trade

Did You Know?

The Canadian Electrical Code — Did You Know When the First Edition Was Published?

CSA The CE Code, Part I, is the original, authentic Canadian-based safety standard developed to make electrical installations and maintenance safer. Did you know the first edition of the CE Code was published in 1927, and is the combined expertise of volunteer committee members, from industry, utilities, regulators, consumers and other relevant stakeholders? The contributions of regulators from across the country are critical. In Canada, each province and territory has specific legislation governing electrical safety in its jurisdiction. The upcoming 24th edition will be published in January 2018, and will include new technologies. Read More

Case Study: Improving Reliability

S&C Self-Healing Technology Saves Enmax 30 Million+ Customer Minutes

Enmax Enmax Power Corporation, an Alberta-based utility, was facing more frequent and longer power interruptions, causing its reliability rating from the Canadian Electricity Association to slide toward the third quartile. With a goal of achieving first-quartile reliability, Enmax took on the challenge to improve its system reliability. To tackle this task, Enmax put out a call for bids for a five-year distribution automation project that would improve the reliability of its worst-performing circuits and enhance the utility's ability to operate its distribution system safely and reliably. Read More

Best Practices

3 Tips for Prepping Your Vehicle for the Job Site

By Alison Stanton
McCadden If you use your own car or truck as a work vehicle — and routinely drive it to construction sites — it's important to treat it like any other piece of work-related equipment. That's why many contractors as well as their employees make sure their vehicles are properly maintained and prepared to be on any job site. With this in mind, check out the following tips that will help keep your car in good shape on any and all job sites. Read More


How the IIoT Is Delivering on Asset Performance Management, Part 4

By John Boville
Schneider Whether you call them advanced PLCs, IIoT-ready PACs, or ePACs, modern controllers are enabling engineers to control their most important risks, whether they are in a process, batch, or hybrid operation: safety/ environmental risk (including cybersecurity risk), reliability risk, efficiency risk, and profitability risk. The measurable business value that can be derived from this new generation of controllers makes upgrading easy to justify, even in times of continuing downward pressure on capital costs. With the right models, companies involved in brownfield or greenfield modernization automation projects may see 100% returns on their controller investment in as little as three months. Here are just some of the ways new ePACs equipped for IIoT are already having an impact on operational profitability. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

Britech Responds to Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Floor Heating

Britech Q&A Q. My self-regulating cable is always heating, why?

A. Many people think self regulating cables turn on and off when required. They don't! Self regulating cables are always making heat, even in summertime on the hottest of days. A thermostat should always be installed on self regulating and all other types of cables to save energy and promote longer heating cable life.

Each week Britech will answer one question regarding the use of electric cable heating systems. To see more questions and answers or to ask your questions Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Survey Says: Electrical Contractor Hourly Rate by Company Size

Hourly rates for electrical contractors increase substantially with company size.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

GL Lighting

GL Lighting LED Ultra-Thin Canopy Light

GL lightings' Ultra-thin 75W canopy light is ideal for a variety of applications. This aluminum fixture has a beam angle of 120°, a CRI >80, is available with 3000/4000/5000K, and is suitable for operating temperatures between -35 and 55°C. Read More
Phoenix EMM

Phoenix Contact EMM 3-24DC/500AC-160-EXM-IFS - 2908603

Electronic motor and machine management for operation with external current transformers (160 A): precise energy measurement, real power measurement, current and voltage measurement of motors, machines or other 3-phase loads. Offers freely parameterizable switching and signalling thresholds. As an option, it can be networked with all popular fieldbus systems via a gateway. Read More
Kim Lighting

Kim Lighting Ouro

The Ouro is designed with enhanced details and easy installation and maintenance. The fixture offers a tool-free entrance. A hidden hinge allows access to the electrical components without compromising the exterior design. Tamper-resistant hardware is available. Read More
Weilan Wipos

Wieland Switched-mode Power Supply Wipos PS1

Wieland's Wipos PS1 switched-mode power supply, nominal voltage: 24 V DC / 1,25 A (setting range 21,6-27,6 V DC), sustained short-circuit protection, input voltage range: 85-264 V AC / 90-350V DC, single phase, W x H x D: 32 × 90 × 90 mm Read More
Premise MR16

Premise LED MR16 Lamp

Premise's LED MR16 (6.5W/500 lumens) is a versatile lamp ideal for residential and commercial applications. It's available in 3000K and 4000K, and has a 38° beam angle and lifespan of 50,000 hours. Read More
Danfoss VLT

Danfoss VLT Automation Drives

The VLT automation drive is designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. It comes in a standard version (FC 301) and an advanced high dynamic version (FC 302) with additional functionalities. It helps save energy, increase flexibility, reduce costs related to spare parts and servicing, and optimize process control on any industrial machine or production line. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Energy Transition Promises New Markets for Canadian Wind Energy
    Falling costs, an expanding customer base, and growing recognition of the role clean energy will play in building a prosperous economy will drive the wind energy industry's continued expansion in Canada...

  • 2016 Growth in Solar Power Tops Every Other Fuel
    New solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity grew by 50% last year, according to the International Energy Agency's latest renewables market analysis and forecast. For the first time, solar PV additions rose faster than any other fuel, surpassing the net growth in coal.

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