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Message From The Editor

Everywhere around us shines our expertise

Canada's first Darc prize in the high-budget external structure category was awarded for lighting the Strasbourg Cathedral. Why are we talking about this in this issue? Because the technology used was developed here, and it is important to underline our expertise and the worldwide recognition it is earning. At this time of year when seasonal lighting start to shine everywhere, the aesthetics may not always be obvious, but we invite you to abide by the safety rules. We'll talk about it soon. Also in this issue, we continue our exploration of the CE Code, Part 1. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Crime Philips Lighting Shines a Light on Crime Prevention
York Regional Police has partnered with Philips Lighting and Crime Stoppers on a crime prevention campaign to help homeowners. York Regional Police will be distributing 15,000 Philips LED light bulbs to homeowners across York Region. The goal is to have homeowners replace worn-out exterior lights to increase visibility at night…
Saskpower SaskPower Testing More Efficient, Longer Lasting LED Streetlights
SaskPower is piloting the use of LED streetlights, which are 40 to 60 per cent more energy efficient than traditional streetlights and require far less maintenance."We are after the very same qualities that have drawn homeowners to LED technology over the years. This pilot will show what impact the increased energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs will have…
Hydro Quebec Hydro-Québec Moves Forward in the Development of Semiautonomous Drones for Power Line Inspection
Hydro-Québec's research institute IREQ continues to make progress with its LineDrone project. The drone can now land semiautonomously thanks to the addition of a new onboard vision system.The vision system enables the drone to recognize power lines. This innovation provides invaluable support to the operator by ensuring safe deployment of the drone on power lines…
  • Houle Electric Announces the Selection of a New President
    Houle Electric Limited, one of BC’s largest electrical contractors, has announced the selection of its new President, Paul Hill (pictured right) who will be starting at Houle on February 5th, 2018. Paul will take over the role from current President of 20 years, Robert Lashin (pictured left-below) who will remain as company CEO and Chair of the firm's board of directors going forward…

  • New Brunswick Power Commissions Fast-Charging Station in Moncton
    NB Power has announced the completion of the first phase of the fast-charging infrastructure along the TransCanada highway with commissioning of a fast-charging station in Moncton at the Magnetic Hill Irving. Electric vehicles (EV) can now charge up in the parking lot at 2731 Mountain Road in Moncton at a fast-charging or standard level-2 station…

  • CaGBC Opens Zero Carbon Building Program Registration
    The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has opened public registration for Canada's first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Program, which provides third-party verification of compliance for zero carbon design and performance. This world-class Standard positions Canada as a global leader, offering designers and operators the opportunity to make carbon reduction the key indicator for building performance…

  • Wind Energy Part of Viable Alternative to Site C, BCUC Concludes
    Jean-François Nolet, vice-president of policy and communications at the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) has issued a statement following the release of the Final Report to the Government of British Columbia by the British Columbia Utilities Commission in follow-up to its Inquiry Respecting Site C…

  • Schneider Electric Again Ranked Among Global Leaders for its Action on Climate Change
    For the seventh year running, Schneider Electric has been included in CDP's Climate A List of companies leading the fight against carbon emissions. Only 112 companies worldwide, among nearly 2,500 participants, are selected in this ranking. It recognizes the Group's strategy of promoting environmentally and climate-friendly development as an intrinsic driver of business performance…

  • Educational Engineering Event Held at Hockey Hall of Fame
    Watts, in partnership with ATS Spec, recently welcomed 100 specifying engineers and facility managers to an engineering event at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. In keeping with the theme for the evening, "Your Connection to Innovative Water Solutions," attendees were provided an overview of the depth and breadth of the Watts line of…

  • Opinion: Solar Energy Tax Rules from P.E.I.
    A solar energy proponent on P.E.I. says Islanders who generate their own solar electricity are getting a good deal, despite rules from the Canada Revenue Agency that lead to government "taxing the sun that's hitting your roof. "Steve Howard is president of Renewable Lifestyles, a Summerside-based company that sells and installs household solar electric systems…

  • Technical Safety BC Stresses Having Electricians Find the Root Cause of Electrical Trips
    It seems harmless enough - a circuit breaker in your home trips. You calmly walk over to the electrical panel and reset it. But you may be putting yourself and your family at risk by not identifying the root cause of the problem; this is particularly important if you are finding that your circuit breakers are repeatedly tripping. Unfortunately it's an issue that Technical Safety BC safety officers see all too often when they are called to investigate the causes of residential fires….

  • Renewable Energy Jobs Bring New opportunities for Alberta Workers
    Trades and careers in renewable energy, like wind and solar power, could play a part in easing Alberta's employment crunch — providing jobs in the near future and for decades to come. The industry says there are many oil and gas jobs and skills that will be needed as renewables begin to take off, with many workers well positioned to make the transition…

  • ABB Optimizing Transformer Manufacturing Footprint to Drive Competitiveness
    ABB has announced a strategic realignment of its global transformer manufacturing, engineering and service footprint to enhance competitiveness in a dynamic market environment marked by increasing competition and consolidation in the rail industry. The move is part of the 'Power Up' transformation program in ABB's Power Grids division…

  • Newfoundland Power Receives Customer Pressure, Prompting the Province to Consider Reviewing Privacy laws
    The provincial government is open to exploring changes to privacy laws after a number of people complained about Newfoundland Power using their information without consent. During Question Period on Tuesday afternoon, Justice Minister Andrew Parsons said he is open to look at changing laws…
Tools For The Trade

Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 30

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 60 — Electrical Communications Systems. Rule 60-000 states that this is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to the installation of communication systems that carry audio, video, or data information and supervision or control signals (note that if the circuit delivers an off/on signal only, it falls under Section 16 Class 1 and Class 2 Circuits). Appendix B and the CE Code Handbook provide additional information. Read More


Lumenpulse's Strasbourg Cathedral Project Wins Darc Award

Strasbourg The appearance of one of Europe's most important cathedrals has been transformed with an extraordinary new lighting design from Lumenpulse that uses 400 luminaires. The project recently won an international Darc award. Considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Gothic architecture, the iconic Strasbourg Cathedral revels in newfound splendour. The precise and sensitive work of light and shadow creates a highly balanced, poetic ambiance that highlights and embraces shadows. One of the project's greatest challenges was to sustain a global and uniform quality of light: 600 LED projectors create warm accent lighting and highlights, which contrast beautifully with the cast and modelled shadows. Read More

Company Profile

Opus Automation

OPUS Opus Automation, founded in 1998 and based in Ancaster, Ontario, provides robotic and automation solutions throughout Canada and the USA. The company was created by Peter Young, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, where he continued to work as a research engineer and was responsible for the implementation of Canada's first university-based robotics research facility. The company has grown to service various industry sectors, and continues to push the boundaries of robotics and automation in factories across North America. Read More


GDP Slips 0.1% in August 2017

Economy Real gross domestic product (GDP) edged down 0.1% in August, after being essentially unchanged in July. Declines in manufacturing and mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction more than offset increases in most sectors (12 out of 20). Goods-producing industries contracted for the second consecutive month, declining 0.7% in August in part due to temporary reduced capacity in the manufacturing and the mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction sectors. Services-producing industries edged up 0.1%. Building materials and supplies (-2.8%) and machinery, equipment and supplies wholesaling (-0.7%) gave back some of the gains registered in July. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

Britech Responds to Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Floor Heating

Britech Q&A Q. I hear people call floor warming and snow melt cables by the terms constant wattage, series resistance or constant heat cables. Are these cables all the same?

A. Series resistance cables are, in most cases, factory assembled sets that come complete with a cold lead (unheated) section that is connected to a thermostat. These are the most common type of cable used for floor warming or snow melting. They cannot, according to Section 62 of the Cdn. Electrical Code, be altered in the field. You cannot cut or change the length. They must always be connected to the voltage specified on the tag supplied by the manufacturer. Constant wattage cables are normally only used for industrial purposes and can be altered by a factory trained technician. Constant wattage cables normally sell for upwards of $10:00 per foot. They are not used for floor warming or snow melting.

To see more questions and answers or to ask your questions Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Hourly Rates in Electrical Power Distribution

Among six job types, journeyman linemen and powerline technicians are the highest paid power distribution workers in Canada, followed closely by linemen. Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


Hammond Manufacturing NEMA Rated Dust-Tight Server Cabinet

Hammond Manufacturing's NEMA rated server cabinets are ideal for a wide range of industries, including harsh factory floor situations. Features include welded frame, doors and side panels constructed in 14-gauge steel, a seamless foam-in place gasket that provides tight and secure seal protection from moisture, dust, oil and air contaminants, and zinc-plated EIA-310-D compliant square hole mounting rails with rack unit labels. Read More
Classic Lighting Ballast

Classic Lighting BALM0175TCA — Ballast

Classic Lighting's ballast features a175W metal halide / mercury ballast, and core and coil tri-tap. ANSI# M57-H39 CW. Read More
ABB Automation Builder

ABB Automation Builder

ABB Automation Builder is an integrated software suite for machine builders and system integrators wanting to automate their machines and systems in a productive way. Combining the tools required for configuring, programming, debugging and maintaining automation projects from a common intuitive interface, Automation Builder addresses the largest single cost element of most of today's industrial automation projects: software. Read More
Contrast ECO

Contraste ECO2L2A

The ECO2LED series is a step forward in terms of performance with a lumen output increase of up to 45% and includes Contraste's latest heatsink designs for optimal performance. It features round adjustable trim and 80+ and 90+ CRI. Read More
Eaton Power Xpert

Eaton Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor

Eaton's Power Xpert branch circuit monitor (PXBCM) provides remote access to live energy readings, and facilitates data integration for data centre intensive industries, facilities working to optimize server capacity, and companies with a critical need to maintain uptime. By combining monitoring capabilities down to the plug level with overload alerts, which indicate when circuits are close to exceeding thresholds, the PXBCM helps minimize or prevent downtime. Read More
MP Lighting

MP Lighting Constant Voltage LED Driver

MP Lighting delivers a high-power constant voltage LED driver. Among the features: UL Class 2, limited output and current with isolation for safe operation, as well as multiple voltage from 120 to 277 volts. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • The Canadian Electrical Code — Did you know when the first edition was published?
    The CE Code, Part I, is the original, authentic Canadian-based safety standard developed to make electrical installations and maintenance safer. Did you know the first edition of the CE Code was published in 1927, and is the combined expertise of volunteer committee members, from industry, utilities, regulators, consumers and other relevant stakeholders?

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