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Message From The Editor

Another aspect of electricity we recognize by its absence

Shortly before the release of a new Canadian electrical code, it is interesting to remember, as our contributor Keith Sones notes, the importance of electricity in our lives. In fact, Keith calls electricity an essential need just like water, air and food. Beyond the debates on energy sources, the assessments of distribution networks, the impact of electric vehicle charging, there is this essential need, certainly new to the history of mankind, around which revolve the daily lives of people and workplaces. Canadian electrical workers are regularly dispatched to disaster zones near and far to re-establish reliable supplies of electricity. This expertise is based on standards that are part of our heritage. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

EFC Electro‐Federation Canada Collaborates with Mexican and U.S. Counterparts on NAFTA Recommendations
To safeguard future trade in North America, Electro‐Federation Canada (EFC), the U.S. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and Mexico's Cámara Nacional de Manufacturas Eléctricas (CANAME) have submitted joint recommendations to their governments. The recommendations call for retaining, modernizing and improving the North American Free Trade Agreement to increase market access, reduce business costs and improve global competitiveness…
Jim Taggart IMARK Canada Appoints Jim Taggart as New President
A 30-year veteran of the Canadian electrical industry, Taggart has just completed a seven-year stint as president of Electro Federation Canada (EFC). Prior to his time with EFC, Jim held a variety of senior manager roles with such leading companies as…
ABB Montreal ABB Campus Montreal LEEDs with Silver
The Canadian Green Building Council has certified ABB's Campus Montreal with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver accreditation. This represents an exceptional standard for a building that houses a range of energy-intensive activities that include manufacturing…
  • Solar Power Production Project to Begin in Candiac, A First for Quebec
    A first in Quebec, the residential project involves equipping 148 new houses with cultivable roofs and solar panels. "In total, an area equivalent to two football fields will be consciously put to use rather than left neglected," says Mayor Normand Dyotte…

  • NECA Student Chapter at the University of Toronto Recognized for Outstanding Work
    In less than four years, the National Electrical Contractors Association's student chapter at the University of Toronto has moved to the top of the class. An ambitious group of students at the university recently helped the chapter win the NECA Student Chapter of the Year Award for 2017. "We are thrilled with this recognition," says Faculty Advisor Brenda McCabe…

  • Ontario Electrical League Windsor Essex Trade Show Update
    The Essex Chapter of the Ontario Electrical League and the Windsor Essex County Area Electrical Distributors is a testament to how successful the industry can be when it comes together for trade shows. The show was sponsored by Aztec, Electrozad Supply, Franklin Empire, Graybar, Nedco, Parrline Supply, Torbram Electrical Supply, Wesco Distribution…

  • Newfoundland Labrador Hydro Testing New Equipment at the North Salmon Dam
    On November 23 Newfoundland Labrador Hydro began testing new equipment at its North Salmon Dam. As a result of testing the company will be releasing water into the spillway causing higher than normal and unpredictable water levels during the testing period…

  • Electrical Contractor Fined for Unfair Practices
    In July 2014 Justin Smith, operating as D & S Electrical Contractors, provided a customer with an estimate of $10,982.71 to supply and install a generator at a customer's house. Despite accepting a $7,500 deposit, Smith neither delivered nor installed the generator…

  • Valard Completes Historic Churchill Falls Project
    Valard Construction LP has completed construction on the Churchill Falls-Muskrat Falls and Labrador-Island Transmission Link transmission lines for the Lower Churchill Project in Newfoundland and Labrador…

  • Canadian Solar Has Completed its Second Green Project Bond Placement in Japan
    The JPY7.4 billion ($66 million) dual-tenor green project bond was issued to finance Canadian Solar's 27.3 MWp Tottori Solar Power Plant in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The Tottori solar power plant achieved commercial operations in August 2017…

  • Loblaws Has Ordered 25 Tesla Electric Trucks, Plans Fully Electric Fleet by 2030
    Loblaw Companies Ltd. says it is among the first purchasers of Tesla's new electric truck. Canada's largest supermarket chain has pre-ordered 25 of the vehicles called the Tesla Semi. "It's part of our commitment to electrify our fleet," says spokeswoman Catherine Thomas. Earlier this month, Loblaw committed to have a fully electric fleet…
Tools For The Trade

Understanding Priorities

What the Hurricane Season Taught Me About Electricity

By Keith Sones
Sones I'm going to make a very broad assumption. If you are reading this article, then you either work in a world that is heavily involved with electricity and electronics, or you use electricity on a regular basis. Okay, apart from those who are living completely off the grid (in which case you received a copy of these pages via carrier pigeon or pony express), I think this covers most people. Now I'd like to challenge your early education and tell you that one of the most basic things you were all taught is wrong. Actually, perhaps saying that it's wrong is misleading. More accurately, something that the vast majority of us were taught as children is now incomplete. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Kelly Kienleitner: Chief Instructor, EJTC/Motor Winder/Electrician/JATC Member/Mother

By Owen Hurst
Kelly K Kelly Kienleitner is a remarkable woman with an interesting story. She was raised in a Canadian military family. Both of her parents were in the Canadian Armed Forces and she followed in their footsteps and joined as well. After her service Kelly went through some tough times being a single mom on welfare, but rather than retreat from her hardships she pressed forward and chose to pursue her true passions and began her pursuits in the skilled trades. She notes, "I joined the skilled trades to have a career that I loved, make good money and it makes my soul happy." Read More

Lighting Control

Lighting Control Networking 101

By Steve Mesh
Lighting Control Networking 101 Networked lighting control systems are all the rage these days. Rightfully so, given their enormous capability to control luminaires, energy use — and potentially much more. But what are the major elements that define a networked lighting control system? Understanding this will help the specifier to decide which system to use on a project. Read More


Investment in New Housing Up 8.9% in September YOY

Economy Increases in new housing investment were reported in eight provinces, with the largest gains in Alberta (+$154.3 million), Ontario (+$126.5 million) and Quebec (+$102.4 million). At the national level, Ontario ($2.2 billion), accounted for 40.7% of total investment, followed by British Columbia (20.7%), Alberta and Quebec (both at 15.1%). Quebec and New Brunswick were the only provinces that posted a year-over-year investment increase for all building types. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

Britech Responds to Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Floor Heating

Britech Q. Why do I need a special thermostat for sprinkler lines, fire hose cabinet supply lines and standpipes?

A. Many jurisdictions require a pipe tracing temperature controller that monitors a range of pipe trace problems on systems, that may be subject to freezing, to alert the local fire department should there be problems such as loss of power or GFI trip. Some jurisdictions go farther and require alarms for loss of current, high temperature, low temperature as well as GFI trip and loss of power. The controller should be CSA certified and wired directly to the annunciator panel.

For more Q & A and to ask your question, Read More

Survey Says


Average Salaries for Power Distribution Workers

Power distribution workers on the East Coast have a lower annual income compared to the rest of Canada. Alberta leads at $90,757.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Flir Diagnostics

FLIR Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics

FLIR infrared cameras make it easy to perform non-destructive inspections that isolate cold and warm air infiltration/exfiltration so necessary repairs and improvements can be made to tighten energy efficiency. Read More

Magic Lite Tri-Proof Light

These waterproof, pressure-proof and dust-proof lights are an attractive, energy efficient and durable lighting solution to replace traditional linear fluorescent luminaires. Tri-Proof lights are extremely rugged, resistant to heavy impact, dust and water, making them ideal for environments such as factories, warehouses, parking garages and carwashes but stylish enough for commercial and residential applications such as stairwells, hallways, schools, supermarkets, apartment or condo complexes and residential garages. Read More
Siemens Simotics

Siemens Simotics S-1FK7 Servomotors

Simotics S-1FK7 motors are permanent magnet excited synchronous motors available in these versions: compact, high dynamic and high inertia. The motors are characterized by superior overload capability, ruggedness and compactness. Read More
Philips White Kit

Philips Hue White Starter Kit

The Philips Hue White starter kit and experience give your customers peace of mind by enabling them to control their lights wherever they are. It's all about simplifying our lives and giving us peace of mind in smart and useful ways. Read More
Power Standards

Power Standards Lab Adds to PQube 3 Power Analyzer Line

Power Standards Lab Inc. has made available two new PQube 3 models: PQube 3e and PQube 3v. They complement the company's flagship PQube 3 — the industry standard with thousands of units deployed in the field at semiconductor tools, data centres (UPS, PDU), energy (switchgears, transformers, VFD, PV inverters), and medical (MRI, scanners, generators) applications. Read More
Hubbel Nutriled

Hubbell NutriLED Horticultural Light

The NutriLED horticultural luminaire uses solid state LEDs tuned to precise wavelengths that provide just what plants need to enhance photosynthesis and optimize growth rate and yield. Designed to allow for multiple mounting configurations, the NutriLED can be installed linearly or in parallel to increase delivered micromoles. Additionally, its unique optical design delivers controlled, illumination featuring a 60° beam spread that yields a 1:0.6 spacing ratio. Read More

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