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Message From The Editor

Before it's too late: focus on prevention and stay current

The cold that plagued the country last week and the many incidents caused by defective electrical installations focus attention more than ever on the need for best practices and industry expertise. We continue our journey to the heart of the electrical code and recall the importance of continuing education. During New Year celebrations, lighting has opened new eyes on emblematic places; we present one. If you have products to share, a colleague whose career journey inspires you, a company being talked about, contact us. We will share your news and your commentary with our subscribers. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor
Tools For The Trade

Changing Scene

EV Charging Reducing "Range Anxiety" for Electric Vehicles by Speeding Up Charging Time
A University of Toronto professor is partnering with an energy storage company on a proposal to launch Level-3 fast-charging infrastructure for EVs…
EB Intec E.B. Horsman & Son to Acquire Intec Controls Inc.
E.B. Horsman & Son, Western Canada's largest independently owned full-line electrical distributor, and Intec Controls Inc. have agreed to a transaction in which E.B. Horsman & Son will acquire Intec Controls…

Codes & Standards

Did you know?

CSSA Logo Did you know that the 24th edition of the Canadian Electrical Code — released on January 2, 2018 — has over 260 updates and revisions? These changes come at a time when industrial and commercial construction is growing, governments and businesses are installing renewable energy systems, contractors are increasingly adopting green building techniques, and the workforce grapples with the effects of aging employees and labour mobility. Read More

Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 32

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 64 — Renewable Energy Systems. Rule 64-000 notes that this is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to the installation of stand-alone and interactive renewable energy systems, except where they operate as Class 2 circuits with the voltage and current limited as per Rule 16-200(1)(a) and (b). Read More


Illuminating the Canadian Museum of History

Lightemotion After two years of work, Lightemotion has added another noteworthy project to its list with the lighting design for Gatineau's Canadian Museum of History. The museum welcomes over 1.2 million visitors each year to its celebrated complex in the heart of the National Capital Region, making it the country's most-visited museum. With roots stretching back to 1856, it is one of Canada's oldest public institutions and a respected centre of museological excellence, sharing its expertise in history, archaeology, ethnology and cultural studies both within Canada and abroad. For Lightemotion's President, François Roupinian, designing the lighting for this type of museum is an exciting challenge: "The light should act as a magic wand, directing the viewer's attention to key areas." Read More

Peers & Profiles

David Johns: A Teaching Perspective

By Owen Hurst
David Johns David Johns is a unique and dedicated individual both at home and in the workplace. At home he is a dedicated husband and father, but when the work days starts David spends most of his time teaching a new wave of electricians. David is an electrical apprenticeship instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he provides industry training to students in all levels of their training. EIN had an opportunity to ask David several questions about his career as an industry professional and veteran instructor. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Engineering Hourly Rates by Job

See how the rates for electricians working in electrical engineering compare to technicians, engineers and others.

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New Products and Solutions

Douglas Dialog Room Controller

Douglas Lighting Controls Dialog Room Controls

Take control easily with the dialog room controller, a plug 'n control lighting control solution for classrooms and offices. Plug n' control up to six different loads (lighting, receptacle, emergency lighting), with up to four dimming channels independent of lighting loads. The controller is easy to connect with low cost, polarity neutral 18/2 wire. System kits include a dialog room controller, occupancy and daylight sensors, and wall stations. Read More
Site Sync

SiteSync Lighting Control

SiteSync's lighting control delivers flexible control strategies for reducing power consumption and minimizing maintenance costs while delivering the right light levels with a simple and affordable wireless solution. Features include a semi-autonomous design that allows for independent operation with on-demand access to mesh network, an on-board real time clock, local flash memory for data retention, back-up solid state battery for date and time retention, built-in 2.4 GHz radio (16 channels), distributed Intelligence (removes need for web access, central controller or gateway), and much more. Read More
Stanpro Panel Lights

Stanpro Recessed L3PNL LED Panel Lights

L3PNL is a series of energy-saving, super bright and environmentally friendly panel lights. The wide-angle beam helps provide a uniform light output that is comfortable to the eye, which makes the series an ideal replacement for fluorescent fixtures in offices, schools and a variety of other commercial or industrial applications. Colour temperature: 3000K - 5000K. The driver is integral electronic, and dimmable with standard dimmers. Read More
Philips Somneo Light

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases before your wake time from soft morning red through orange, until your room is filled with bright yellow light. The process of changing and increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally, as light gently prepares your body for waking up while you are still asleep. Philips wake-up lights are clinically proven to improve general wellbeing after waking up. Several independent studies have shown that the wake-up light improves the quality of waking up, improves mood, and makes users feel more refreshed in the morning. Read More

Fluke 3000 FC Series Wireless Multimeter

With its precision, reliability and ease of use, the Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Multimeter is the ideal solution for professional technicians. The Fluke 3000 FC gives you true-RMS voltage and current measurements, 6000-count resolution, manual and automatic ranging and provide frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity and diode measurements. In addition, the Fluke 3000 FC provides higher 0.09% basic accuracy, a digital display showing up to three secondary measurements from remote modules, and a bright white backlight. Read More
3M Insulating Varnished Cambric tape

3M Scotch Electrical Insulating Varnished Cambric tape

3M Electrical insulating tape has a high puncture, abrasion and cut-through resistance that delivers continuous performance and electrical stability up to 105°C. The tape is made from straight-cut woven cotton cambric fabric. The fabric is oil primed and coated with a high-grade yellow electrical insulating varnish. Varnished cambric tapes are flexible, electrically insulating and moisture resistant with a smooth finish. Suggested applications include areas where mechanical protection and puncture resistance is critical, and insulating joints requiring rapid and clean re-entry such as motor lead and service drop connections, heavy split-bolts in raceways and bus bar insulating. Read More

Current Copper Prices

Monitor daily and 6-month $US prices for copper — the preferred electrical conductor for most categories of electrical wiring.

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The Electrical Stock Market

Track the stock market performance of 25 publicly traded electrical equipment suppliers and electrical wholesalers. Updated weekly.

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