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Always plugged in everywhere

You've heard about FOMO, the fear of missing out. Its corollary, of course, is to be always plugged in so that you don't miss anything. Telecommunications and other information technologies are now taken for granted. Can you imagine going on vacation and not accessing and managing your bank data remotely? These technologies are now available even on the high seas. Read about it in this issue. As interest rates rise, so too the price of new building construction. New challenges in the Canadian economy. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

EFC English EFC to Establish an LVDC Steering Committee/Product Section
Comprising Electro-Federation Canada manufacturers, distributors and reps, this group will focus on key roadblocks facing low-voltage DC technology, including technical and interoperability concerns, codes and standards, marketing promotion, and education…
Schneider Green Schneider Electric Launches Go Green in the City 2018
Schneider Electric Canada has just launched its global contest to find bold ideas and innovative solutions for smarter, more energy-efficient cities…
Alectra Alectra's Adam Dixon Leads Canadian Sledge Hockey Team at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games
Adam Dixon, a Meter Technician at Alectra Utilities, is headed to Pyeongchang, South Korea as a member of the Canadian sledge hockey team at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games…

Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 33

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 66 — Amusement Parks, Midways, Carnivals, Film and TV Sets, TV Remote Broadcasting Locations and Travelling Shows. Rule 66-000 notes that this is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to the temporary installation of electrical equipment, for amusement parks, midways, carnivals, fairs, film, television, and radio productions, remote broadcasting and recording locations, live performance and entertainment events, touring shows and productions, concerts, sporting events, trade shows, and similar events. The CEC Handbook provides additional helpful explanations and diagrams. Read More

Rittal: Cruise Ships

Always Online, Even On the High Seas…

By Joscha Duhme and Patricia Späth
Rittal IT requirements on board cruise ships are increasing. So that Canadians can now cruise with extra peace of mind on the 4,000-passenger Norwegian Joy, the Meyer Werft shipyard uses Rittal data centres to ensure fast, standardized and fail-safe operations. IT is now a key factor for these floating small towns. Passengers all have access to digital entertainment, use cashless payment systems, and play in the vast casinos on board. The crew also uses satellite navigation on the bridge, central payment Read More


Phoenix Contact: Easy, Flexible Marking for Decentralized Manufacturing

Phoenix Clear and consistent marking is becoming increasingly important across all industries, and more and more businesses are opting to implement this. Because manufacturing is becoming increasing decentralized, marking systems must be able to move with it. Phoenix Contact's new portable, hand-held marking devices optimize labelling on site. Marking all terminal blocks, leads, devices, and systems is especially useful in ensuring quick and efficient installation of control cabinets, machines, and other equipment. Professional labelling is also important in terms of maintenance and repairs in that it helps to significantly reduce machine and system downtimes when faults occur. Read More


Q4 Prices for Non-residential Building Construction Rose 0.8%

Economy NRBCPI Contractors' prices for new non-residential building construction rose 0.8% in the fourth quarter. Higher prices to build industrial (+0.9%), commercial (+0.7%) and institutional (+0.9%) structures all contributed to the gain. Prices for new non-residential building construction were up in all seven census metropolitan areas surveyed, led by Vancouver (+1.6%) and Montréal (+1.2%). Contractors reported rising costs for lumber, concrete formwork, plastic, copper and fuel-related inputs. Rebuilding activities in the United States after an active 2017 hurricane season contributed to higher prices for these materials. Read More

Q&A Brought to You by Britech

Britech Responds to Frequently Asked Questions

Britech Q. How do Canadian standards and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) differ?

A. The CEC is the manual on how electrical products should be installed, what methods to use, and what materials may be required for specific applications and installations. Canadian standards are a product of manufacturers, electrical safety associations, industry specialists and some large end users that determine what tests products have to pass, how the packaging or product is marked, and what type of products can or can't be used in Canada. Read More

Survey Says


Average Hourly Rate for Electrical Contractors

Master electricians and electrical foremen lead, making more than double the rate of apprentice electricians.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Busch Smart Touch


The Busch-SmartTouch provides a central control point for the ABB i-bus KNX, which can also be used as an indoor video station for the ABB-Welcome door communication system. The Busch-SmartTouch is a good option for new builds as well as renovation projects and is suitable both for family homes and for hotels or conference rooms in representative purpose-built buildings. Read More

Audacy Gateway

Audacy Wireless Lighting Control's Gateway coordinates fixtures and sensor components, in the manner that they were grouped together, and provides 24/7 communication with the Audacy Interface. Each Gateway is the "enforcer" for all of your program inputs. Read More
Eaton Xpert

Eaton Power Xpert Multi-Point Meters

With the Eaton Power Xpert Multi-Point meter, facility managers can track and accurately allocate energy usage among tenants or departments. Power Xpert Multi-Point meters monitor, quantify and help benchmark energy usage in office buildings, shopping malls, industrial sites, universities and campuses, apartment and condominium complexes. Among the features: power and energy monitoring for up to 60 current sensors, scalable from 6 to 60 circuits, quick connect terminals for current sensors, Modbus communication, and bus voltages, 256 MB of standard memory for up to two years of 15-minute interval data, and more. Read More

Eiko LED-DK6-12W840-DIM

Eiko's 6-inch 12W dimmable recessed downlight is a great option for residential and commercial applications. The LED downlight kit retrofits into existing incandescent recessed downlights, and features integrated LEDs that reduce energy consumption up to 80%, integrated white trim with medium base (E26) and GU24 socket adapters for direct replacement, a choice of warm white or cool white colour temperatures, and more. The kit fits many popular 5" & 6" recessed downlight fixtures. Read More

Schneider Electric SmartStruxure Solution

At the core of a EcoStruxure building is a SmartStruxure server device, such as AS-B. AS-Bs perform functionality, such as control logic, trend logging, and alarm supervision, provide built-in I/O, and support communication and connectivity to the field buses. The distributed intelligence of the EcoStruxure building ensures fault tolerance in the system and provides a fully featured user interface through WorkStation and Webstation. Read More
Magic Tokilux

Magic Lite TokiLux

TokiLux is a compact high-performance LED luminaire for use within tight architectural details and in a variety of casework and shelf conditions. Applications include lighting for aisles, cabinets, coves, museums, retail stores, showcases, and more. Read More
Philips Textile

Philips Luminous Textile

Luminous Textile is a revolutionary way to enhance interiors with light, texture and dynamic content — a combination of multi-coloured LEDs within textile panels that give you the ultimate creative freedom. Choose the size and number of panels as well as how you arrange them. Then there's a selection of white and coloured Kvadrat textiles with different weaves to choose from. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Are You Ready for Change to Federal and Provincial Labour Laws?
    The start of 2018 brought with it a number of changes to Ontario's labour laws. As well as the increase to the minimum wage (now $14 per hour), there are a slew of other changes that will impact employers and employees. Those who have worked with their employer for more than three years will see their annual vacation entitlement rise to three weeks from two. Casual, part-time, temporary and seasonal workers must receive equal pay for equal work. Other changes include…

  • Seismic Shift: Historic Changes to Ontario Health and Safety Law, Part 2
    On December 14, 2017, Bill 177 and the most dramatic and far-reaching changes made to the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act in nearly 30 years took effect. The Ontario government has, amongst other things, tripled corporate fines, quadrupled individual fines, and added new reporting requirements. Part 1 began our coverage of these changes, including the potential impact they could have on Ontario businesses, their management and leaders, and even workers, going forward. Part 2 concludes our analysis of the potential impact.

  • Critical Security Challenges Facing IIoT
    The Industrial Internet of Things, also known as the Industrial Internet, is transforming the way innovative businesses collect and share data. IIoT combines machine-to-machine communication, industrial big data analytics, human machine interface and data acquisition to drive smarter, faster business decisions and powerful outcomes for enterprises of any size. From the looks of it, this digital transformation is here to stay. According a recent report by IDC, worldwide spending on IIoT is forecast to reach US$1.29 trillion in 2020.

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