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Message From The Editor

Training at the heart of your business strategy

In this publication we often talk about training. We remember the importance of training when a new electrical code or new safety regulations come into effect, but training also affects how we do business. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Are you sure you can learn everything by yourself or that you really don't have time for specialized training? This could affect the future of your business. More on this and other topics in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Tech Safe Technical Safety BC: 4 Tech Talks on CE Code Violations
These 2-hour talks will provide an overview of the most common non-compliances written by safety officers, and examples of compliant and non-compliant installations. Locations include…
Paralympics Electric Meter Technician Earns Silver Medal in 2018 Paralympic Winter Games
Adam Dixon, a meter technician at Alectra Utilities, returns home from PyeongChang, South Korea with him a silver medal from the Canadian sledge hockey team's participation in the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games…
Electrical Apprentice BC Celebrates Construction and Skilled Trades Month in April
"It's a great time to be in trades," says Gary Herman, CEO, Industry Training Authority. "With a large number of trades people retiring over the next 10 years, there is tremendous growth potential for trades apprentices."

Enter Philips Real Pro contest, exclusive to Canadian Contractors!
Philips Are you a Canadian Real Pro?Whether it's outfitting a small mom and pop shop to retrofitting a commercial retail space, we know that jobs of all sizes require real talent and quality product. Enter our Philips contest and tell us what makes you a Real Pro!

With more than 20 Prize Packs (valued at $400 each), three Real Pro Prize Pack winners will be selected every month from May 1st to December 1st, 2018. Read More

CE Code — Did You Know?

Marking for Maximum Continuous Load

CSA Logo 2015 Code — no labelling requirement. 2018 Code — maximum continuous load required to be field marked on equipment. The maximum continuous load determined for a given installation may be substantially less than the equipment rating. However, there is no requirement to communicate this information to maintenance personnel, installers, or inspectors, for purposes of future maintenance or modification of the electrical system. As a result, new Subrule 2-100(4) requires that a caution label be applied to the equipment to indicate the maximum permitted continuous load. Read More


How to Create More Consistent Service

By Jeff Mowatt
Jeff Mowatt Ignore this tip if you manage a multibillion dollar brand like Apple, Coke, or McDonalds. Those companies are so established that customers have an emotional attachment to the brand name itself. If on the other hand you manage a smaller organization, then chances are your customers have little attachment to your company name. Instead, they associate your brand with individual employees with whom they interact. But if your customer interacts with just one employee who is having a bad day, or who isn't fully trained on how to interact with stressed or rushed customers, then your entire brand takes the hit. Read More


How to Keep Up to Date with the CE Code

By Owen Hurst
CSA Logo The electrical industry is growing at a staggering rate, which creates a challenge for tradesmen who must keep up with rapidly changing codes and new regulations for niche markets or new avenues for existing electrical markets. Training can provide a direct and relevant source on code regulations in a variety of particular areas. CSA offers a wide variety of courses that, depending on the course, are available in different formats: online, classroom or on-site. The courses have been developed by a team of industry professionals, many of whom had direct input into the development of the Canadian Electrical Code and relevant standards. Read More


January New Housing Construction Spending Up 9.4% YOY

Economy New housing construction investment totalled $4.4 billion in January, up 9.4% compared with January 2017. Investment was up for all dwelling types. Spending rose in eight provinces, led by Quebec (+$139.1 million), British Columbia (+$128.3 million) and Alberta (+$82.6 million). The increase in Quebec was driven by investment in apartment building construction. In British Columbia, year-over-year gains were posted for all dwelling types, with single homes (+$52.3 million) and apartments (+$52.1 million) accounting for the majority of the increase. Apartment buildings were the largest contributor to the year-over-year growth in residential construction investment, up $232.5 million (+16.9%) Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

What are some uncommon applications for heating cables?

Britech We see many weird and wonderful uses for heating cables. We recently toured a liquid collection system at a municipal garbage dump that was freezing around the perimeter. The solution was to install heating cables in a one meter high serpentine around the pond to keep the ice from tearing the pond liner, thus avoiding an environmental disaster should the pond liner rupture. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Automation & Control Sales Market by Region

Ontario and Quebec rank evenly in the sales of automation and control equipment with 29% each, creating a hub of automation within the two provinces. Western Canada follows with a combined market share of 27%.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Hamm Rack

Hammond 19" Rack Mount and Stand-Alone Power Distribution Strips

Hammond Electronics has extended its power distribution offering with 12 more variants of rack mounting and stand-alone 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 10A power strips, designed for use with IEC power cords. For enhanced safety, two 10A resettable circuit breakers prevent overloading, and both types are available with either a double pole single throw green illuminated on/off switch or as a basic unswitched version with a green power-on indicator light. All are fitted with an IEC320 C14 inlet plug and multiple IEC320 C13 outlet sockets, making them suitable for use anywhere. Read More
April Vapor

Standard LED Vapor Tight LSV Series

Luminaires in Standard's Vapor Tight LED series are completely sealed with a uniform gasket and reinforced snap clips, protecting them against dust and jets of water projected from any direction. Offered in different watt options, the LSV series luminaires include cable gland kit and stainless steel mounting hardware that can accommodate flush (wall or ceiling) mounting applications. They are available in 120-277 V and 347 V, and have an average life of 50,000 hours and colour temperature of 4,000 K. Read More

ABB Combines its ABB Ability Smart Home and Building Solutions in My-Buildings Portal

ABB has launched its MyBuildings portal, a secure online platform powered by its cloud-based, industry-leading portfolio of digital solutions, ABB Ability, which allows end users to manage and control a wide range of automated home and building services. The portal (formerly known as myabb-livingspace) now provides access to ABB i-bus KNX, ABB-freehome, ABB-tacteo KNX sensor and ABB-Welcome in one secure location. Read More
Philips Clear Guide

Philips ClearGuide Technology

ClearGuide Technology is vertically mounted, and distributes light through a light guide with precision rings. This allows light to be optimally distributed for maximum spacing and target lumens without directly exposing viewers to the LED. Two luminaire families offer a variety of style options in both post tops and bollards. Scalable lumen packages, multiple colour temperatures and programmable dimming features make these families flexible and adaptable. Read More

Southwire Solutions Energize Renewable Networks

Wind and solar systems demand a variety of highly engineers and reliable cables. Southwire's solutions range from control cables to collection systems to substation wiring to transmission lines to serve all your needs. Read More
Leaf Nut

Venture LeafNut System

Venture's LeafNut intelligent wireless control system for area or street lighting features "nodes" housed in each light fixture, communicating via radio, satellite and cellular systems to deliver control and status messages to your secure web page accessed from any computer on the web. You can control, adjust, monitor and receive maintenance messages from each light fixture. With an upgrade kit of energy efficient pulse start ballasts and Uni-Form lamps, plus the power of the LeafNut system, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption expenses while providing bright, white site lighting. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • The Rise of the Electric Vehicle
    From 2016 to 2017 EV sales in Canada increased by 56%, driven primarily by Ontario, where sales rose 96%. In 2015 CSA updated the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Part 1 to specifically include regulations for EVs designed to ensure safe operation. To ensure safe practices and standardization, CSA Group also worked with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the U.S. and the Association of Standardization and Certification (ANCE) in Mexico to ensure that North America took a harmonized approach to the rapidly rising trend in EV adoption. More recently, CSA Group has launched a project with the U.S. to develop standard DC charging in both countries.

  • Getting the Facts Right
    My mother was a school librarian for about 35 years, and her love of books, knowledge and research was very much on display. She was also pretty passionate about ensuring that her kids were exposed to those same ideals. We were free to watch as much TV as we wanted, as long as it wasn't more than an hour per day. Kind of like Henry Ford's early offering: you can buy any colour of Model T you want, as long as it's black. Since we only had black and white CBC, that wasn't a huge draw (no offense to our federal broadcaster), so we turned to the wide variety of books in the house for entertainment. The next logical step was to enter into the world of debate.

  • Jon Kennedy Discusses New Electric's Panel Shop
    New Electric opened its doors in 1970, servicing electrical wiring in homes, shops, and factories. With a reputation for excellence, quality and quick response times, the Burlington-based company became a major contractor throughout southern Ontario. New Electric soon began to specialize in the industrial sector, working with automation shops on projects that increasingly involved building custom control panels. New Electric recognized the potential of this opportunity and added an entire panel shop. Jon Kennedy, who has worked at New Electric since 1996, started as an apprentice in 1996 and was a founding member of the panel shop.

  • Global EV Battery Pack Revenue to Expand at a CAGR of 15.8% from 2017 to 2026
    Cumulative global revenue for the global electric vehicle battery pack market in the years 2017-2021 is expected to reach US$417.6 billion, according to a report published by MarketResearch.biz. Global revenue for the subsequent five years, 2022-2026, is expected to reach a substantially higher cumulative global revenue total of US$870 billion. Electric vehicle battery packs power the motors and other electrical components in electric vehicles over sustained periods of time. Although they are made in a wide range, they incorporate the same mechanism required to perform basic functions.

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