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Message From The Editor

It's better to ask questions before

The more technologies develop, the more electrical contractors are called on to work on different types of construction sites. Lighting technology is an area under rapid development, and entrepreneurs need to know the products that will be installed. Have the products been tested by compliant laboratory equipment, and what's the source of the promised performance specifications? Are they theoretical or real? With these and other questions, it's better to ask your suppliers before your customers ask you. A little reminder in this issue and more on the CE Code. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Horsman E.B. Horsman & Son Sponsors BCIT Student Innovation Challenge and Students
The BCIT Student Innovation Challenge is an annual competition allowing British Columbia Institute of Technology students to launch entrepreneurial ideas, inventions, or applied research projects. E.B. Horsman and Son is the "Visionary" sponsor...
Four Electrical Members Four Electrical Industry Members Receive Alberta Apprenticeship Awards
An electrical instructor and four electrical apprentices were among more than 70 recipients of a 2018 Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Award…
Manitoba Manitoba MLA Introduces Prompt Payment Legislation
MLA Reg Helwer, Brandon West, has introduced Bill 218, The Prompt Payments in the Construction Industry Act, with the support of Manitoba Prompt Payment, a coalition of 29 construction unions and associations across the province…

Relamping? We have a solution for you
Philips Whether it's a 4-foot fixture, or a high bay metal halide, Philips Lighting has a solution to suit your needs.

Philips T8 Energy Advantage fluorescent lamps offer instant energy savings from conventional 32W T8's, and extra low mercury for customers looking for a cost-effective environmentally responsible solution. Read More

Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 36

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 72 — Mobile home and recreational vehicle parks. This is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to the services and distribution facilities for mobile home and recreational vehicle parks. Read More

LED Technology

10 Key Questions to Ask Lighting Suppliers

By Graham White
LEDTech Eaton Commercial and industrial buildings stand to benefit significantly from a close evaluation of their lighting needs and a detail-oriented investigation of the available options. Ensuring lighting schemes optimize productivity, comfort, safety and energy efficiency requires close scrutiny of product specifications and consideration of the specific application needs of varying environments. For example, when selecting a luminaire, specifiers and buyers must examine factors such as light output and distribution, colour rendering, resilience, suitability for cleaning, ability to cope with temperature variations, controls and protection against explosion. Read More

Don't sweat it! Keep enclosures cool and save big on energy & costs!
Rittal This summer, there's a perfect way to decrease enclosure energy costs while enhancing efficiency! Grab the special promo prices on Rittal's CSA-approved air conditioners and fans, and save up to 75% in enclosure cooling costs and energy, with Rittal's industry-leading technology and innovation! Reduce down-time due to critical equipment over-heating and enhance your ROI!

Don't miss Rittal and Kerrwil's Webinar on Why Modular Enclosures Rock, on May 17. Register today! Read More

Company Profile

KRÜ Smart Homes: Living Made Smart

Smart Homes Smart homes are the talk of the day and are becoming more desirous, particularly as the cost of smart technology has come down. A recent IDC report identified the global growth of the smart home market and forecasted growth for the next five years. In 2017, 433 million smart home devices were shipped worldwide, an increase of 27.6% over 2016. IDC forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 18.5% through to 2022. The smart home market is clearly growing, and a number of Canadian companies have arisen to meet this growing demand. KRÜ Smart Homes is one of these unique companies. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

What precautions should be taken when sizing heating cables on non-metallic piping?

Britech Pipe tracing on non-metallic pipes such as PVC, PEX or CPVC that are used for water supply, waste and storms piping should be sized according to the diameter of the pipe, the lowest ambient temperature it will operate at and the amount of insulation installed to keep it from freezing. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Contractor Median Bonus by Job

On average electrical project managers receive the biggest job bonus. Electrical foremen receive the smallest, below that of electricians.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

  • Electrical Contractors' Most Popular Benefits
    Electrical contractors often receive one or more benefits from their employers. Company cell phones are ranked the most popular perk by 27% of survey respondants, with a relatively even split among 6 other perks offered by employers.

  • Electrical Market Customer Distribution
    Electrical and other contractors dominate the electrical market in terms of purchasing electrical products from full-line electrical distributors. Industrial, OEM, MRO, and Automation follow with a combined market share of 24%.

  • Automation & Control Sales Market by Region
    Ontario and Quebec rank evenly in the sales of automation and control equipment with 29% each, creating a hub of automation within the two provinces. Western Canada follows with a combined market share of 27%.

  • Lighting Distribution Sales by Region
    Ontario Leads the country in sales of lighting and lighting equipment with 37% of the market. Quebec follows closely with 31% of the market.

  • Lighting Market Mix
    The lighting market in Canada is dominated by the residential and commercial sectors, which together account for 88% of the overall market. Industrial follows with just 9% of market share.

  • Electrical Contractor Median Hourly Rate by Years of Experience
    Electrical contractors' salaries follow a steady trend, increasing with years of experience and plateauing at an average $34.82/hr.

New Products and Solutions

Moxa Con

Moxa 60 W PoE Switches Power Heavy-duty IP Cameras in Harsh Environments

Moxa's EDS-P506E-4PoE series of PoE switches provides up to 60 W per PoE port for converged data and power transmission. The power output was designed for IP cameras that use power-demanding functions such as PTZ, illumination, heaters, and fans in harsh environments. The EDS-P506E-4PoE switches feature device-level cybersecurity, remote control, and the capability to monitor powered devices to meet the operational requirements for industrial applications such as highways, wayside, and public utilities. Read More
Harting Han

Harting Moves Surge Protection into Industrial Connector Series

Harting's new Han-Modular surge protection modules make it possible to move surge protection into its most widely used industrial connector series, a space-saving idea that simplifies wiring arrangements. Proper surge protection for instrumental and control (I&C) signals usually requires separate, external solutions that add to material and labour costs. The new surge protection modules for the user-configurable Han-Modular line-up reduce the number of operating faults, increase the service life of the production line, and ultimately increase production uptime for better plant operating performance. Read More
Con Ardito

Contraste New Ardito Housing

A 2.5 in new construction housing is now available in the Ardito line. Compatible with all Ardito 2.5 in round (NWA2R) or square (NWA2S) trims, with or without flange. This housing can dim the lights on 120V input (ELV) and 120/277V input (0-10V). Read More

Phoenix Contact Membrane Keypads for Operator Interfaces

Phoenix Contact is extending its range of industrial display and operator interfaces with new membrane keypads. The ergonomic keypads for electronics housings of the HCS and DCS series enable application-oriented data entry via mobile handheld devices or stationary displays. Different colours and keypad layouts with up to 45 keys enable customized data entry options. In combination with the various housing formats, the membrane keypads enable individual device designs, thus increasing recognizability in the field. Read More

Artcraft Waterfall 1 Light Chrome Flush Mount

The Waterfall collection comprises clear linear twisted glassware suspended on a chrome frame, and is illuminated by bright LEDs. The LEDs are dimmable, CRI 80, 3000K and energy efficient. Flushmount shown. Matching vanity units are available. Read More

Posital's New Through Hollow Incremental Encoders

Posital has extended is portfolio of rotary encoders with a new family of through-hollow incremental encoders. Designed to be installed with the machine shaft passing through the sensor, these devices can be used to monitor rotary motion in a wide variety of machinery, including servomotors, material handling equipment and printing presses, offering cost-effective, space-saving solutions. Posital's through hollow encoders are available for shaft diameters ranging from 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) to 1-3/4 inch (44.5 mm). All through hollow encoders have rugged aluminum housings and environmental protection rated at IP65, ensuring longevity and high levels of operational safety. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Safety and Risk in Electrical Low-Voltage Installations, Part 1
    Taking adequate measures when planning and making equipment (e.g., low‐voltage switchgear assemblies) ensures that any risk that remains after the application of protective measures is as low as possible. The highest acceptable risk, often called "limiting risk," must be achieved with every switchgear assembly; in this respect, all measures that contribute to achieving this limiting risk constitute minimal risk reduction measures. Here in Part 1 of 3: the relationship between risk and safety, seven reasons for implementing safety precautions, consequential damage, and its costs.

  • Are the Robots Taking Over?
    Much media coverage during the last year has focussed on the emergence of robots, artificial intelligence technologies (AI), and the threat this poses to a significant number of Canadian jobs. So does this mean we need to hit the panic button? No, not yet. But should you as an individual be paying careful attention to the role of technology in your job or organization? Absolutely.

  • New Home Prices Dropped 0.2% in February
    Lower prices for new homes in Toronto were the main reason for a national price decline in February. Following two consecutive months of no change, new home prices were down 0.2% nationally. This was the first decrease at the national level since July 2010. Recent mortgage rate increases along with tighter mortgage regulations are likely contributors to the decline.

  • We are installing a pipe trace system on plastic piping in an underground parking garage. What concerns should I be aware of?
    First of all you need to be aware of Section 62-308 of the Canadian Electrical Code. Heating cables on non-metallic pipes require a thermostat on each pipe…

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