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Achieving success when it's not necessarily the main objective

"We wanted to reduce energy and maintenance costs, and knew we had to look at a lighting upgrade to achieve this," the customer says about an upgrade of his lighting system. This modernization resulted in stronger business performance. Company size is not important, upgrades can cover their costs. Don't miss our contributor Keith Sones, who reminds us that the recipe for success is obvious: ensure that everyone works toward a common goal. In his practice he makes the connection between our professional work and the experiences of our personal lives. Success is a goal that you want to achieve in both your professional and personal lives. Read on for more insights. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Convectair Convectair Hosts "Watchful Home" Community Meeting
More than 30 participants from diverse backgrounds — industrial, academic, governmental and related — participated in this first conversation about housing with the aim of improving comfort, quality of life and well-being...
Alectra Alectra Invests in Georgian College
A $750,000 investment over five years from Alectra Inc. will provide students at Georgian College's Barrie, Ontario campus with a state-of-the-art facility for changemaking research, innovation and commercialization opportunities...
Empowering Empowering Futures: Student Work-Integrated Learning Program Is Now Accepting Applications
Led by Electricity Human Resources Canada, Empowering Futures will create up to 1,000 new work-integrated learning opportunities in electricity over three years. Wage subsidies up to $7,000 will be available to employers…
Tools For The Trade


Business Lessons from Volunteering

By Keith Sones
Sones Sports have always formed a big part of my family's daily life. Whether it was coaching a group of five year olds tearing around a soccer field or pushing my burning legs up a hill for the tenth time, an increased heart rate and pouring sweat have always been important to my wife, my kids and me. We lived in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia for more than 10 years, an area with dense pine forests, rugged mountains, hot summers, and deep snow in the winters. With outdoor recreation being a primary attraction in the area, we quickly adopted the lifestyle and added cross-country skiing to our repertoire of activities. As is normal for us, we dove into it head first and before long my wife Rosanne and I were grooming trails and coaching the kids program every weekend. Read More

Power Quality

Advancing Power Quality: Fluke's Hilton Hammond and Frank Healy

By Owen Hurst
Fluke Hammon Healy As our population grows and consumers continue to rely on technology for both essentials and comfort, the need for power quality has become vital. Fluke is a leader in this field, offering power quality training seminars, as well as employing power quality specialists with years of industry experience. This month's personal profile is a double feature of two of Fluke's senior power quality specialists, Hilton Hammond and Frank Healy. Hilton has been with Fluke since 1995, and in 2013 moved into his current position as Power Quality Business Unit Manager. He has a deep and thorough knowledge of power quality and related electrical instrumentation. Frank Healy, Power Quality Product Marketing Manager at Fluke since 2006, has been in the industry for well over three decades. Read More

Case Study

Lighting Upgrade Drives Business and Cuts Costs at Executive Suites

Gavin Located in the Montreal borough of Ville Saint-Laurent, the Gavin Centre offers state-of-the-art virtual offices and executive suites to a broad range of clients. The building, constructed in the 1960s and renovated in 2004, houses 15 fully furnished suites, a modern boardroom and a full-time receptionist. There is also an adjoining Tim Hortons in the same building. When the Gavin Centre management reviewed energy and maintenance costs for the building, they determined that they could save significantly on both counts by replacing older lighting with newer LED alternatives. Gavin Centre Director Daniel Mammone recognized the potential for a double win with a lighting upgrade. Read More


Building Permits Rise 3.1% in March

Economy Following a 2.8% decline in February, the value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities increased 3.1% to $8.4 billion in March. The rise resulted mainly from higher construction intentions for multi-family dwellings, particularly in Quebec and British Columbia, and to a lesser extent by the commercial component. Municipalities issued $5.4 billion worth of residential building permits in March, up 2.3% from February. A notable increase in the multi-family component more than offset lower construction intentions for single-family dwellings. Although eight provinces reported declines in the residential sector in March, higher construction intentions in Quebec (+$373.8 million) and British Columbia (+$179.5 million) raised the national total. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

I just received a heating cable on a spool and tested it. It didn't megger well and seems faulty. What should I do?

Britech Heating cables are factory tested and quality manufacturers do not normally ship unsatisfactory product. When the cable is spooled at the factory or the electrical distributor's warehouse, the cable is cut to length but it is not capped with an end seal in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer for an installation. It may only have a temporary cap to keep moisture out. When the megger test is done, normally at 1000 or 2500 volts, the current can short at the end of the cable on the spool and display a fault reading over 20 megohm. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Full Line Electrical Distribution Sales By Region

Sales of electrical supplies from full-line electrical distributors capture the geographic breakdown of electrical operations across the country, with Ontario dominating the field, followed by Quebec.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Arlington Enclosures

Arlington Heavy Duty, Non-Metallic Enclosure Boxes

Arlington's non-metallic enclosure boxes now meet NEMA 3R requirements for outdoor use. They're the perfect solution for protecting and securing power backups, security devices and other valuable equipment indoors or outdoors. The boxes are made of heavy-duty, UV rated non-metallic material, and available in three sizes, with or without back plate: 7" x 8" x 3.5", 11" x 11" x 3.5" , and 12" x 12" x 4" (EB1212, EB1212BP,EB1212BL). Coming soon: 12" x 12" x 6". The back plate allows an installer to mount components to the plate even after the enclosure box is mounted. Changing batteries or doing maintenance is easy just by removing the plate. Read More

Thomas & Betts Nexus Monitoring System

Nexus is an emergency lighting management system that allows users to see the real-time status of their entire emergency lighting and exit sign system, run system diagnostics, perform required monthly and annual functional tests, generate maintenance logs, run compliance reports, and perform other system-critical functions quickly and easily all from a central control unit. Compared to manual management, automated monitoring is more efficient and less costly and provides higher quality data that are not subject to human error. Read More
Eaton Arc Quencher

Eaton Arc Quenching Switchgear: A New Standard for Safety and Equipment Protection

Eaton's Arc Quenching Magnum DS switchgear is designed to advance safety and reduce downtime in oil and gas, utility, healthcare, water, wastewater and other industrial applications. By extinguishing an arc flash in less than 4 milliseconds, Eaton's new Arc Quenching Magnum DS switchgear dramatically reduces the incident energy available while minimizing equipment damage and improving safety. As a result, the switchgear can be quickly returned to service after an arc flash event to minimize downtime and repair costs. Arc Quenching Switchgear also employs current-limiting technology when it quenches an arc fault to protect upstream equipment. Read More

Rebelle Architectural Lighting Tessera 3403

The Tessera family of luminaires features a quiet aesthetic that can adapt to any architectural setting. The Tessera 3403 is a midi scale luminaire for exterior locations that is ideally suited for lighting entrances and pathways on the building perimeter. This addition to the Tessera family uses the same compact 4-inch housing but scaled to add length. The Tessera 3403 is a flush mounted luminaire, available with or without accent plates. For ADA compliance the luminaire must be specified without accent plates. The Tessera 3403 luminaire is listed for use in wet locations to UL and CSA standards. Rebelle's full range of eight polyester powder coat finishes are available. RAL and custom finishes are also offered. Read More
Candura PQPro

Candura Instruments PQPro Power Quality Analyzer

The PQPro is a portable 8 channel (4 voltage and 4 current) power quality analyzer that can stream high resolution waveform and RMS data to high capacity removable SD memory cards. Sampling rate can be adjusted from 64 samples per cycle to 1024 samples per cycle. Read More

Eklipse Architectural Lighting Lifeline Track System

Lifeline is a refined and minimalist track lighting system that can accommodate two luminaires specially designed for Pixis and Mili. Field-cuttable, it encompasses near invisible integration, ingenious connectivity, and simplified installation. The whole track system has been designed to be as miniature as possible, and invisible once integrated into the shelf. Magnetic connectivity makes placing the lighting fixtures simple and safe. Vertical, horizontal or sloping surface, recessed or surface mounted, the two luminaires Pixis and Mili slide freely and can be repositioned to create new ambiance easily. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Interviewing — Love it or Hate it? How to do it Right
    The need to hire can be a good or a bad thing. In some cases business is booming and there's a need to add to your team. Alternatively someone has left for a different job opportunity or has retired, and there's an urgency to fill the gap. Whatever the reason, the process of interviewing will either delight you or send you running for the headache pills. But hiring the wrong person for the job has many consequences. It's costly, both from a time and productivity perspective. And it can be demoralizing for those who are responsible for onboarding the new hire, and have participated in the knowledge sharing process to educate that individual about not only the job itself but organizational culture, processes and policies.

  • The 10 Most Important Changes in the 2018 NFPA 70e Standard, Part 2
    With the recent release of the 2018 edition of the NFPA 70E standard, many users are finding it challenging to interpret what it says and prioritize where they should focus their attention. The short answer is that the entire 70E standard is important, not just one chapter, article or section. However, this 2-part article highlights 10 changes that the author believes are most important. Here in Part 2: changes 6-10, starting with approval of the first permanently-mounted absence-of-voltage test instrument.

  • Safety and Risk in Electrical Low-Voltage Installations, Part 2
    Taking adequate measures when planning and making equipment (e.g., low‐voltage switchgear assemblies) ensures that any risk that remains after the application of protective measures is as low as possible. Part 1 explored the relationship between risk and safety, seven reasons for implementing safety precautions, consequential damage, and its costs. Here in Part 2 of 3: consequential damage and its costs.

  • Industry Directions from Hannover Messe 2018
    At the end of May Electrical Industry Canada attended Hannover Messe 2018, the world's largest automation and control trade show. This year had over 5000 vendors, 60% of which were international, and 210,000 visitors, 70,000 of whom were from outside Germany. The technology showcased was incredibly impressive, with robotic arms pouring and serving coffee as well as challenging visitors to games of ping pong and foosball. However, more important than some of the flashy innovations are the directions being presented that are changing the industrial side of the electrical industry. The theme of the show this year was Integrated Industry — Connect and Collaborate, and the show certainly showcased how various manufacturers, distributors and end-users are coming together to advance the industry.

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