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Safety and training the new electricity workforce

We're all talking about the issue of workforce renewal in our industry. We can't ignore our obligation to train in a trade that constantly changes and integrates new technologies. Here is a review of the interprovincial Red Seal program, the Canadian standard for skilled trades. In addition, our contributor Michelle Branigan invites you to participate in an EHRC program to prepare tomorrow's workforce. Also in this issue, how to protect your business from burglaries, and what you need to know about photometry to better meet your customers' expectations. Training is a best practice that must be ongoing. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Tech Safety Technical Safety BC Seeks Input on Canadian Electrical Code, 2018 Edition
As part of Technical Safety BC's review the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), the organization is asking stakeholders for input on technical and socioeconomic impacts. Deadline for input: July 30, 2018…
NETCO NETCO Appoints a New Executive Director
The National Electrical Trade Council has appointed Melissa Young as its Executive Director. Young was previously Assistant Director, Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification, for the Province of New Brunswick…
Stelpro Stelpro Employees Run to Raise Money for the Chu Sainte-Justine Foundation
Heating solutions provider Stelpro recently donated $17,675 to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation after its eleventh consecutive participation in the Grande virée des sentiers…
  • IBEW's International VP Paul Daniels to Retire
    "My career in the IBEW spans 42 years," writes Daniels in a letter to all Canadian members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, "and although I've enjoyed this time tremendously, I feel it is time to re-focus my attention to those in my life, who in many ways, were in the shadows throughout my working career…"

  • New Tools Help BC High School Students Jump-Start Trades Careers
    British Columbia high school students are getting a taste of the trades and the chance to explore new career paths, thanks to new equipment funding. School districts throughout the province will receive $3.5 million this year to buy new equipment to upgrade trades classrooms and workshops…

  • ABB Commissions Historical East Coast Power interconnector
    ABB has completed the Maritime Link, formally handing over the interconnector to Emera. High-voltage direct current light technology, used in the design of the Maritime Link, is the first bipolar configuration of its kind in the world using proven and reliable voltage source converters…

  • Hydro One Earns Two Emergency Response Awards
    The Edison Electric Institute has presented Hydro One with an emergency recovery award for its work responding to the mid-April ice storm that caused power outages for nearly 500,000 customers. The company also received an EEI assistance award for supporting two utility companies after nor'easter storms Riley and Quinn hit the northeast U.S. in March 2018…

  • UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Marks on Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
    Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) model TGMT20 bears a counterfeit UL mark for the United States and Canada, advises UL. It is unknown if the model complies with any safety requirements…

Human Resources

Supporting Next Generation Talent

By Michelle Branigan
Michelle Branigan With the electricity sector experiencing changes on so many fronts — technological, demographic, political — it is no surprise that the careers traditionally associated within the sector will also be affected. That's not to say that jobs will disappear overnight — we're still going to need powerline technicians to keep the wires working — but the increasing digitalization of the sector will see some of the tasks associated within job classifications evolve. Some jobs will indeed become redundant, but others will emerge to take their place, and still others will merely be redefined. Rather than see this is a negative, it proves a wonderful opportunity to engage the next generation of talent, many of whom may not have thought of the sector as the most innovative and creative sector in which to kick-start their career. Read More


Burglary Prevention

By Mauro Di Tullio
Security Burglary and theft prevention are a necessary part of your loss prevention program. The level of complexity will depend on the characteristics of your area and the theft attractiveness of your stock and equipment. Whether a thief is a smash and grab artist or a professional, the resulting building damage and property loss can be significant. It is always better to avoid a burglary than deal with its after affects. The following are some areas to consider when designing your burglary prevention program, and will help minimize break-ins. Read More


The Role of Photometry in a Lighting Layout

Photometry When designing lighting layouts, factoring in the photometric spectrum is becoming increasingly important. As a matter of fact, when a light source is not controlled, it can give off visible rays in all directions, which can result in needless, often harmful illumination. The science of photometry works to contain this light by specifying the intensity and the quality of light radiation, and perfecting new techniques to control it and aim it in the appropriate areas. In essence, when working on a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional lighting project, a photometric analysis will allow you to plan your lighting layout more accurately to control your costs and increase your energy output. Read More


Registered Apprenticeships Declined from 2015 to 2016

Apprenticeships In 2016, 417,300 individuals were registered in apprenticeship programs in Canada, down from 455,900 in 2015. Of the 2016 total, new registrants accounted for approximately 72,000 registrations, while 337,450 were already registered in an apprenticeship program prior to 2016. Another 7,850 were reinstatements — individuals returned to the apprenticeship program that they had left in a previous year. Among the three categories of registration, individuals newly registered to an apprenticeship program category had the biggest drop over the previous two years, falling from 93,400 in 2014 to 72,000 in 2016 (-23%). Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

How many heating cables can I install on a thermostat?

Britech I asked two highly regarded consultants about this one and consulted Section 62 of the electrical code. Both consultants agree that hiding heating cables under combustible materials was a very bad idea. They could overheat or be damaged by personnel traffic or equipment being rolled over the roof. Section 62 of the code says, "The heating portion of heating cable sets and heating panel sets shall not penetrate or pass through walls, partitions, floors or similar structures." Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Contractor Median Hourly Rate By Job

There is a clear upward trend in hourly rates as electricians advance their skills and credentials.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Seton Lockout

Seton ANSI Lockout Tags — Danger Electrocution Hazard Do Not Start

Advise workers to lock out and tag out hazardous machinery with brightly coloured lockout tags that bear clear hazard statements and widely recognized ANSI Z535 pictograms. These tags from Seton are made of polyethylene plastic to resist oil and grease and withstand all weather conditions. A reinforced brass grommet and free nylon ties come with each tag for easy yet secure attachment. Front wording reads, "Danger Electrocution Hazard. Do Not Start. Work on Machine in Progress. Avoid Serious Injury. This Lock/Tag May Only Be Removed By: Name: __ Date: __ Dept. __ Expected Completion Date: __" with graphic. Back wording reads, "Danger Do Not Remove This Unless You Are the Person Who Put It On. To Do So Without Authorization Will Lead To Disciplinary Action. Remarks: __ See Other Side." Read More

Standard LED Lumeina Downlight

Standard has launched a new product in its Lumeina downlight series: this 6-watt module is now available in 2,700 K colour temperature. With interchangeable trims and reflectors, this high end downlight can be adapted to every application and design. The elaborate design of the Lumeina series allows directional light, and highlights surroundings perfectly. This LED downlight comes in three different beam angles and offers CRI90 and glare-control reflector design. Read More

New BradyPrinter i5100 Industrial Label Printer

Brady's new BradyPrinter i5100 industrial label printer offers intelligent print capabilities for easier label printing. This new industrial printer provides the perfect mix of smarts and performance for an easier, more productive printing experience. "The i5100 provides the fundamental print capabilities needed to get high-volume and high-mix projects done," says Andy Schmitt, Regional Product Manager at Brady. "With intelligent printing options and the intuitive user interface, this printer makes high-mix printing much easier than traditional thermal heat transfer printers, giving users more time to focus on important tasks." The i5100 printer benefits include… Read More

Beghelli Nova UAC-P 2500W

The Nova UAC-P 2500W is a larger emergency lighting power supply than Beghelli's classic Nova UAC-P. The Nova UAC-P 2500W allows standard lighting to also be used as emergency lighting, and will transfer up to 2500W of true sine wave power in the event of a power failure to support egress lighting for 30 minutes at 2500W, 1500W for 90 minutes, or 1000W for 120 minutes. Just one Nova UAC-P can supply power to an entire store, floor or office when the main power fails. Read More
Greenlee Safety Glasses

Greenlee Safety Glasses, Pro View, Mirror

Greenlee offers eight styles of ANSI compliant eyewear to meet the varied needs and tastes of the trade professional. Mirror lens offer ultimate style and protection. Read More

SGI Lighting1 Watt StarBurst LED Step Light

SGi's 1 watt dimmable StarBurst LED step light promotes equal amounts of beauty and safety. Use these lights as LED stair lighting, LED walkway lighting or LED pathway lighting. This compact LED accent light has a star burst pattern that can turn a plain surface into an accent gallery wall. Install as cluster LED lights, single LED lights or as mini LED wall sconces at any height for an interesting light cast. Can be installed with dimmable LED power supplies on single or multiple LED transformers. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 38
    Section 76 — Temporary Wiring. Sometimes it is impracticable to follow the rules for permanent installations when installing temporary wiring for construction or demolition projects. In many instances the wiring needs to be portable, flexible, and easily modified. In addition to this section, Appendix G references Section (3) of the National Fire Code of Canada, 2015, Temporary Electrical Installations on Construction and Demolition Sites. Rule 76-000 notes that this is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies to temporary wiring installations for buildings or projects under construction or demolition and experimental or testing facilities of a temporary nature.

  • Best Practices for Using PIR Sensors, Part 2
    This is the second of a 2-part introductory series on passive infrared (PIR) sensors. Part 1 highlighted how PIR sensors detect motion, discussed the importance of the sensor lens, and the different types of motion that can be detected. Here in Part 2: proper sensor placement and setting accurate sensitivity levels, as well as how to reduce false triggers and sensor time-outs.

  • A Business Case for Future-proofing Building Lighting Systems, Part 1
    This business case lays out a rationale for future-proofing buildings and provides tools that will enable building owners to think more strategically about how they are looking at their building management systems and make initial investments upfront for long-term benefit. Here in Part 1: four arguments to make in your business case, starting with why do it now.

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