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Message From The Editor

When payments are delayed, the effects are everywhere

In this issue we share the results of an American study on the practice of slow or late payment. Lines of credit, mortgage payments, employee payroll delays… the consequences are multiple and among our southern neighbours this practice affects almost half of all contractors, many of whom have to wait up to 90 days before being paid. We're not talking about defaults, but about regular business practices. Elsewhere in this issue, how the construction industry is doing. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

SiteC BC Hydro Awards $133 Million Contract to Build Site C Transmission Line
Allteck Line Contractors Inc. will build two new 500 kilovolt, 75 kilometre transmission lines along an existing right-of-way between the Site C project and the Peace Canyon generating station. BC Hydro estimates 130 people will be working on the transmission lines at the peak of construction in early 2019…
AEA Scholarship One Month Left to Apply for an AEA Scholarship
Alberta Electrical Association chapters in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge are accepting applications for postsecondary scholarships and bursaries. Applications must be received by July 31, 2018...
Wright Nominate Someone for ECAO's J.B. Wright Award
The Douglas J. B. Wright Award, created in 1992 by the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario and the Ontario Electrical Construction Company Limited, pays tribute to individuals who best exemplify the dedication and commitment to the electrical contracting industry as exhibited by Doug Wright through his years of service. Deadline for submissions: July 15, 2018…

Prompt Payment

Survey Documents Cost to Contractors of Payment Delays

Prompt Payment Although slow payments are part of business as usual within the commercial construction industry, they are more pervasive and more costly than expected according to results of a survey of construction subcontractors. This has cost consequences for the entire industry. Slow payment cycles can hamper these businesses from meeting payment obligations such as payroll and material purchases, and may also result in significant financing costs as well as liens placed against properties to ensure payment. The survey, conducted by automated workflow solutions provider Contract Simply in the U.S., estimates that slow payments result in US$40 billion in superfluous costs annually. The survey also found that… Read More

Codes & Standards

The Early Days of Product Standardization

By Owen Hurst
Standardization Product standardization has long been, and continues to be, a hot topic within the electrical industry, particularly as new and evolving technologies are introduced. We can discuss the advantages of standardization in terms of convenience, safety, or even the ability to more easily mass produce. However, we tend to look toward a time when standardization has a better foothold within the industry. But to move forward we sometimes need to step back and look at the whole picture. So, when did the focus on standardization truly make its way into the industry and how effective has it been since then? Read More

Best Practices

Can You Answer These Questions About How You Do Business?

By Shawn McCadden
Shawn McCadden One way I help my clients remodel how they do business is to first get them to actually document how they already do it. For most they think they know how until I start asking clarifying questions as they attempt to explain. I did this exercise one time with a business owner and his management staff. About 30 or so minutes into the meeting the owner came to realize only he knew how to explain it and none of his staff were on the same page as he. Read More


Value of Building Permits Declines 4.6% in April

Economy Building Permits Municipalities issued $7.8 billion worth of building permits in April, down 4.6% from March. Declines were reported in every component except commercial buildings. In the residential sector, the value of permits issued by municipalities fell 4.3% to $5.1 billion in April. Five provinces posted declines. In the multi-family dwelling component, municipalities issued $2.7 billion worth of building permits, down 5.2% from March. Four provinces contributed to the drop, with British Columbia and Alberta recording the largest decreases. The value of single-family permits fell 3.3% to $2.3 billion, a fourth consecutive monthly decline. Eight provinces registered declines, led by Ontario and British Columbia. Conversely, Alberta recorded the largest gain, up $46 million from March. Read More

Electrician Forum Brought to You by Schneider Electric

Home Energy Consumption: Educating and Monitoring

Schneider Today we are all concerned with the energy we consume within our homes. But how many truly understand the ins and outs of home energy use, and where exactly does the electrician and the development of energy management systems come into play? There is much to consider when discussing home energy use. The consumer first off needs to be informed about energy use, how it is calculated and ultimately billed if they are to make changes to their energy consumption rates. But in terms of educating consumers does the residential electrician have a role? And beyond that are manufacturers developing products designed to help electricians and consumers better understand residential energy use? Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

Do I need to insulate the pipes after installing heat tracing cables?

Britech Considering the extreme temperatures of the Canadian climate, all traced pipes should be insulated. Pipe trace cables are only secured to a very small cross section of the pipe and in extreme cold would not supply sufficient heat to keep the pipe from freezing. Pipe tracing charts specify the amount of heat required according to the pipe diameter and the thickness of insulation required, as well as the ambient temperature of the area where the pipe is installed. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Contractor Median Hourly Rate By Province

Alberta continues to lead the country with the highest hourly rate for electrical contractors, followed closely by Manitoba. New Brunswick has the lowest hourly rate.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


Ideal Industries Non-Conductive Fish Tape

Ideal Industries' non-conductive S-class fibreglass fish tape is designed for use around energized sources. The flexible fibreglass core provides superior strength, greater pushing power and smooth handling through multiple bends. The durable non-conductive eyelet offers added protection against arc-flash. Exceptional column strength, rapid tape pay-out and rewind, and a durable Tuff-Grip Pro case make this S-class fish tape best in class for non-conductive applications. Read More

Osram Encilium Extend Light Management System Enables Smart Lighting and IoT Applications

Osram's Encelium Extend Networked Light Management System (LMS) is for commercial interior and building site spaces that seek the features and functionality of an advanced lighting control solution combined with a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). The system offers advanced energy reporting, data analytics, building automation system integration, and web-accessible control. Read More
Electrical Safety Sign

Brady Danger Electrical Equipment Sign

Brady's B-555 aluminum safety sign is an aluminum sign panel with protected graphics. These B-555 signs are designed for use in light duty industrial, utility, commercial and institutional environments, and use UV inks and UV clear coat protection for fade resistance. The non-reflective aluminum is ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. Read More
Cree Smartcast

Cree Expands SmartCast Intelligence Platform

As buildings become increasingly connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), owners and operators require an intuitive platform for their building intelligence solutions. To meet this need, Cree is expanding its SmartCast Intelligence Platform to include connected wireless capabilities that enable smart building solutions, such as building automation and control network (BACnet) connectivity, advanced lighting control, and building analytics. In addition, Cree is collaborating with Synapse Wireless, Inc. to deliver intuitive, intelligent lighting control designed specifically for outdoor area and high-bay applications. These platform enhancements deliver connected solutions to more customers and applications, such as complete campus and industrial settings, while making it easier than ever to upgrade existing buildings to intelligent lighting systems… Read More
Klein Tools

Klein Tools Enables Faster, Safer Insulation Removal with Large Cable Strippers

These cable strippers effectively and safely removes insulation on MTW/THHN/THWN-2 cables without nicking wire. A clover design features four different wire sizes in one tool. Just insert the cable and twist for precise, clean cuts. It's faster, safer and more precise than a knife or other alternatives, has a robust, durable design for longer tool life, and works with a variety of cable manufacturers, including CME Wire and Cable, Inc., Encore Wire Corporation, United Copper Industries, and Southwire Company, LLC. Replaceable blades and screws are available for extended use. Read More
V2 Aura

Archilume Unveils Aura

Archilume's new LED luminaire offers a dim-to-warm feature enhancing the dimming performance of the LED light source, allowing it to follow exactly the dimming curve of familiar filament lamps while enabling it to emit a warmer light as it is dimmed. Aura's upper hemisphere is crafted of aircraft grade machined aluminum in anodized finishes, while the lower portion is a clear optical lens featuring a concave frosted dome. Aura also features the latest internal warm dimming LED light source, casting an elegant warm, downward glow ranging from a colour temperature of 3000K to 1800K when dimmed. Available as a standard canopy luminaire, Aura is compatible with Archilume's Configurate canopy system, offering unlimited creativity in project applications. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Supporting Next Generation Talent
    With the electricity sector experiencing changes on so many fronts — technological, demographic, political — it is no surprise that the careers traditionally associated within the sector will also be affected. That's not to say that jobs will disappear overnight — we're still going to need powerline technicians to keep the wires working — but the increasing digitalization of the sector will see some of the tasks associated within job classifications evolve. Some jobs will indeed become redundant, but others will emerge to take their place, and still others will merely be redefined. Rather than see this is a negative, it proves a wonderful opportunity to engage the next generation of talent, many of whom may not have thought of the sector as the most innovative and creative sector in which to kick-start their career.

  • Burglary Prevention
    Burglary and theft prevention are a necessary part of your loss prevention program. The level of complexity will depend on the characteristics of your area and the theft attractiveness of your stock and equipment. Whether a thief is a smash and grab artist or a professional, the resulting building damage and property loss can be significant. It is always better to avoid a burglary than deal with its after affects. The following are some areas to consider when designing your burglary prevention program, and will help minimize break-ins.

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