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Message From The Editor

Green energies in the landscape

We're talking about green energy in this issue, especially wind power. Many of you will spot wind turbines all over the landscape during your holidays. Wind turbines are in fact more and more numerous, and several key questions or doubts about this technology have been resolved. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity generation in the world. Canada is now a wind energy leader, ranking ninth in the world for installed power. This country has 295 wind farms in service, from coast to coast, including in two of the three territories. With the growth of this industry, costs have fallen by 67% since 2009. Other statistics in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Ideal Competition Ideal Industries National Championship: Meet Two Competitors
Running National Championship qualifying events has given Ideal Industries a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of electricians, apprentices and students across Canada. The company decided to reach out to some competitors to find out a bit more about them, and their experience with the Nationals...
Siemens Siemens Names Nat Traverso Director of Sales for LP Canada
Nat will develop and execute on key sales strategies along with leading his team to drive strong sales and market share growth for all LP and third party products…
Ideal Ideal Supply's John MacDonald to Retire
John MacDonald (better known as Satch) has decided to retire from Ideal Supply at the end of October 2018…

Wind Energy

Wind Power in Canada: An Update

CanWea Canada is now a leader in wind energy, ranking ninth in the world for installed power. With the growth of this industry, costs have fallen — by 67% since 2009 — making wind energy one of the most affordable modes of electricity generation. The number of facilities built in the country in the last decade surpassed that of any other source of electricity, and installed power increased on average by 15% per year between 2012 and 2017. Wind power fills about 6% of the country's electricity needs, sufficient energy to power more than 3 million households. The country has 295 wind farms in service, from coast to sea, including two of the three territories. Read More


Is Light Pollution a Reason for Insect Decline?

Light Pollution Climate change, pesticides and land use changes alone cannot fully explain the decline in insect populations. Scientists have now discovered that regions of Germany that have experienced a sharp decline in flying insects also have high levels of light pollution. Many studies already suggest that artificial light at night has negative impacts on insects, and scientists should pay greater attention to this factor when exploring the causes of insect population declines in the future. Read More
Tools For The Trade


Safety and Risk in Electrical Low-Voltage Installations, Part 2

By Alfred Mörx
Safety Taking adequate measures when planning and making equipment (e.g., low‐voltage switchgear assemblies) ensures that any risk that remains after the application of protective measures is as low as possible. Part 1 explored the relationship between risk and safety, seven reasons for implementing safety precautions, consequential damage, and its costs. Here in Part 2 of 3: consequential damage and its costs. Read More

Smart Connections

Digital Representations Deliver Bottom-Line Results

Rockwell Digital Twin The two foundations of a digital transformation — the digital twin and the digital thread — offer new ways to trial practices, processes, and product concepts in a virtual environment. These digital experiments allow companies to test safely, quickly, and without costly rework and revisions, helping to enable development and implementations of new workflows and product configurations that are immediately viable. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

I have a pipe tracing project in a food factory that requires different types of piping and different types of products in the pipe that need to be kept warm or hot. What should I be wary of?

Britech Most of the piping in the plant will be stainless. Use the correct pipe fastening tape for the heating cable so that it won't harm the stainless steel. You may also require thermostats that can control the temperature, i.e., setpoint, in a very narrow band to ensure the liquid is neither too hot or too cold. Thermostats that control only minimum or maximum temperatures are not acceptable for this purpose. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Contractor Median Salary By City

Edmonton and Alberta lead major Canadian cities with the highest median salary for electrical contractors, reinforcing generally higher average salaries in Alberta.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Fluke Scopemeter

Fluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter Test Tool

With Fluke's four- and two-channel scopes built for CAT IV industrial environments, extend your arsenal of troubleshooting capabilities by visually inspecting signals amplitude, time, shape and disturbance or distortion characteristics. The Fluke 190 series combines the power of a high performance oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in an easy-to-use test tool you will come to rely on in the field. Read More
Wieland Podis LED

Wieland High-Intensity Podis LED Lamps

With its new high-intensity Podis LED lamps, Wieland offers pluggable, maintenance-free lighting solutions for construction, industrial and machine applications. The Podis LED lighting components are well suited for use in industrial applications. Their rugged and durable lamp design ensures high reliability. The high quality light delivers 2000 lumens with customizable light colours and illumination patterns. These pluggable fixtures ensure flexibility while minimizing installation errors, time, and the need for specialized labour. Read More
Philips One Space

Philips OneSpace Luminous Ceiling

Make a design statement with Philips' OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab panels and transform any interior with homogeneous, dimmable light that eliminates shadows and improves acoustics. Philips' OneSpace prefab emits a glow that feels like natural daylight, creating a serene and calm space. Read More
Nemalux XcanLED

Nemalux XCANLED (AC) Light

The XCANLED AC flood light is a durable and robust fixture with a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours. It is available with hazardous location approval and can be used in a multitude of industrial applications. The flood light is designed for high brightness or ambient lighting applications, achieves a variety of lighting effects, and can be a viable alternative to high-pressure sodium (HPS) or high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures. A built-in junction box promotes easy wiring. Read More
Lumca Tango Light

Lumca Tango Pole TG06 & TG04C

This never-before-seen concept melds sleek outdoor lighting and quality urban furniture. With a harmonious blend of exotic wood and metal, it delivers an entirely new design experience for urban planners. The system includes luminaires, bollards and columns, and an illuminated bench and bike rack. Experience new technologies in a whole new light. Read More
Litecorr Signage

Litecorr LED Maxi Signage Module

This LED signage module for channel letters and sign boxes has been fully redesigned for maximum performance. LG-Maxi delivers bright and uniform light across the surface area using high brightness LED chips. IP67 Rated. Applicable in advertising panels, sign boxes, channel letters, pylon, fascia sign bands, reverse halo signs, etc. Read More

Current Copper Prices

Monitor daily and 6-month $US prices for copper — the preferred electrical conductor for most categories of electrical wiring.

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The Electrical Stock Market

Track the stock market performance of 25 publicly traded electrical equipment suppliers and electrical wholesalers. Updated weekly.

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