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Message From The Editor

Private writings often go public — consider them as part of your brand

In this issue, our marketing contributor Jeff Mowatt reminds us that while our spoken words may fly away, our written words remain. We often react impulsively to messages, but these responses last long after the impulse has passed. Interactions with clients, colleagues and even family members increasingly take the form of text on a screen. The volume of messages received and sent can lead to a lack of rigour and errors, resulting in misinterpretations, negative feelings and even legal proceedings. Since your reputation could be at stake, take a few moments to decide whether you should publish or send such a message. Then use the tips in Jeff's article to ensure your message communicates exactly what you intend. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

BC Safety Awards Call for Nominations: BC Lieutenant Governor Safety Awards
The Lieutenant Governor Safety Awards are back, recognizing individuals and organizations who demonstrate exceptional leadership, achievement, or innovation in technical safety in BC. Submission deadline: September 14, 2018…
Zebx Zero Emissions Building Exchange Launches in Vancouver
The first of its kind in Canada, ZEBx is a centre of excellence that will increase knowledge, capacity and passion for cost-effective, attractive, low energy residential and commercial buildings…
Reid IBEW'S Tom Reid Assumes NETCO Presidency
Reid is International Vice-President First District Canada for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). He replaces Bill Daniels, whose retirement from both NETCO and the IBEW took effect July 1…

Drive Systems

Knowing and Selecting the Right Drive Motor

By Owen Hurst
Drive Systems There are a lot of things to consider before selecting the right motor for your intended use, particularly with recent advancements in drive system technology and control solutions. With a wide variety of motor types to choose from, all factors and logistics need to be considered. The days of simply buying a standard electric motor and plugging it into your application are gone. With the global push for efficiency, using motors that consume a large amount of energy and run at full speed for prolonged periods of time has been replaced with a plethora of more efficient options. But before considering the necessary concerns regarding motor purchases we need to briefly step back and look at the history of motor development. Read More


DON'T Put That in Writing!

By Jeff Mowatt
Jeff Mowatt In today's workplace, employees spend less time talking and more time emailing, texting, and engaging on social media. Ever consider how those messages are perceived by your customers, coworkers, and even by your employer? To ensure your electronic image reflects your best self, take this mini quiz. Read More
Tools For The Trade

Company Profile

Danfoss: 50 Years of Passion for Drives

Danfoss This is a special year for Danfoss Drives, and a milestone in the company's history. Fifty years ago, Danfoss was the first company to mass-produce AC drives. Since then, Danfoss has been a forerunner in drives technology and digital solutions that enable customers to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Since 1968, its portfolio of high-quality, application-optimized products and services has been designed to maximize process performance, save the most energy and minimize emissions. Read More


Q2 Non-residential Building Construction Up 1.4% over Q1

Electrical Economy Investment in non-residential building construction totalled $14.3 billion in the second quarter, up 1.4% compared with the first quarter. The commercial (+$123.7 million) and industrial (+$103.4 million) components were up, while the institutional component declined. Spending on institutional building construction was down 0.9% (-$35.3 million). The decrease follows four consecutive quarterly gains. Nationally, the decline stemmed from lower spending on schools (-$44.3 million) and nursing homes (-$25.1 million), as well as penitentiaries, detention centres and courthouses (-$13.6 million). Hospitals, health care centres and clinics were the only building types with a quarterly increase, up $56.3 million. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

Why are my self-regulating cables still drawing power and heating up despite the heat wave we’re having?

Britech Self-regulating heating cables never stop producing heat, they simply reduce the heat output according to the ambient temperature. Even on the hottest summer days these cables are warming the piping, often for no reason. In the case of heating cables on well lines and other domestic cold water lines when you hope to have a cold glass of water the water may be warm because the cables are still heating. Freeze-prevention pipe tracing cables are still warming the piping for no reason. Every heating cable should have a thermostat, and of course a GFI as required by code. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Average Annual Salary For Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical engineers can expect to see a steady climb in their annual salary, beginning with an average of $48,000 in their first year up to $94,971 as they reach 20 years in the industry.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Brady Labels

Labelling Your Machinery… the Brady Way

Brady provides an easy way to identify the calibration, testing and the repair of tools and equipment. Quality control labels are used to indicate equipment that is due for inspection or to record the last time repairs were made. These labels help assure that a facility's assets are working properly and are accurately calibrated at all times, and allow you to record critical information at the time of application. Read More
Stanpro Kolika 8

Stanpro Kolika Quick Ship Now Available in 8' Length

Stanpro's Kolika, part of the Quick Ship program, is an LED suspended fixture. Offered in standard 4 ft and 8 ft lengths, the fixture has a powder coated white finish and comes with an opal lens. This fixture can be used alone or can be joined to create a continuous row system providing linear illumination. Read More
Danfoss Eco Design

Danfoss Helps You Make the Most of the EcoDesign Opportunity

While much of EcoDesign is around CE marking and ability to sell refrigeration solutions, there is much more to be gained if you approach EcoDesign and HVACR product development in a holistic way. Danfoss offers compliant solutions as well as guidance. The EU EcoDesign directive, also referred as Energy-related Products (ErP) directive, ENTR Lot 1 2015/1095 and 2015/1094 for Professional Refrigeration entered its second tier in July 1, 2018. Read More
Standard T Series

Standard's T12 Ballast

Standard's new series of high-efficiency T12 ballasts are approved by Natural Resources Canada for use and distribution across all Canadian provinces. To meet the requirements, the ballasts needed to use high quality grade components which allow for unique ballasts that cannot be compared to other similar, but non-compliant versions. Read More
ABB Motor

ABB Universal Motor Controllers

ABB's intelligent motor controllers combine the functions of motor protection, motor control, fieldbus and Ethernet communication, and fault diagnosis in just one device. Beside the proven UMC100, the new UMC100.3 offers even more capabilities. Key benefits include reduced wiring and fast replacement- Read More
Hubbel Light

Hubbell Dual-Lite Adds EasyID Option to EVHC Series

The EVHC series from Dual-Lite is a high lumen output emergency lighting unit designed for high mounting height applications. A recently added EasyID option improves visibility to fault status and detection while increasing and making life safety compliance easier. This option includes a battery compartment and foolproof alert system that communicates two failure modes: "Replace Battery," or "Replace Unit." The Standard model offers 51′ spacing on a 10′ mounting height and the high lumen option offers 75′ for even greater emergency lighting coverage. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Wind Power in Canada: An Update
    Canada is now a leader in wind energy, ranking ninth in the world for installed power. With the growth of this industry, costs have fallen — by 67% since 2009 — making wind energy one of the most affordable modes of electricity generation. The number of facilities built in the country in the last decade surpassed that of any other source of electricity, and installed power increased on average by 15% per year between 2012 and 2017. Wind power fills about 6% of the country's electricity needs, sufficient energy to power more than 3 million households. The country has 295 wind farms in service, from coast to sea, including two of the three territories.

  • Is Light Pollution a Reason for Insect Decline?
    Climate change, pesticides and land use changes alone cannot fully explain the decline in insect populations. Scientists have now discovered that regions of Germany that have experienced a sharp decline in flying insects also have high levels of light pollution. Many studies already suggest that artificial light at night has negative impacts on insects, and scientists should pay greater attention to this factor when exploring the causes of insect population declines in the future.

  • Safety and Risk in Electrical Low-Voltage Installations, Part 2
    Taking adequate measures when planning and making equipment (e.g., low‐voltage switchgear assemblies) ensures that any risk that remains after the application of protective measures is as low as possible. Part 1 explored the relationship between risk and safety, seven reasons for implementing safety precautions, consequential damage, and its costs. Here in Part 2 of 3: consequential damage and its costs.

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