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Message From The Editor

Giving a strong voice, listening to and reading young people in our industry

In recent years we've often talked about the Millennial generation and presented profiles of young people. They are the new generation in our industry and we have chosen to give them the floor. They're tomorrow's experts, but are already making their mark in our industry and their expertise must be recognized and underlined. With this in mind, I am pleased to launch in partnership with EFC's Young Professionals Network a unique editorial project, and I invite all young people from industry — professionals, entrepreneurs and others (good news, "young" in our industry is 40 years old or less) — to share with the electrical community your points of view, knowledge and expertise in the technical field, marketing, or on other related topics as a guest contributor. This is an opportunity to share your point of view with your knowledge of the electrical community. Young people have a unique understanding of industry and technology, and through this project we want to give young people a voice in our publications. If you recognize yourself in this or know a young person whose expertise is sought by our industry, contact me, linegoyette@kerrwil.com, or Kim Quelch, President of EFC's Young Professionals Network, kim.quelch@standardpro.com. These young people are writing the future of our industry. We want to get to know you. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Ideal Back to School with the Ideal National Championship: Qualifying Round Extended
Ideal has extended the 2018 National Championship qualifying round to October 19. The "Nationals" has been extremely popular across Canada, and with this extension Ideal will be better able to meet the demand to hold qualifying events, particularly from colleges and trade schools…
SNC-Lavalin SNC-Lavalin and ABB Announce Formation of Linxon, a New Joint Venture
Linxon will undertake turnkey electrical alternating current substation projects related to renewable and conventional power generation, power transmission and transportation solutions. Linxon will have an opening order backlog of $440-million…
Siemens Siemens and Mortenson Complete Bipole III HVDC Converter Stations in Canada
The Siemens and Mortenson consortium has successfully completed the ±500-kilovolt (kV) Bipole III high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power converter stations for Manitoba Hydro, an integral part of the Manitoba Hydro Bipole III transmission project…

Millennial Forum

Giving a Voice to Young Professionals in the Industry

By Kim Quelch
Kim Quelch Three years ago, Electro-Federation Canada established the Young Professionals Network with the goals of giving young individuals in the industry a place to share ideas and learn, get to know their peers, and give back to the community. We now have more than 300 members across Canada and are continuing to grow every day. The wealth of knowledge and passion these young individuals have is contagious and we wanted to be able to showcase this for all to see. If you have something to share with your industry peers, this is your opportunity to be a part of an exciting new project. Read More


From Doormat to Diplomat: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Status in Your Customers' Eyes

By Jeff Mowatt
Jeff Mowatt It was a lesson in humility I'll never forget. Decades ago my first real job after graduating university was selling business accounting systems door to door. After several days of making little progress, I finally had a manager agree to walk me to his office to hear my pitch. Following him, I say, "Thanks, I really appreciate your time." He turns, scowls at me and asks, "Why, is it not worth my time?" He's dead serious. It occurred to me that I was being too grateful and too deferential to a potential customer. How about you and your team members? Read More
Tools For The Trade


Is Electric Baseboard Heating Still Relevant?

By Owen Hurst
Heating A point of discussion that I have heard many times from end users is their concern over electric baseboard heating, and electric heating in general. Much of the concern comes from experience with older baseboard heating, in older homes, which can be highly inefficient and cost an arm and a leg. However, the time of your grandparent's baseboard heaters is long gone. Today baseboard heaters are much more efficient than their older counterparts, and when used as a secondary heating source, or even as the primary, the results are drastically different from 20 years ago. Couple new baseboards with properly insulated homes and an advanced control system, and their use offers much appeal. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

I have a pipe tracing project in a food factory that requires different types of piping and different types of products in the pipe that need to be kept warm or hot. What should I be wary of?

Britech Most of the piping in the plant will be stainless. Use the correct pipe fastening tape for the heating cable so that it won't harm the stainless steel. You may also require thermostats that can control the temperature, i.e., setpoint, in a very narrow band to ensure the liquid is neither too hot or too cold. Thermostats that control only minimum or maximum temperatures are not acceptable for this purpose. Read More

Survey Says


Electrical Contractor Median Hourly Rate By Certification

Master electricians earn the highest median hourly rate at $35.97. General electrical license and journeyman rates are close behind, followed by apprentices who average almost $19.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions


Piccolo from Convectair

The Piccolo is Convectair's slimmest fan-forced heater. Once installed, it's only 0.8 " (2 cm) thick. The Piccolo operates with an initial 750W of fan-forced heating, which will provide consistent heating throughout the room. When a more pressing need for warmth arises, the Piccolo's timer activates its second function, to add 750W of intense heat, for a total of 1500W. Read More

Eaton Introduces Bluetooth Mesh-Connected Halo Home Smart Lighting System

Eaton's Halo Home, a Bluetooth mesh connected, smart lighting system, lets homeowners use a smart mobile device to control and automate one light or even host up to 100 lighting products throughout the home. Halo Home offers a complete package of integrated Bluetooth products that all work seamlessly together, unlike most other systems that offer only a dimmer or a light bulb. Using Bluetooth mesh lets users install and control lights directly from a mobile device, without requiring a gateway or hub. The Halo Home downlights are an all-in-one fixture replacement that fits into existing recessed lighting, with needing drilling. Furthermore, the Halo Home Smart Anyplace Bluetooth Switch can be placed anywhere with no rewiring necessary. Read More

Universal Heating Cables from Stelpro

Enjoy the unparalleled comfort of a heated floor with the SCU series universal heating cable. The heating cable is a safe, durable and maintenance-free heating solution that provides uniform heat over the entire floor surface. This universal product is easy to install either with an uncoupling membrane or directly on plywood. Ideal for any room, especially difficult-to-heat spots, it's compatible with most floor coverings and makes more space available for furniture and interior décor elements. Read More
Magiclite LED Task Star Pro

LED Task Star Pro from Magic Lite

LED Task Star Pro is constructed with an aluminum housing and a matte white polycarbonate diffuser. It has a hi-low rocker switch and a slide selector switch for changing Kelvin colour temperature. Edge lit technology means no hot spots on the polished marble or granite counter top; the 1-inch low profile design means the fixture remains hidden. Rated to 50,000 hours and dimmable with most ELV dimmers. Ships complete with captive mounting screws, cord and plug, end-to-end connector and romex connector for hardwire. Read More
Arlington Nailon Vapor Box

Prevent Air Infiltration with Arlington's Nail-on Vapour Box

Arlington's non-metallic, non-conductive vapour box offers quick, nail-on installation in new construction. Easy to use with single 1/2" or 5/8" drywall, this device box has gaskets that prevent air infiltration inside, and help you meet International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC), and others as necessary. For added convenience and time savings, the NM cable connector is installed, gasket material is pre-attached to flanges, and the built-in gasketed flange has ultra-thin alignment tabs so there's no drywall bulge. Read More
ILU Viso

ILU from Viso

Quiet, posh, magnetic. Viso's ILU features a high-quality polycarbonate body, hand-painted Murano-style glass, and chrome metal components. Custom canopies are available, as is an LED option. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • 5 Ways to Prevent Tool Theft and Manage Loss Prevention
    Stolen tools hurt your business. Tools are expensive to buy and expensive to replace. Worse yet, if a tool goes missing, you can't do any of the work you need it for. This means a loss in time and money as well. Learning the right tips for tool tracking and job site security can help prevent these losses and keep your business in business. The first step in securing your tools is keeping a record of what you have.

  • How I Learned to Predict the Future
    I have a time machine. I kid you not. It's the kind of thing that allows me to get in and head to the future, take a look at what's happening, zip back to the present day and take some actions based on what I've learned. For those of you who don't know, I have been working in the high voltage electric industry for close to 30 years. For a good chunk of that time I worked directly for electric utilities and for the past several years I've been engaged in the construction and engineering contracting sector. Although it wasn't originally part of the plan in the mid 1980s, I started my utility career as a result of my training as a health and safety professional.

  • The Speed of Light: Li-Fi's Bright Future in the Aircraft Cabin
    Short for "light fidelity," Li-Fi technology uses visible light from LED bulbs to transmit data, compared to Wi-Fi which uses radio waves. Li-Fi is an emerging area of connectivity and a key market could be aircraft cabins. We talked to Harald Haas, known as the "Father of Li-Fi." Haas notes that Li-Fi will help to solve the "spectrum crunch." In 10 or 20 years, there will be a 20 times shortfall in spectrum to provide the connectivity required.

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