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Message From The Editor

Would the greatest challenge to us be renewing our workforce, or creating a workforce that resembles our society today?

We talk about it all the time. Last week, we invited you to participate and we come back to the topic again this week. Would generational renewal be the biggest challenge in our industry? Solutions exist and programs are put in place to ensure our industry is more like the society in which it evolves. Read what EFC President & CEO Carol MGlogan has to say on this issue. Our lighting contributor raises an interesting question about dimmers for LED lamps. Could some problems be arising from our expectations? Too often a new technology is associated with miracles. The first part of this article, published here, will help you identify possible causes of dimming problems with LED luminaires. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Leviton Leviton's Bishop Smith Joins BCEA Board
Bishop Smith, Leviton's Director of Sales, Pacific Region, has joined the board of the BC Electrical Association. Launched with a provincial charter in 1923 by the BC Electric Company (now BC Hydro), BCEA comprises more than 145 corporate members…
ABB ABB Ranks #8 on Fortune Magazine's List of Companies "Changing the World"
The ranking recognizes ABB for its leadership in e-mobility and electric vehicle charging…
Hydro Ontario's Local Hydro Utilities Smash Provincial Conservation Goals
Mid-way through Ontario's 2015-2020 Conservation First Framework, 69% of the target has already been met. The framework maps out the province's energy conservation goals for the period…

Codes & Standards

Guide to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — Instalment 41

By William (Bill) Burr
Bill Burr In this article: Section 84 — Interconnection of Electric Power Production Sources. Rule 84-000 notes that this is a supplementary or amendatory section of the code and applies only to the installation of power production sources interconnected with a supply authority system. Appendix B and the CEC Handbook have additional information and descriptions of these installations. Rule 84-002 states that arrangements for interconnection must be in accordance with the requirements of the supply authority. Rule 84-004 requires… Read More

Lighting Controls

Avoiding and Resolving Issues with Products That Don't Dim as Expected, Part 1

By Kevin Willmorth
Controls With the right combination of dimmer and solid-state driver for LED products, dimming performance can achieve excellent results from 100% all the way to dark, smoothly and predictably. However, when the combination is wrong, many undesirable effects may occur. Flickering, flashing, and stumbling are a few of the most annoying issues. Truncated dimming, where dimming runs to a point, then simply stops or cuts off completely, is another issue that might result. Investigating the reasons for these poor performance issues is a necessary evil that requires basic understanding of where issues can arise. Here in Part 1 of 2: understanding the issues. Read More
Tools For The Trade

Company Profile

Total Lighting Solutions Inc.

Total Lighting Solutions Lighting design increasingly focuses on unique and emotion invoking lighting options that begin with an idea or vision in the mind of a lighting designer, and is then brought to fruition through hard work and a focused team of experts. Total Lighting Solutions in Vancouver, BC has not only risen to this challenge but continued to set precedents year after year. The company was founded by Galina Zbrizher, an accomplished lighting design professional with an extensive résumé in the industry who was previously the focus of an 2015 article in Lighting Design & Specification. Read More


Competing for Talent: The New Frontier!

By Carol McGlogan
Carol MgGlogan Since joining EFC last April, our team has spent much time engaging with our membership on what their top game changers are in their respective segments: new competition, digitalization of the supply chain, emerging technologies, and talent availability top the list. We have led research programs and put in place various committees to address these challenges, which offer recommendations and best practices to help members navigate their way to new frontiers. Finding talent is a key area of focus for our members. EFC's Board of Directors recognizes the talent issue and understands that the "faces" within our industry must change to remain relevant. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

How do I make sure that the approvals for electrical equipment certified for Canada are accurate?

Britech Heating cables, radiant panels and heating cable sets should be certified according to CSA Standard CSA-130.22.2 or later. We get many inquiries about offshore products that bear an approval that are not for use in Canada or have been approved under the wrong standard. Should there be a fire or injury, I doubt if your electrical safety regulator or your insurance company will accept that "You thought it was okay" because there is a stamp or label on the products. We would be pleased to discuss any floor warming, snow melting, pipe tracing or roof de-icing products with you. Read More

Survey Says


Electrical Contractor Median Hourly Rate by Employer Type

Electricians working for organizations (gov't, institutional, healthcare…) have a higher median rate than those who are self-employed, work via contract, or for a small company.

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Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Dimplex Convection Heater

Convection Heater — Proportional Panel from Dimplex

This PPC series of smart heaters combines the advanced performance of a built-in electronic thermostat with exclusive wireless Connex technology. Enhanced comfort, energy-savings and easy whole-home control are just a few of the benefits available with this heater. This product is ideal for new installations or where there is an existing supply line but no wall thermostat. Read More
Wave Line

WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System from Eaton

Experience the Wave Linx Wireless connected lighting system.Wireless, code-compliant, and cost-effective, WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System offers the most out-of-the-box functionality on the market. It's also one of the easiest connected lighting systems to install and manage. Key features of the Wave Linx solution include automatic code that commissioning meets or exceeds code requirements, and wireless integrated sensors that ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility. A simple mobile app allows building managers to easily adjust settings, even after the project has finished, with no need to go back into the wall. Read More
Ideal SecuriTest

Ideal Networks's SecuriTest IP Tester Allows Simplified Installation and Troubleshooting of CCTV Camera Systems

The SecuriTest IP tester enables technicians to install, test, troubleshoot and document IP/digital, HD coax and analogue CCTV camera systems with a single unit. Its 7-inch, hi-res touchscreen and simple-to-use functions ensure just one tester is needed, even on complex installations. For instance, SecuriTEST IP can be connected quickly and easily to any IP or analogue camera via in-built RJ45, Wi-Fi and BNC ports. In addition, the self-contained tester can supply power to cameras via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or standard 12V DC power using its internal Li-Ion battery. However, technicians can also pass PoE directly from the switch on an active network to a connected camera, reducing battery consumption. Read More
LumenPulse Luminaire

Lumenpulse Launches Lumenquad Luminaire

The Lumenquad is a rectilinear projector for both outdoor and indoor environments. With a thin 3-inch (76 mm) profile, no visible wiring or hardware, and clean mounting options, the Lumenquad seamlessly integrates with any architecture or space. "The Lumenquad was designed with a minimalist profile for a discreet footprint yet integrates all of Lumenpulse's offering of optics and colour-changing capabilities," says Jean Clermont, General Manager of Lumenpulse. Read More
Thermolec NER Fanless

NER Fanless Make Up Air from Thermolec

Thermolec's NER unit provides a compact footprint making make-up air units easier to stock, handle and install — a great convenience for contractors. The NER offers a full range of kW options and the ability to raise outside air temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38ºC). NER models are available with 10" to 14" diameter duct connections with a maximum pressure drop of 0.15" W.C. through the cabinet. All NER units are prewired and include a modulating electric heater, discharge temperature sensor, back-draft damper, washable filter, high and low limits, current sensor and a built-in contact for interlocking with a remote fan. Read More
Stanpro Slim Light

L2SSS LED Slim Strip with Lens from Stanpro

This LED slim strip from Stanpro features a slim housing, a junction box cover, 120-277V, and 0-10V dimming. The unit is offered in 4000K and ships quickly. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Giving a Voice to Young Professionals in the Industry
    Three years ago, Electro-Federation Canada established the Young Professionals Network with the goals of giving young individuals in the industry a place to share ideas and learn, get to know their peers, and give back to the community. We now have more than 300 members across Canada and are continuing to grow every day. The wealth of knowledge and passion these young individuals have is contagious and we wanted to be able to showcase this for all to see. If you have something to share with your industry peers, this is your opportunity to be a part of an exciting new project.

  • From Doormat to Diplomat: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Status in Your Customers' Eyes
    It was a lesson in humility I'll never forget. Decades ago my first real job after graduating university was selling business accounting systems door to door. After several days of making little progress, I finally had a manager agree to walk me to his office to hear my pitch. Following him, I say, "Thanks, I really appreciate your time." He turns, scowls at me and asks, "Why, is it not worth my time?" He's dead serious. It occurred to me that I was being too grateful and too deferential to a potential customer. How about you and your team members?

  • Is Electric Baseboard Heating Still Relevant?
    A point of discussion that I have heard many times from end users is their concern over electric baseboard heating, and electric heating in general. Much of the concern comes from experience with older baseboard heating, in older homes, which can be highly inefficient and cost an arm and a leg. However, the time of your grandparent's baseboard heaters is long gone. Today baseboard heaters are much more efficient than their older counterparts, and when used as a secondary heating source, or even as the primary, the results are drastically different from 20 years ago. Couple new baseboards with properly insulated homes and an advanced control system, and their use offers much appeal.

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