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The importance of respecting installation best practices

Our intention to present the expertise of younger members of our industry continues and they offer in this issue a text on thermal comfort. Before talking about heating, it seems that talking about comfort would be important. Two young people from our industry, an engineer and marketing specialist, give us specific tips on installation standards and more. A key and essential part of a drug and alcohol policy as well as on any other potential and difficult problem is to have a written document, fully detailed and understood by all — employees, management and even suppliers. On the eve of marijuana legalization, here is an article on the components of a winning policy.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Ideal Ideal Declares September 27 "National Nationals Day" Across Canada
Is it possible for the Ideal Nationals competition to be even more exciting? That question will be answered on September 27, the date that Ideal has declared as "National Nationals Day" in Canada.
Stem Stem to Deploy AI-Powered Energy Storage for Solvay in Ontario
To reduce the energy costs of a Solvay plant in Welland, Ontario, Stem — a global leader in artificial intelligence-driven energy storage services — is now deploying an intelligent energy storage system…
Convectair Convectair Appoints Sales Rep for Quebec's North-East Region
Steve Mercier will be responsible for the representation and sales development of Convectair's products for the East-South region of the province, which includes the cities of Baie-Comeau, Sept-Îles, Alma, Jonquière and Chicoutimi, Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Sainte-Foy…


Where Are the Millions of Citizens Screaming from the Mountaintops?

By Keith Sones
Sones Every article I've written in this series has been based on a life story that ultimately helped me understand the world better and has hopefully provided some insight for people that have read the commentary. The learnings for me have typically led to greater emotional strength and, on occasion, a smidgeon more wisdom. So, given the history of the column, I have no intention of changing the format. I will, however, alter the timeline since many of the influencing events were either in my childhood or early in my career. The experience that informs this article is a bit more contemporary. In fact, it's quite recent. Read More


Faulty Wiring Energizes Houseboat, Exposes Swimmers to Electric Shock

Faulty Two young swimmers became incapacitated due to electric shock while swimming in BC's Lake Cowichan, but were saved by bystanders. According to an alert published by Technical Safety BC, it appears that the houseboat became energized due to faulty wiring, a situation exacerbated by a lack of GFCI protection. This in turn energized the water and leaked current to a steel cable situated on a nearby dock. When the swimmers jumped into the lake from the houseboat, they inadvertently jumped directly into the path of the leaking current and sustained a debilitating shock. Read More
Tools For The Trade

Human Resources

7 Keys to a Successful Drug & Alcohol Policy

By Wayne St. John
Marijuana Your drug and alcohol policy sets the stage for a successful fit-for-duty program. Having a well-documented policy provides a framework for dealing with the difficult, and often times sensitive, issues surrounding substance abuse, medical conditions, and related stress and fatigue. So what makes a good policy? CannAmm Occupational Testing Services has over 20 years of experience partnering with companies from many industries across Canada. We have witnessed 7 keys that our partners with successful policies share. They include… Read More


Shedding Light on Radiant Heating

By Étienne Bolze and Youri Cupidon
Convectair Radiant heating is one of the many heating methods available on the market. Yet how do radiant heaters really work? Do they offer a great degree of comfort? No one can deny that comfort in our living environment is important. Whether at work or at home, being comfortable in these spaces is a state we seek. Nevertheless, to be comfortable, several elements must be combined to form a complete whole. We can list a few, such as auditory, thermal and visual factors. Indeed, it is possible to be comfortably seated in your living room in the middle of winter, but have a noisy heating system. Read More

Q & A Brought to You by Britech

We are involved in a high-profile project where the architect is demanding that the roof de-icing cables be hidden under the roofing material. What's your opinion?

Britech I asked two highly regarded consultants about this one and consulted Section 62 of the electrical code. Both consultants agree that hiding heating cables under combustible materials was a very bad idea. They could overheat or be damaged by personnel traffic or equipment being rolled over the roof. Section 62 of the code says, "The heating portion of heating cable sets and heating panel sets shall not penetrate or pass through walls, partitions, floors or similar structures." Read More

Survey Says


Electrical Power Distribution Median Salary By City

Among six provinces, Alberta shows the highest median salary for power distribution workers, with Calgary and Edmonton ranking as the two top paying cities in Canada.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Duct heater

Duct Heaters from ASB

Duct heaters are used in a variety of air and gas heating applications. These are intended to be installed in existing ducting and can be mounted in any direction. The heater is composed of Incoloy 800 elements mounted in a 3/8" thick flange using bulkhead fittings. This makes the elements easy to replace in the field. High temperature insulation minimizes heat losses while keeping the electrical wiring cooler. The standard duct heater design (PFI) is rated for an outlet temperature of 750°F and a high temperature version (PFIL) rated to 1050°F. Custom designs are available in a wide range of physical packages, electrical and power ratings. Read More
Eaton Anyplace Dimmer

Halo Home Anyplace Bluetooth Dimmer from Eaton

The Halo Home Anyplace Bluetooth Dimmer allows for Halo Home Bluetooth Mesh compatible light fixtures to be controlled from a handheld remote controller, through the Bluetooth Mesh connection. The light fixture can be controlled from the remote controller or through the Halo Home mobile app, using a smart phone or other device. The Anyplace Dimmer is designed to connect to the HALO Home Bluetooth Mesh network with no hub or internet connection required. Read More
Rockwell Light Curtain

Advanced Light Curtain System Improves Flexibility and Safety

The rise of robots has ushered in an increased demand for light curtains that provide a safe work environment between the robotic work cells and the rest of the plant. The Allen-Bradley GuardShield 450L safety light curtain system from Rockwell Automation is a flexible, cost-effective solution that enhances safety while improving productivity through innovative transceiver technology. The integrated laser alignment system of the new GuardShield 450L-E reduces installation time by providing multiple visible laser points that optimize setup with a simple touch of the ILAS symbol on the front window of the stick. Read More
Eaton Tilemount Sensor

WaveLinx Wireless Tilemount Daylight Sensor from Eaton

The WaveLinx Tilemount daylight sensor (TMSWPD1) is an integral part of the WaveLinx wireless connected lighting (WCL) system and offers 120-277VAC 3 amp zero crossing relay control and continuous 0-10V dimming control of LED and non-LED loads. The TMSWPD1 is intended to provide daylight dimming and control for connected downlight luminaires or other luminaires that do not support the WaveLinx integrated sensor. Read More
Emerson Motor Starter

Emerson Motor Starter With Component-Level Protection

Emerson introduces a cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-operate alternative to traditional cast and bolted motor starters in the form of its new Appleton PlexPower solution. Designed for hazardous, wet or corrosive locations such as oil refineries and chemical plants, the Appleton PlexPower motor starter provides electrical apparatus protection combined with the convenience and savings of off-the-shelf components. Because they are fabricated from lightweight 316L stainless steel instead of heavy-cast aluminum, PlexPower motor starters require fewer people and less labour time to install. Also, there is no need for conduit seals or cable glands like with traditional cast and bolted motor starters. Read More
Lumca Ovaali

Ovaali from Lumca

Lumca's Ovaali family of ultramodern architectural lighting solutions features futuristic designs that bring together clean lines and a timeless elegance. With their distinctive look, they blend harmoniously into any environment. Offered into two sizes and lumen output levels for architectural roadways and pedestrian walkways, Ovaali luminaries offer ease of use and impressive energy efficiency. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Avoiding and Resolving Issues with Products That Don't Dim as Expected, Part 2
    With the right combination of dimmer and solid-state driver for LED products, dimming performance can achieve excellent results from 100% all the way to dark, smoothly and predictably. However, when the combination is wrong, many undesirable effects may occur. Flickering, flashing, and stumbling are a few of the most annoying issues.

  • Safety and Risk in Electrical Low-Voltage Installations, Part 3
    Taking adequate measures when planning and making equipment (e.g., low‐voltage switchgear assemblies) ensures that any risk that remains after the application of protective measures is as low as possible. Parts 1 and 2 explored the relationship between risk and safety, seven reasons for implementing safety precautions, consequential damage, and its costs.

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