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Message From The Editor

To better plan energy transformations

Our industry is at the heart of energy transformation and plays a leading role. Your customers talk about it and the market abounds in energy solutions. This month we have repeatedly approached the issue in the context of lighting. In the past year, NRCan held a series of consultations to target barriers to more widespread adoption of energy-efficient technologies in the marketplace, which are needed to achieve ambitious targets, and to develop a roadmap for transforming the market in terms of windows, space heating and water heaters. The goal of this roadmap is to identify key initiatives that provide solutions to the identified market barriers as well as the roles and responsibilities of each party and the measures used to assess progress. More in this issue on this topic. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Canada and U.K. Canada and U.K. Launch $20-Million Challenge to Develop Smart Energy Systems of the Future
The 30-month transatlantic competition challenges Canadian and British innovators to create new technology solutions to transform traditional power grids into smart energy systems…
SaskPower SaskPower and Potentia Sign 25-year Power Agreement for 200 Megawatts of Wind Electricity
The 200 megawatt project, which will be located south of Assiniboia, will consist of up to 60 wind turbines and bring SaskPower's total wind power capacity to more than 600 megawatts…
Rittal Rittal Systems Ltd. Certified as a Great Place to Work — for 6th Consecutive Year
Certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience…
Tools For The Trade

Residential Energy Conservation

What to Tell Your Clients About Energy Conservation

By Carol Anne Crowne
Residential Each year, more people are interested in incorporating energy conservation in their homes and daily lives. Businesses that promote energy conservation and energy efficiency gain loyal customers and improve their bottom line in the long term. If you are an electrician or contractor, you can make more money through repeat business and referrals by using and encouraging your customers to use energy saving strategies throughout their homes. Read More

Case Study

100 Murray Street: Canada's First Zero Carbon Building

Case Study Early this summer, 100 Murray Street in Ottawa's central Byward Market, asset managed and operated by Bentall Kennedy, was awarded the country's first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) — Performance certification. This existing 60,000 sq. ft. Class A commercial office space further built upon its proven energy performance results and LEED Gold certification in 2016, to demonstrate that it had achieved a balance of zero carbon emissions from the building. To earn this certification, Bentall Kennedy's project team also had to evaluate energy use holistically. Read More

Building Technology

Road Map for Energy Efficient Equipment in the Building Sector

Building A series of aspirational goals for energy performance of key equipment technologies and market transformation needs were outlined in a report released at the Energy and Mines Minister's Conference last year. Since then, a series of stakeholder consultations has identified barriers and solutions to market adoption of higher efficiency technologies needed to achieve the aspirational goals, and help develop a market transformation road map for windows, space heating, and water heating. The objective: to outline key initiatives, their respective timelines, roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder group, and indicators to track success over time. Read More

Market Report

Improved Value Propositions, Emissions Targets and Declining Costs Drive Advanced EV Battery Market

Battery According to a new report from Navigant Research, improved value propositions for light electric vehicle (LEV) customers, emissions goals, and declining costs of advanced batteries are all driving the market for advanced batteries for LEVs forward. The report examines the growing global market for advanced batteries in LEV applications, providing forecasts through 2027, as well as a review of various battery technologies and regional trends. LEVs, including low speed EVs, electric bicycles, and electric-powered two-wheel vehicles, offer to improve personal mobility while reducing pollution from the transportation sector. Read More

Q & A With Britech Electric Cable Heating Systems

I have a pipe tracing project in a food factory that requires different types of piping and different types of products in the pipe that need to be kept warm or hot. What should I be wary of?

Britech Most of the piping in the plant will be stainless. Use the correct pipe fastening tape for the heating cable so that it won't harm the stainless steel. You may also require thermostats that can control the temperature, i.e., setpoint, in a very narrow band to ensure the liquid is neither too hot or too cold. Thermostats that control only minimum or maximum temperatures are not acceptable for this purpose. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Says

Electrical Engineering Services Median Salary by Benefit/Perk

Electrical engineers love their phones and have identified cell phones as the number one perk for the profession.

Read More

Survey Says From Recent Issues

New Products and Solutions

Standard Gimbal Downlights

LED Gimbal Downlights from Standard

The LED Gimbal downlight combines a sleek and versatile design with easy installation. Interchangeable trims, offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, make this recessed fixture an ideal solution for both new construction and retrofit applications. It's possible to create up to 30 different module-trim combinations. This LED recessed downlight mimics the look of a GU10 halogen lamp and provides the light output of a PAR20 halogen lamp. Read More
Unibond Floodlamp

Unibond Lighting LW1542 (4.75" x 4") LED Flood Lamp

This new Integrated COB LED offers a uniform light spread, adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket, and pressure relief vent to reduce condensation. The lens can melt snow and ice. The LED provides 4,200 lumens with an optical penetration of 425 ft. Read More
Stanpro LED Vapour Tight Fixture

LED Vapour Tight Fixture VTE4-LSR3 from Stanpro

The VTE4-LSR3 is an economic luminaire that provides uniform light distribution without pixelization. It's perfect for industrial, commercial and residential applications, and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Intended for applications where moisture and/or dust may be present. Lumen output: up to 5018 lm (41W). Input voltage: 120-277V and 347V. Read More
Premise High Bay

Premise LED Linear High Bay 90W (4000K / 120-277V)

This LHB-Series Linear High Bay luminaire provides high efficacy and energy savings to projects that require optimized lighting in high ceiling and aisle applications. It is the energy efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent fixtures and HID high bays, providing 11,790 lumens. An ideal replacement for 4-lamp 4-foot T8/T12s. Read More
BL Lighting Areabeam

BL Lighting Areabeam BX2 Series

BL Lighting's Areabeam BX Series is a family of high-performance box floodlight luminaires suitable for indoor and outdoor applications requiring a uniform, and high lumen output. Being low-voltage, the BX2 Series is a highly flexible, controllable projector available in a variety of beam angles and colour options. At 80W, the BX2 is ready to illuminate high-rise facades and multi-tier structures with ease and stability. Read More
Contraste Hexaled

Hexaled HED from Contraste

With 4 wattage options (20W, 28W, 36W, 40W) and lumen outputs ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 lumens, the adjustable HexaLED 2.0 exceeds Energy Star requirements and is ideally suited to best-in-class energy-efficient lighting designs and LEED certified buildings. The fixtures come with two CRI options: 80+ and 90+. For added flexibility, three beam spreads are now offered: spot (15°), narrow flood (24°) and flood (44°). Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • IEEE Task Force Works on Standard for Light Communications
    Soon enough, experts say, we'll be getting secure, high-speed Internet access from our LED bulbs: in desk lamps, ceiling fixtures, streetlights, and vehicle taillights. The light-communications systems, relying on nanometer waves in the infrared and visible-light portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, are expected to transmit data generated by a microchip fitted into each LED.

  • How Integrated Sensors in Luminaires are Changing Commercial Real Estate
    Lighting is pervasive throughout a built environment and by integrating sensors into every luminaire, each light is transformed into a data node on a connected lighting system network. These integrated sensors are able to collect useful data, which could include occupancy, traffic flow, light levels, temperature, humidity, air quality, and more.

  • Kim Quelch — an Immense Desire to Share Passion and Knowledge
    A few weeks ago Kim Quelch, National President of Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s Young Professionals Network, invited her male and female colleagues to share and publicize their expertise among all members of the industry. Like many, she arrived by chance in the industry. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Commerce and a speciality in marketing, she began her career in a packaging and software company.

  • Value of August Building Permits Rose 0.4% over July
    Canadian municipalities issued $8.1 billion worth of building permits in August, up 0.4% from July. Strength in the non-residential sector drove the increase, while the residential sector declined for the third consecutive month. In the non-residential sector, $3.2 billion worth of permits were issued in August, up 8.8% from the previous month.

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