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ES&E Survey winners and results:
Thank you to the well over 300 readers who participated in our 2015 survey. Your feedback is very much appreciated! To see the survey results and the lucky readers who won a $100 Visa gift card, click here.
Low-impact stormwater management is a case of 'win-win'
With the trend of sustainable design growing, the concept of low impact stormwater development evolved to more closely replicate natural hydrologic functions. more...
This year's Lake Erie algal bloom 'most severe this century'
Up to 300 square miles of Lake Erie's western basin was covered by dense scum in early to mid-August 2015. more...
Removing odour from South Red Deer's wastewater force main
Due to the length of the transmission system, extended sewage retention times were anticipated, with the potential for odour release. A new treatment system was required. more...

Featured Products:
ALTTEXT What do you do when there is debris in your sludge? Even where fine screens are installed in the headworks of wastewater treatment plants, some debris will always end up in the sludge. Plastic parts and fibrous materials can severely disturb the operation of thickeners, digesters and dryers. Read about what the Huber Strainpress technology has done to solve this challenge. Click here to learn more.

ALTTEXT YSI ProDSS (Digital Sampling System). The ProDSS (Digital Sampling System) with its titanium bodied Smart sensors is revolutionizing spot sampling and profiling instrumentation. It can measure: dissolved oxygen; turbidity; TSS; depth; GPS; pH; ORP/Redox; conductivity; specific conductance; salinity; TDS; seawater density; and temperature. Click here to learn more.

News From the Web:
Rio's Olympic water shows virus levels 'akin to raw sewage'
A new round of testing shows Rio de Janeiro's Olympic waterways are as rife with pathogens far offshore as they are nearer land. more...
Hydro-Québec charged with violating environmental regulations in 2014 oil spill
More than 100,000 litres of diesel from the power utility's pipeline poured into Cap-aux-Meules harbour last September. more...
Research launched into wastewater resource recovery
The Water Environment Research Foundation awarded four new contracts to further expand the capabilities of recovering valuable resources from wastewater in the treatment cycle. more...

December 8, 2015


Manitoba Conservation Districts Association
December 7-9, 2015
Brandon, Manitoba
Manitoba Water & Wastewater Association
January 31, 2016
Winnipeg, MB
Utility Management Conference
February 24-27, 2016
San Diego, CA
GLOBE 2016
March 2-4, 2016
Vancouver, B.C.
Canadian Environmental Conference & Tradeshow
April 25-27, 2016
Mississauga, ON
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