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Electrical Industry Newsweek is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited with support from the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada

January 7, 2014 • Volume 1 • Issue 1


So happy to be back, even though we've always been here

As Kerrwil Publications enters its 50th year working alongside Canada's electrical industry, this newsletter upholds founder Jack Kerr's legacy.

Jack introduced me to the industry nearly 20 years ago, telling me I had first to be a member of the industry and then share my passion with end users. I started looking at everything differently — automation, cabling, power quality, lighting… I became obsessed with codes, standards and industry best practices, enjoying every minute.

Our desire today is to publish news, insights and resources that inform, engage and motivate you — every week. With the support of the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada, and with your input as contributors and newsmakers, we'll do it.

Please don't hesitate to send me your news, comments, ideas, photos, and videos so that together we can build something that reflects our industry and helps realize our future.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek



Equipment Marking for Hazardous Locations

By William Burr
On December 24, 2013, a fire and explosion rocked a Regina, SK refinery. In the past two years, explosions struck BC mills in Maple Ridge, Prince George and Ruskin. Incidents such as these can cost lives and millions of dollars in damages. Hazardous environments pose particular requirements for electrical equipment. Here's a brief overview of the basic markings required on hazardous equipment, as well as training resources.
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Understanding the Drivers of Change

By Pierre McDonald
Over the past 30 years several changes have taken place within the Canadian Electrical Safety System, from the expansion in the number of certification bodies to the recent accreditation of two additional standards development organizations. Understanding the drivers and ramifications of these changes reinforces the shared responsibilities we all have to ensure the continued growth of the safety system. Drivers of change can be more readily accepted when the overall picture is understood, as change is required in a global market. Read More


Accommodating the Range of Devices that Require Connectivity

By Steve Kepekci
The goal of structured cabling has always been the same — put in a cabling infrastructure that will allow you to connect any kind of device to a network within your building, without the need to install new cables or connectors. What has changed is an explosion in the range of devices that require connectivity to Ethernet/Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Instead of focusing on desktop computers and phones, today's designer must also consider the potential connections of wireless access points, security devices, A/V components, and building management systems. And the networks themselves are also evolving to accommodate this new reality. Read More


This week's peer: Gordon Walker, Walker's Electric, Midland, ON. "My dad was never rich, but he was a charter member of the Midland Lions Club and together with a group of men was able to accomplish things that he could never dream of doing alone. This concept has been absorbed into the company..." Read More

This week's corporate profile: AES Electrical Engineering Consultants, Victoria and Vancouver, BC. AES has developed a core strength in delivering Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified projects, including LEED Gold and Platinum projects as well as projects pursuing the Living Building Challenge.Read More

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Recent survey confirms electrical contractors' and electricians' desire to try new brands.

This week: electrical contractors' and electricians' willingness to try new brands • type of work performed by Canadian electrical contractors in 2012/13 • types of projects electrical consulting engineers worked on in 2012/13 • what products electrical contractors are buying •
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