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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Light and Lighting

As the United Nations has designated 2015 the International Year of Light, we want to raise awareness of light's central role in science, culture and our daily lives. From the moment Thomas Edison succeeded in passing an electrical current through a carbon filament in a vacuum lamp, lighting is everywhere, sometimes as a complement to natural light, sometimes to beautify our environment or improve our comfort, other times to further scientific progress. Lighting has recently experienced what many describe as a new revolution with the arrival of LEDs. In this percolating context, Kerrwil is proud to have participated actively in Canada's lighting industry for more than 50 years. Looking forward, we will present here in these pages the industry leaders, architects and designers whose ideas and projects are sometimes changing the way we see the world, as well as technologies and solutions that will accompany us in the future, and much more. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Lighting Design & Specification

Lighting & Design: Institutional

Architectural Lighting Solutions for DND's New Farnham, PQ Kitchen and Dining Hall

By Marc Bertrand
Architectural Lighting Solutions Employers are increasingly aware of the impact on worker well-being and productivity of natural daylight, direct views to the outside, and appropriate lighting levels on work surfaces. They are also aware of sustainable design certifications such as LEED, which have helped make interior environmental quality a priority. A new kitchen and dining hall built for National Defence at Farnham Garrison in Farnham, Quebec maximizes daylight while addressing a variety of environmental issues... Read More

Lighting & Design: Municipal

Public Lighting and the International Year of Light

By Gilles Arpin
Gilles Arpin Light is a social marker of nightlife. Look back at photos from the 1950s of Montreal's St. Catherine Street, crowded with illuminated signs, and you'll notice that we invent nothing. We sharpen our abilities, and our thinking evolves alongside the nightlife. Through various lighting plans, investments have been made over the past 25 years in Montreal's heritage areas, promenades and entertainment district. Lighting public spaces encourages their use, and tends to increase our demand for variety in mood and atmosphere... Read More

Peers & Profiles

David Nathaniel: A Talent for Being There at the Right Time

By Line Goyette
David Nathaniel To hear Standard Products Inc. President and CEO David Nathaniel talk of this family business, you have a sense of going back decades. However, it's a contemporary story that finally looks a bit like that of the technologies that have accompanied the business along the way. In the mid-1970s, David Nathaniel's father sold from his home different products he kept in a public warehouse. Among his offerings, one single electrical product: insulating tape. "I had never planned to work with my father," says Nathaniel. "I was going to university and considering a career in real estate..." Read More

Managing Your Business

Lighting the Way to Demand Creation

By David Gordon
Demand Creation Most distributors are perceived as demand fulfillers, waiting for a customer to generate an order, be it from a contractor or an MRO opportunity. Few have mastered the skill of creating demand while also fulfilling customer needs. Typically, these few have added sales specialists (automation, lighting or vertical market focused). These companies are considered the innovators and entities that can drive profitable growth for themselves. The lighting market represents an opportunity for more to differentiate and generate demand… at least through proactively marketing and selling LEDs... Read More

LED Update

Tunable White Will Be The Lighting Game Changer of 2015

By JP Bedell
Tunable White Specifiers and end-users want LED first, everything else as a second option. What makes LED fundamentally different from incumbent lighting technology is that changes to the quality of the light can be driven by software as much as hardware. We're already seeing that in smart buildings where LED fixtures are paired with digital lighting controls for task tuning and scripted automations. The next wave is already here. It's tunable white light. Read More

Lighting & Design: Commercial

Custom Design Brings Dynamic Lighting to Montreal's Complexe Desjardins

Montreal's Complexe Desjardins A new custom lighting design developed by Montreal-based Lightemotion has made its mark in downtown Montreal. Working with the facilities team at Complexe Desjardins, Lightemotion has breathed new life into Montreal's largest mixed use development. Located in the Quartier Des Spectacles and facing the recently renovated Place Des Arts, Complexe Desjardins is the latest addition to the Quartier to include a dynamic and innovative lighting design strategy. Read More


Lighting Cited as Contributor to Global Prosperity

Global Prosperity Societies have "huge potential" to boost economic performance and generate significant environmental and social benefits by improving energy, asserts The 2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index. Europe alone could double its energy productivity performance on the basis of existing technologies. Key contributors identified by the report include energy efficient lighting, insulation, appliances, and heat pumps. However, the report warns that we're deploying new technology too slowly to keep up with rising energy demand. Read More

Lighting Technology

Light Replaces the Needle

Light Replaces the Needle Empa and the University Hospital Zurich have joined forces to develop a sensor that gauges blood sugar through skin contact. And best of all: No blood samples are necessary, not even to calibrate the sensor. "Glucolight" is initially to be used in premature babies to avoid hypoglycemia and subsequent brain damage. The measurement process involves attaching a measuring head to the baby's skin and irradiating it with visible light. Read More

Company Profiles & Projects

Martin Conboy Lighting Design (MCLD)

By John Kerr
Martin Conboy Lighting Design For over 25 years, Martin Conboy Lighting Design (MCLD) has been supplying lighting design services with the conviction that good lighting should offer more than illumination. Founded in 1983, MCLD has received many international awards for its work on projects of commercial, theatrical, institutional, urban and public character. Since the firm's inception, Martin Conboy has encouraged his designers and associates to visualize the needs of an assignment without allowing presumptions of equipment to be a motivating force. Read More

Lighting Portfolio

Complexe Desjardins

Lightemotion Breathes Life into Complexe Desjardins

Photos of a custom lighting design for Montreal's largest mixed use development, starring RGB LEDs and downward-directed directional floods. Read More

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