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Volume 1 • Issue 4

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Urban lighting steps up

Lighting represents an important part of global energy expenditure, nearly 20% according to various sources. It would be hard to imagine a company or an individual promoting today a new technology or lighting solution that ignores the planet's energy challenges. This is one of the features of the new smart lighting solutions. Cities, which are major users of lighting, are now responding. Walking around our cities will never be the same again if urban lighting designers follow the recommendations of our contributor Gilles Arpin. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Lighting Design & Specification

Changing Scene

Greg Cuisso RAB Design Lighting Adds New Directors, Engineering & Manufacturing & Sales
RAB Design Lighting has named Greg Guisso Director of Sales, responsible for driving sales strategy in the North American market.
Kraig Kasler Eaton Appoints Kraig Kasler President of Lighting Division
The appointment was announced as one of a number of changes ahead of CEO Sandy Cutler's retirement in May 2016.
NEMA LE 6-2014 NEMA's LE 6-2014 Determines Target Efficacy Ratings for Luminaires
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)'s updated Procedure for Determining Target Efficacy Ratings for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Luminaires now includes LED technology.


A Qualitative Policy of Urban Lighting in the Master Plan: Elements of Composition and Light

By Gilles Arpin
Urban Lighting in the Master Plan As previously seen, a contextual analysis establishes the repertoire and hierarchy of the elements of composition among roads, open spaces, buildings. The analysis also helps to establish 1) functional design criteria — daytime and nighttime perceptions of lighting fixtures, implementation of street lighting, mounting height of light sources, lighting levels, uniformity, and 2) programmable moods — objects to highlight, a hierarchy of sources, intensity and contrast, direction of the light flux. Both the functionality and the ambiance seek to make the location safe and comfortable... Read More

Wireless Controls

Wireless Lighting Controls — Simple and Easy?

Wireless Lighting Controls What does anyone expect out of a wireless lighting control system or any lighting control system? Certainly the basics of occupancy/vacancy control, daylight harvesting and scheduling are required. Energy savings are also necessary, or why else do you install a control system? Worry free operation needs to be the norm for any system. Energy codes don't speak to ease of installation to keep start-up costs low and help provide a quicker ROI. They also don't describe what a complete system should be, so that end users, specifiers and contractors are left with a myriad of choices that can lead to job delays, voltage issues and start up challenges. Here's one company's solution... Read More

Smart Lighting

How Smart Lighting Will Impact the Future City

By Harry Verhaar
Smart Lighting A century ago, less than 1 in 10 people lived in cities. By 2050, two out of every three people will call a city home. Today's cities consume more than 70% of the world's energy supply — a figure that will increase over time. Unprecedented urbanization and the rapid expansion of the middle class in emerging economies are heightened concerns about affordable energy, environmental impacts, and shortages of materials, food and water. More energy needs, a greater drain on resources… something has to give. Can smart technology support our cities of the future? Read More

Technology: Controls

Here's How Wireless Lighting Control Will Save Businesses, Campuses and Cities Money

By JP Bedell
Wireless Lighting Controls I'm not breaking any new ground when I tell you that lighting control systems can radically reduce energy consumption. Traditionally deploying lighting control beyond the standard NEMA photocell in exterior roadway and area lighting applications was prohibitively expensive with very little added benefit. All of that is changing with the advent of wireless area lighting controls and dimmable LED. Now that LED is bright enough and durable enough to meet the needs of most exterior lighting applications, we have, for the first time, a dimmable exterior light source.... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Eureka Lighting

Eureka Lighting Founded in 1987, with a head office in Montreal and business across Canada and throughout the United States, Eureka is a North American leader in decorative lighting solutions manufacturing. The firm's Plate Out just won over the 38-member jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015. The slim, cantilevered form of the Plate Out is the essence of clean and discreet design... Read More


Separating Rare Earth Elements with UV Light

Earth Elements and UV Light Researchers from the KU Leuven Department of Chemical Engineering in Belgium have discovered a method to separate two rare earth elements — europium and yttrium — with UV light instead of with traditional solvents. The university researchers' findings offer new opportunities for the recycling of fluorescent lamps and low-energy light bulbs. As these rare earth metals are difficult to mine, there is a great interest in recycling them... Read More

New Products & Solutions

Echelon Lumewave

Echelon: New Lumewave products for Outdoor Lighting Control

Echelon Corp is converging all new and established wireless and wired connectivity solutions for lighting control under its Lumewave platform. The platform is designed to provide industrial and commercial settings (e.g., roadways, cities and municipalities, office buildings, university and corporate campuses, parking areas, stadiums, etc.) with end-to-end lighting control that delivers the utmost in flexibility.
Samsung Chip-on-Board LED Packages

Samsung Introduces Chip-on-Board LED Packages with Small LES and Advanced Colour Quality

Samsung's new chip-on-board (COB) LED package line-ups include small LES (light-emitting surface) COB packages, high CRI (colour rendering index) COBs, and vivid COBs.

Nora Lighting Decorative LED Cylinder

Cylinder, a new series of contemporary LED fixtures, is now available from NSpec by Nora Lighting. With clean, trim lines, the Cylinder family is available in three styles and four mounting options, and is designed for installation as a group for a thematic appearance.
Light Tape Exterior Accent Light System

Light Tape Exterior Accent Light System

Light Tape has engineered an outdoor accent lighting solution that doesn't sacrifice aesthetics for durability. Unlike LEDs, Light Tape can run for 40,000 hours and never gets hot. It can also withstand extreme temperatures.
WattStopper Wireless Receptacle Controls

WattStopper Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC Series)

WattStopper is extending its occupancy-based lighting control to plug loads. The Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) facilitates Auto-On/Auto-Off occupancy-based control of plug loads and includes an RF Transmitter and RF Receptacles. It comes in two versions: for use with stand-alone occupancy sensors, or with WattStopper's Digital Lighting Management (DLM) platform.

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