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Volume 1 • Issue 6

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Can technology help relieve light poverty in developing countries?

The week began with major outbursts on the various world stock exchanges. We can neither ignore what is happening in the four corners of the planet, nor avoid feeling the consequences. It was also reported recently that one-sixth of humanity spends US$40 billion annually for lighting, representing 20% of total energy usage, but enjoys only 0.1% as much illumination as the electrified world. In other words, the non-electrified world spends from 100 to 1,000 times more per lighting unit than the world connected to an electrical network. Different fuels are used for lighting, such as kerosene, diesel, propane, disposable batteries and even old tires. This is indeed a sad example of the gap between rich and poor countries, and a worthy topic of discussion. Send us your thoughts.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Lighting Design & Specification

Changing Scene

Lighting Control Specs Save the Date: Networked Lighting Control Specification Coming Soon
On September 1, 2015, DLC will issue a first draft specification for Networked Lighting Control Systems. Register for one of two webinars.
Smart Lighting Philips Taps into Silicon Valley Start-ups For Innovations in Lighting and IoT
Philips Lighting has teamed up with Silicon Valley's Plug and Play Tech Center to mentor and partner with some of the newest, most exciting IoT innovators...
Plug and Play Global Smart Lighting Market Worth US$8.14 Billion by 2020
From 2015 to 2020, the total smart lighting market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 22.07%, according to a MarketsandMarkets report...


A Qualitative Policy of Urban Lighting in the Master Plan: Light Levels for Roadway Lighting

By Gilles Arpin
PJC Cramer In response to aging urban lighting systems, combined with a growing need to save energy, increasingly reliable LED technology, as well as pressure from manufacturers and lobbyists linked to LEED standards, more and more authorities are changing the way their cities are illuminated. Here are some thoughts on the issues... Read More

Best Practices: Warehouse Lighting

14 Strategies to Save Up to 70% in Energy Costs Using the Latest in Warehouse Lighting... and More (Part 2)

Warehouse Lighting This two-part article describes 14 distinct control strategies enabled by today's most advanced lighting control systems, and discusses the technology attributes that are required in order to take advantage of these strategies… Read More

Peers & Profiles

Gilles Arpin, Lighting Designer: Revealing the Nature of Buildings

By Line Goyette
Gilles Arpin To say that Gilles Arpin is known is an understatement. He is familiar to everyone in lighting, and of course to our subscribers who read his column every month. Type lighting design key words into any search engine and his name is among the first entries to appear. If you watch the video accompanying this issue's article on lighting the Jacques-Cartier Bridge for the 375th anniversary celebrations, you'll see Gilles Arpin. Read More

White Papers

The Impact of Arc Flash Events on Photocontrol Longevity in LED Lighting

Lighting Control Failure The adoption of LED lighting continues at a rapid pace. Although the extended life of LEDs is beneficial, it also presents a compatibility challenge with older technology controls, especially with outdoor photocontrols… Read More


Large Lighting Manufacturers Continue to Transition to LED, as Traditional Business Shrinks

By Fabian Hoelzenbein
LED Lighting for Business The lighting market continued the move toward LED technology in 2014. LED lamp revenues in 2013 were 25% of total global lamp revenues, growing to 30% in 2014 and forecast to reach 67% in 2022… Read More


Montreal to Shine in 2017 with the Illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge

Design Jacques Cartier In preparation for the 150th anniversary of Confederation and Montreal's 375th anniversary, Montreal's iconic Jacques Cartier Bridge will be the focus of a major interactive illumination project… Read More


Using Light Therapy to Improve Sleep in Lung Cancer Patients

By Marcene Robinson
LEDS and Cancer When you're having trouble sleeping, light is the last thing you assume you need. But according to a pilot study attempting to solve insomnia among lung cancer patients led by University at Buffalo sleep researcher Grace Dean, light may just be the answer... Read More

New Products & Solutions


Eaton High-Performing Ambient LED Luminaire

Eaton's new Metalux Cruze LED Luminaire provides a high-performing, energy-efficient and affordable ambient solution to commercial offices, schools, hospitals and retail projects...

Legrand Introduces New Harmony 0-10V Dimmer

Legrand's new Harmony 0-10V dimmer — for residential and commercial applications — features a 0-10VDC preset with integrated power pack, designed for use with four-wire 120Volt...

Hubbell's Alera Lighting Introduces Plank and Curv Radial Lens LED Fixtures

Alera Lighting has launched two new linear lighting solutions.

Beacon Products Introduces Compact Orbeon Luminaire for Parking Garage Applications

A compact yet powerful commercial grade LED parking garage and canopy luminaire...

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